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Onna-son, Okinawa

Blue cave experience diving [charter system / boat holding] | I am very satisfied with the beautiful facilities of the shop

Experience diving (boat holding) plan in the popular NO1 blue cave on the main island of Okinawa. A fantastically shining blue cave created by nature. In addition to the shining cave, you can enjoy colorful tropical fish, coral reefs, and dynamic underwater scenery outside the cave. I thought of a way to make my first diving comfortable and fun so that I could convey the impression that it was the best in the sea! It is an experience that excites and excites the mind in safety and security. 1 minute walk from the shop to the port. Depart on a special marine boat and head to the cave while taking a pleasant breeze over the crystal clear water. There is no need to move stairs with heavy equipment on the back or walk around dangerous rocks. There is no need to swim desperately for long distances from the beach entry location to the blue cave. Boats moor near the cave entrance. The long-awaited blue cave is waiting for you! "One group complete charter system" Even if you are not diving for the first time, it is okay. A dedicated instructor will support you from the customer's perspective. One instructor will be in charge of chartering up to two guests and a small group. Experienced guides will guide you to the Blue Cave safely and happily. Please leave your first dive in peace.
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  • 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Free Cancellation
Price varies by group size
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Okinawa, Japan

Let's go to a desert island of Kerama islands on a sea kayak

Let's go to a desert island on a sea kayak. If you’re experienced or if you want to have fun on your own then take this guided sea kayak tour. The desert island of “Hanari island” also known as Shibugaki island is located about 800 meters off Aharen beach. A small island in the shape of a hyotan with a length of just under 600m. The guided tour will take you to the hidden, secret spots of Hanari island. Don’t worry! Our guide will explain how to ride a sea kayak before departure, and once you got the hang of it, we’ll jump in the kayak and head to the desert island. We’re not going straight there though. Our guided tours will make this a memorable experience and will head to the rocky areas, to kayak between the rocks and even ride into a cave. (Dependent on tide height) Our guides will explain about all the wonderful creatures that live in these rocky areas and more. Once we pass the rocky areas we’ll paddle towards the desert island. Approx. 30 minutes after departing the beach we’ll arrive at the desert island on a leisurely pace. Once we arrive on the island and get our breaths back, we’ll head out to explore the desert island. We will head up to the mountains whilst our guide explains about the local stories and answer any questions that you may have. When we go up the mountain and look out to the Aharen beach, the color you’ll be faced with is called the Kerema blue, (named from the Kerema islands). A sight straight out of a magazine! We’ll head down the mountains and it will be time for snorkeling. There will be a short course on snorkeling, so ideal for beginners and the unsure. We will snorkel out to amazing spots with our guide and you will find that the 3-hours tour is just about right. As this is a half-day course, it is perfect for those on a day trip. If you like to fully immerse into the Tokashiki island to learn about its unique nature, culture and history with a knowledgable guide than this tour is for you. Explore the desert island and snorkel in one of the most beautiful seas with the expertise of the guide, this trip is sure to be one to remember! So what are you waiting for? Pack your swim gear and see you soon!
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  • 3 hours