North Caicos

North Caicos
Riven with sea inlets and lagoons, and receiving the most rainfall in the island group, lushly carpeted North Caicos is the group’s second largest island, with small settlements at Whitby, Bottle Creek, Kew and Sandy Point.

North Caicos was once the island’s thriving center, with the small town of Kew the islands’ unofficial capital. For the moment, the resorts on neighboring islands have stolen the limelight, and only the stone ruins of plantations dotting the small settlements hint at North Caicos’ former glory.

North Caicos is the island to choose if you’re looking for tranquil tropical ambiance away from the resort crowds. The long, empty beaches of sparkling white sand are yours to explore, and the pristine green interior seems miles away from the 21st century. In fact the island is so quiet it can feel like a private retreat, though this is rapidly changing as resort development takes hold on North Caicos.

The coral snorkeling here is fabulous, along with kayaking, back-road driving or cycling and diving at Three Mary Cays. Pink flamingos are another highlight, along with ospreys and iguanas.

Practical Info

North Caicos lies 19km (12 miles) from its eastern neighbor, Providenciales, separated by the dotted islets of Caicos Cays. To the east lies the Middle Caicos, across the water of Juniper Hole.

Ferries and charter boats connect Providenciales and North Caicos, while only small boats can travel across Juniper Hole.
Adresse: Turks- und Caicosinseln
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