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Things to do in Langkawi

Things to do in  Langkawi

Welcome to Langkawi

Sitting beside the Malaysia-Thailand border off northeast Malaysia, tropical archipelago Langkawi serves as a tranquil escape from the metropolitan thrum of Penang and Kuala Lumpur. Get acquainted with ‘the Jewel of Kedah’ on boat or Jet Ski tours, which reveal mangrove forests, eagles, and the area’s 100-plus islands—few of which are inhabited. Don’t miss out on the SkyBridge, reachable by a cable car ride that glides thousands of feet over jungle and ocean. Sunset cocktails on Chenang Beach are the perfect way to end a day in paradise.

Top 10 attractions in Langkawi


Dayang Bunting Island (Pulau Dayang Bunting)

The second-largest island in Langkawi archipelago, Dayang Bunting Island (Pulau Dayang Bunting) and its surrounding lake are enshrouded in folklore. Visit the lake where legend says a celestial princess placed her baby after his death (the waters are thought to aid in conceiving). Try snorkeling, bird-watching, and cave exploring too.More

Langkawi Sky Bridge

A unique structure with spectacular views of Malaysia’s Langkawi archipelago, the Langkawi Sky Bridge is a curved suspension bridge on Mt. Machinchang. The 410-foot-long (125-meter-long) span hangs from a single pylon, 328 feet (100 meters) above the ground, offering excellent views of the jungle-covered mountains below and the Andaman Sea beyond.More

Eagle Square (Dataran Lang)

Dataran Lang, or Eagle Square in English, is a square on Langkawi near the port where ferries sail in and out. It is the first sight visitors to this Malaysian island will see when they arrive by boat. In the square is a giant statue of an eagle poised to take flight. The eagle is almost 40 feet tall. The reddish-brown eagle was built as a symbol of the island since, according to folklore, Langkawi’s name came from two Malay words, Helang which means “eagle” and Kawi which means “reddish brown.” It is one of Langkawi's most recognizable sights.More

Mahsuri's Tomb (Makam Mahsuri)

Mahsuri’s Tomb - or Makam Mahsuri - is a shrine to one of the most beautiful women to have ever lived on Langkawi. There are at least 14 versions of the legend of Mahsuri although we do know that she was the daughter of Thai immigrants and married the warrior Wan Darus. The legends revolve around an accusation of adultery and her death by stabbing. The stories say that white blood flowed from her proving her innocence and that with her final breath she cursed Langkawi for seven generations. The last of those seven generations passed just as tourism came to Langkawi and it began to prosper again. Aside from a small museum about the Mahsuri legend there is also a traditional Langkawi house to explore and a handicrafts shop at the memorial compound.More

Langkawi Cable Car (Langkawi SkyCab)

The Langkawi Cable Car will take you high above the Langkawi rainforest on Mount Mat Chinchang for the most spectacular views of the surrounding islands and sea. It’s an absolute must-do when you visit Langkawi and a great way to orientate yourself when you first arrive. The cable car was built without constructing any roads through the forest and has the longest suspension between two stations in the world. The view changes throughout the day with some spectacular sights at sunset. From the pinnacle of Mount Mat Chinchang you will see 360-degree panoramic views of the Langkawi islands, mainland Malaysia and Southern Thailand. There is plenty to explore on the mountain and it is possible to take jungle treks and birdwatching tours.More

Atma Alam Batik Art Village

Atma Alam Batik Art Village is a batik center located in Padang Matsirat, Malaysia on the island of Langkawi. Batik is a traditional wax-dyed cloth technique and an ancient art form. The center is owned by Aza Osman, an oil painter, and Roshadah Yusof, a batik artist. They designed the art village primarily to attract tourists and to promote the art of batik and showcase the creative art of batik in Langkawi. Atma Alam Batik Art Village has been recognized by the Ministry of Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage of Malaysia.More

Oriental Village Langkawi

Oriental Village Langkawi is the home of Langkawi Cable Car (SkyCab), which transports you 2,326 feet (709 meters) to the SkyBridge at the summit of Mt. Mat Cincang. Located at the bottom of the mountain, this open-air complex features souvenir and retail outlets, galleries, rides, health spas, a hotel, and a huge lake at its center.More

Pulau Payar Marine Park

An overload of tropical fish awaits you at Palau Payer Marine Park. The park is a coral reef teeming with fish including feather starfish, rainbow runners, barracuda and ghost fish. It is one of the west coast’s most popular dive sites, there is the wreck of an old fishing boat and the wreck of a small boat carrying roof tiles to explore. It was the first marine park created in western Malaysia and is also used as a research center. Snorkeling in the very warm waters is fantastic; get ready for the hungry little fish to nip at your toes as you explore their home. Aside from the colorful fish there are sea turtles, anemones, and friendly octopi. In the afternoon there are shark feeding exhibitions put on by the tour groups. The sharks are reef sharks which are exciting but won’t hurt humans. The best time to visit is October to March, although any time of year is fine if the weather is good.More

Tanjung Rhu

Tanjung Rhu has one of Langkawi’s most celebrated shorelines—and for good reason. Flanked by limestone cliffs jutting out into the Andaman Sea, the beach at Tanjung Rhu is breathtakingly attractive; the sand is as soft and white as any Thai island, its waters are crystal-clear and it affords some incredible views across the other Langkawi islands.More

Langkawi Beras Basah Island (Pulau Beras Basah)

Sitting to the west of Langkawi’s archipelago of paradise islands, Langkawi Beras Basah Island (Pulau Beras Basah) is an idyllic haven, with pristine beaches flanked by a verdant forested inland. Fully conforming to the tranquil Andaman Island ideal, a trip to the shores of Beras Basah is a popular activity for those visiting Pulau Langkawi.More

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