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Mag-Aso Falls
Mag-Aso Falls

Mag-Aso Falls

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Scenic Mag-Aso Falls in Antequera is tucked into a hilly jungle forest of giant tropical ferns and towering trees. There, a meandering stream rains down a 25-foot drop over boulders and pours into a compact sea green pool. Adventurous swimmers can ply the water around the fall’s base, though must be careful of the pool’s outlet, which continues on over rocky boulders.

The water that feeds the falls fills a man-made pool on a ridge; there’s also limited overnight accommodation in rustic cottages nearby. The falls are located below at the base of the ridge and accessed via a flight of concrete steps with a metal handrail. On the approach, there is an overlook and popular photo stop before continuing on along the stream to the falls.

Several natural caves and groundwater spring attractions are also within a few kilometers of Antequera in the vicinity of the falls. Removed from the usual tourist route—which runs from Tagbilaran to Loboc and on to the Chocolate Hills—you may need to hire a taxi or request a tour stop at the falls.

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