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Halle Gate (Porte de Hal)
Halle Gate (Porte de Hal)

Halle Gate (Porte de Hal)

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The Halle Gate (Porte de Hal), is what remains of the city’s second fortified wall, making it one of the most historic structures in Brussels. Built to defend the capital city in 1381, it guarded the interior with a medieval drawbridge and moat. Though many of the other structures from this time period have since been destroyed, the Porte de Hal was used as a prison, thereby still standing and recalling an earlier age. The stonework and style of the gate’s tower still looks like it was lifted straight from the Middle Ages.

The museum goes into detail about the city’s fortification, history, and folklore. Various weapons and armor are on display, including the parade armor of the Archduke Albert of Austria. Here visitors can learn in depth about the trade guilds and battles that make up the history of Brussels. Three stories up a winding staircase take you to the Battlement, with panoramic views of the city.

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Tuesday-Friday 9:30am-5pm Saturday-Sunday 10am-5pm
Porte de Hal, Boulevard du Midi 150, Sint-Gillis

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