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Things to do in Bangkok

Things to do in  Bangkok

Welcome to Bangkok

Thailand’s capital city and its abundance of gold leaf–coated temples, air-conditioned mega malls, and incredible street food draws millions of visitors every year. City tours may include samples of authentic Thai food; visits to the Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho) and the Grand Palace complex; or a walk through the 24-hour flower market. No Bangkok visit is complete without a ride in a tuk-tuk or a long-tail boat cruise on Chao Phraya River to see how locals live. Bonus: Day trips from Bangkok make farther afield attractions such as Ayutthaya and Damnoen Saduak Floating Market accessible.

Top 10 attractions in Bangkok

Grand Palace

Grand Palace

Bangkok’s glittering Grand Palace is one of the most popular attractions in the Thai capital. Built in 1782, this sprawling 54-acre (21.8-hectare) complex served as the royal court and administrative seat of Thailand for 150 years. Today, while it continues to host royal Thai functions, the palace also impresses swathes of visitors with its intricate golden-spired architecture and cultural history.More
Temple of the Dawn (Wat Arun)

Temple of the Dawn (Wat Arun)

Easily one of Bangkok’s most visually striking landmarks, the Temple of the Dawn (Wat Arun) towers over the Chao Phraya River. Its colorfully decorated spires are the star features—the temple’s central prang stands 260 feet (79 meters) tall and is intricately decorated with tiny pieces of colored glass and Chinese porcelain.More
Chao Phraya River (Mae Nam Chao Phraya)

Chao Phraya River (Mae Nam Chao Phraya)

Every great city has a river, and Bangkok’s is the Chao Phraya (Mae Nam Chao Phraya). Alive with traditional long-tail boats, passenger ferries, and cargo boats, the Chao Phraya River is the lifeblood of the city. It winds past both ancient temples and modern high-rises, offering a unique, local perspective on the Thai capital.More
Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho)

Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho)

One of the oldest, largest and most revered temple complexes in Bangkok, the Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho) is a must-see for all visitors to the Thai capital. The central attraction of the temple complex is its namesake statue, the gold-leaf-covered reclining Buddha, but don't let it distract you from the site's other treasures, including its 95 pagodas, carved narrative panels, and opulent main altar.More
Wat Kalayanamit

Wat Kalayanamit

Wat Kalayanamit is an elaborate Bangkok temple that sits on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River. It’s located near the mouth of the Bangkok Yai Canal, although any time spent on this part of the river means you’re unlikely to miss it; the temple’s giant ochre-roofed viharn tends to stand out and demand attention.While Kalayanamit’s viharn can be said to be traditionally Thai in architectural style, the temple’s other buildings and pavilions have a distinct Chinese influence. This is because Wat Kalayanamit was built in the first half of the 19th century when China was seen as the ideal counterbalance to the growing European influences in southeast Asia. As such, Chinese architecture, sculptures, and other decorative artefacts became increasingly popular.Inside the huge viharn, an equally huge Buddha statue almost fills the entire prayer hall, while the walls are painted with scenes from the time of the temple's construction. Located next to the viharn, a bell tower houses the largest bronze bell in Thailand.More
Bridge on the River Kwai

Bridge on the River Kwai

The iconic Bridge on the River Kwai is part of the world’s collective historical memory. The site of many POW’s deaths during World War II, it is now the site of the JEATH War Museum and is close to the Kanchanaburi War Cemetery.More
Pak Klong Talad Flower Market (Pak Khlong Talat)

Pak Klong Talad Flower Market (Pak Khlong Talat)

In a city and country known for its colorful markets, none stands out so vividly as Pak Klong Talad Flower Market (Pak Khlong Talat). Stalls feature local and imported fresh-cut flowers piled high: delicate orchids, bunches of colorful carnations, fragrant roses, lilies, forget-me-nots, and more. Vendors also sell flower arrangements and hand-strung garlands.More
Bangkok Chinatown (Yaowarat)

Bangkok Chinatown (Yaowarat)

With its heady smorgasbord of street food, gold merchants, wooden shophouses, and ancient Chinese temples, there’s never a dull moment in Bangkok’s Chinatown, also known as Yaowarat. Exploring the bustlingsois (side streets) of the city’s oldest district is a must on any trip to the Thai capital.More


Sukhumvit Road is the longest boulevard in Thailand (with the Skytrain running along most of its length), and the surrounding neighborhood has become the city’s makeshift international zone, with expats and well-off Thais living on the small side streets, called sois, that intersect it. It’s a neighborhood where choices are endless. Luxury hotels stand beside budget accommodations, and the food scene from five star to street stand is top notch.What Sukhumvit lacks in tourist attractions it makes up for in its buzzing shopping and nightlife scene. By day air-conditioned shopping malls offer just about anything under the sun and sumptuous days spas promise relaxation. By night the neighborhood comes alive with some of Bangkok’s top nightclubs (and a few notorious red light districts).More
MBK Center

MBK Center

A giant and legendary shopping mall located just off Siam Square, the MBK Center (Ma Boon Khrong Center) attracts both locals and tourists looking to fulfill their shopping needs. Boasting eight floors crammed with 2,000 shops and a range of stalls, this sleek glass complex sells everything from bargain clothing to affordable electronics.In addition to retail outlets, MBK has two expansive food courts—one on the sixth floor serving local Thai food and an international one on the floor below. MBK is particularly well-known for its range of cheap electronic items, with the fourth floor dedicated to cell phones, cameras, games consoles, MP3 players and more.The top floor of this huge mall features an extensive entertainment center, with a multi-screen cinema, karaoke facilities and a games arcade. There’s also the 3D Trick Art Museum, a fun family attraction that both younger and older kids can enjoy. For a unique way to visit the MBK Center and other malls in the area, take a Bangkok city tour that incorporates trips to many of the capital’s major sights via several different modes of public transport.More

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Private Bangkok Airport Transfer

Private Bangkok Airport Transfer


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