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Things to do in Ocho Rios

Things to do in  Ocho Rios

Welcome to Ocho Rios

Formerly a sleepy fishing village, Ocho Rios is now the cruise ship capital of Jamaica's north coast: plentiful opportunities for shopping, adventure, and relaxation make it easy to see why. Topping the list of nearby natural landmarks is Dunn's River Falls, where cold mountain water cascades 1,000 feet (300 meters), which is best visited alongside the Blue Hole on a day trip or shore excursion. The Class II-IV rapids of the White River lend themselves well to watersports, with experiences ranging from relaxed tubing and kayaking to high-octane rafting and river boarding. A top draw for reggae fans is Nine Mile, birthplace of music legend Bob Marley, where Marley devotees can visit Mt. Zion and the singer’s mausoleum. On the seafront, places such as Bamboo Blu Beach, Runaway Bay, and Turtle Beach are ideal places to relax or canter on horseback, while the Blue Mountains, home to the island’s highest peak, allure outdoor adventurers with dense forests and fauna-rich hikes. No visit to Jamaica is complete without sampling local staples, rum and jerk chicken. Head to the Appleton Estate to adire sprawling sugar plantations and feast on the aforementioned delicacies on a day trip. For visitors with time to explore the whole of Jamaica, opt for a day trip to Montego Bay, Port Antonio, or Kingston, the island’s vibrant capital, to further your exploration of the Caribbean paradise.

Top 10 attractions in Ocho Rios


Blue Hole

Blue Hole is a natural wonder located near Ocho Rios. A deep cavern within the tropical mountains of Jamaica, Blue Hole gets its name from the deep hue of the water here. This site isn’t just pretty water, though. There are also waterfalls pouring into the hole from the sides and thick vegetation growing around the edges and from crevices in its rocky perimeter. Vines hang down into Blue Hole as well, giving it an even more exotic appearance. It is an excellent place to go swimming and cliff jumping.More

Bob Marley's Nine Mile

Nine Mile is synonymous with one of Jamaica’s most famous sons, the late great master of reggae Bob Marley. Thanks to guided tours led by Rastafarian guides, you can visit the former home of Bob Marley, as well as the musician’s beloved Mt. Zion Rock and his mausoleum. Many of the guides are Bob’s fellow musicians, relatives, and friends. You can admire Bob’s gold and platinum records on display, along with musical instruments, his favorite chair and other personal effects. Another highlight of a visit to Nine Mile is the Jamaican scenery you’ll see on the drive from the coast.More

Columbus Park Museum

Legendary explorer Christopher Columbus first trod upon Jamaican soil at Discovery Bay, when he landed here in 1494. Columbus Park commemorates that momentous day in history. The Columbus Museum here explores the history and impact of that landing, along with the pre-colonial history of Jamaica’s indigenous people. From Arawak canoes to sugarcane milling, nautical relics and cannons, the open-air museum overlooking the harbor at Discovery Bay is littered with fascinating artifacts from Jamaica’s past.More

Ocho Rios Cruise Port

Jamaica is known for much more than its Bobsled team! The small town of Ocho Rios is the ultimate gateway to a plethora of sightseeing and cultural experiences on the North Coast of the island. Originally a fishing village, Ocho Rios has grown into a noted port of call for cruise ships and a bustling economy has developed around the influx of tourists. The cruise port is located in convenient walking proximity to downtown Ocho Rios, a mid-sized town with six shopping plazas and an abundance of bars and restaurants. The taxi drivers around the pier have a reputation for being very aggressive. Be polite in denying their solicitations, but don’t let them intimidate you. Although somewhat tourist congested, you cannot visit the North coast without seeing Dunn’s River Falls, one of the most spectacular waterfalls you will ever see. The Horseback Tour will allow you to enjoy the view from a unique perspective and also takes you along the Caribbean Sea.More

White River

White River Valley prides itself on its eco credentials, offering all manner of outdoor adventures. The white limestone rocks give the White River its name, causing the water to tumble over rapids and forming tranquil lagoon pools for rafting. You can go tubing or kayaking in the White River, or even saddle a horse for a ride along trails leading through tropical rainforest! Visit the landscaped Village of Flowers, and seek out the old Spanish Bridge dating back to the 1600s.More

Mystic Mountain Adventure Park

Thrill seekers who visit Ocho Rios, Jamaica, must make time to visit Mystic Mountain for some stomach jumping and gravity defying adventures. Mystic Mountain is a nature park located in Jamaica’s lush rainforest. You’ll see and experience the island from different vantage points through three different types of excursions. Mystic Mountain’s zipline course sets you racing through the rainforest as you slide down thick cables while strapped to them via a harness. As you reach each new platform that is part of the zipline course you’ll not only get a rush of adrenaline, but you’ll also see gorgeous views of the rainforest as the zipline course takes you through a distance of over 550 feet. The Rainforest Bobsled Jamaica will get you feeling like an Olympian as you race around twists and turns on the bobsled track – no snow or ice required. You can speed up for thrills or slow down to enjoy views of the rainforest and Caribbean Sea as you slide around the track.More

Konoko Falls and Park

Jamaica’s tropical trees and flowers surround a colonial-style home at the Coyaba River Garden and Museum, backed by stupendous views of the Ocho Rios harbor. Water is one of the main features of the gardens, with tumbling streams and the Mahoe Falls. With plenty to do, you can choose to sip locally grown coffee in the cool courtyard cafe, take a guided tour of the gardens, have a swim in the falls, and even shop for local crafts in the courtyard boutique. The site also has a small museum exploring the history of Jamaica’s original inhabitants, the Arawaks and Tainos.More

Green Grotto Caves

Time and tide have etched the limestone Green Grotto Caves, lined with the green algae that gives them their name. The caverns are home to bats and marine life, and over the centuries they’ve been a hideout for fugitives and runaway slaves. Hidden away in an inner cavern is the crystal-clear Grotto Lake. Overhead, pockets in the limestone provide filtered light through the caverns’ forest of stalactites and stalagmites.More

Fern Gully

Take a step back into the wilds of Jamaica with a drive through the incredibly lush and tropical Fern Gully. A towering tunnel of ferns and tropical overgrowth, this rainforest is so full and green that it has become one of the most noteworthy attractions in all of Jamaica. See water falling over canyons, beautiful gorges, tropical birds of paradise and more than 300 varieties of fern. Along the way visitors can stop to haggle with roadside vendors for wooden arts and crafts, or, if they’re lucky, they’ll spot Fern Man, who wears a robe of pure fern. With so much green vegetation, this shady forest canopy is a great spot for a quick drive or a leisurely walk.More

Turtle Beach

The main beach in Ocho Rios, Turtle Beach, is a crescent of white sand just off Main Street. The white sands stretch along the bay’s east side, overlooked by palm trees and high-rise hotels. Enjoy the local surroundings and take to the water in a kayak or jet ski, or swim in the safe shallow waters lapping the sand! You can hire sun beds, umbrellas, food and drink from nearby vendors. The beach also has changing facilities and showers.More

Top activities in Ocho Rios

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Excellent Day in Ocho Rios!!
JMM-LA, Jan 2020
Ocho Rios Blue Hole and Dunn River
He got us to Dunn’s River Falls When they first opened, beating the crowds & enabling us to get on a “private” tour up the falls.
The tour was great except on...
Tatiana C, Aug 2015
Dunn's Falls, Bob Marley's Nine Mile, and Optional Mystic Lagoon with Transport
The tour was great except on Wednesday there are 304 cruise ships that come to Ocho Rios so it was very crowded at the Dunn River falls
Just as described - great value for money
Sy-, Apr 2020
Black River Safari, YS Falls and Appleton Rum Factory Tour from Ocho Rios
After the factory we drove to YS Falls where we got to relax for about an hour and take in the beautiful scenery and emerse ourselves in the landscape.
Great day on cruise stop Ocho Rios
Michelle_H, Mar 2020
Ocho Rios Blue Hole and Dunn River
It was a very fun day with Wayne (Ozzy), we enjoyed the time at Blue Hole and Dunns River Falls very much on our cruise ship stop in Ocho Rios.
The caves: A great option if you are...
Adam H, Jun 2017
Green Grotto Caves plus Dunn's River Falls Guided Tour from Ocho Rios
Be prepared to see bats and maybe some cave kitties but other than that, we did not encounter any cave creatures.
I have been to Jamaica two other...
Telia F, Apr 2017
Dunn's Falls, Bob Marley's Nine Mile, and Optional Mystic Lagoon with Transport
My first trip I was suppose to visit Dunn's River Falls but did not.
The set up for this tour was...
Pamela M, Sep 2015
Dunn's River Falls Tour from Ocho Rios
Considering we were already staying in Ocho Rios made getting to the Falls 10 times easier.
We had been to Ocho Rios before and...
foxy, Dec 2012
Ocho Rios Shore Excursion: Green Grotto Caves
We had been to Ocho Rios before and had seen the falls and gardens, I would highly recommend the trip to the Green Grotto Caves.
Absolutely fabulous adventure. It...
Ernest J, Mar 2016
Dunn's Falls, Bob Marley's Nine Mile, and Optional Mystic Lagoon with Transport
Our driver was on time and courteous and the guides through the Falls were awesome and very helpful in making sure that members of our group were well taken care of.

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