Pitangui Lagoon

This large pool of fresh water grants a place to rest and refresh from the sun, wind, sand and adventure of the Natal beaches. Though nearly five meters deep at its center, it is shallow around the edges, making it a popular place with all types of swimmers. Its stunningly clear waters make this a scenic place to kayak, paddle board, and fish. 

Surrounded by the towering sand dunes of the area, it is accessible only by a small trail or on a dune buggy over the sands. Once you arrive, there are several areas to relax, including restaurants and bars serving local dishes and fresh seafood. If adventure is more your style, the local aerobunda (zip lining over the dunes with a dip in the lagoon) or skibunda (sliding down the sand on a wooden board) are both a few of the activities available that will get your heart pumping. Snorkeling among the lagoon’s small fish is another option.

Practical Info

Pitangui Lagoon (Lagoa de Pitangui Natal) is located about 19 miles (30 kilometers) from Natal in the Extremoz region of Brazil.
Adresse: Brazil, Brasilien
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