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Port of Manaus (Porto Flutuante)
Port of Manaus (Porto Flutuante)

Port of Manaus (Porto Flutuante)

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The Port of Manaus (Porto Flutuante) is an important commercial shipping and cruise port on the Rio Negro that serves as the gateway to the Brazilian Amazon. Situated in bustling downtown Manaus, getting to and from ship is easy; however, most visitors choose to spend a few days exploring the surrounding rain forests and rivers.

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Taqueirinha No. 25 , Manaus, Brazil

The Basics

Central Manaus is within walking distance of the port and easy to explore independently or in the company of a local guide. Don’t miss the Teatro Amazonas opera house, the Mercado Municipal, or the many museums the city has to offer. For trips into the rain forest or to the “Meeting of the Waters”, shore excursions that include transportation and local guides are popular options, with full- and multi-day boat tours departing daily from Manaus.

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Things to Know Before You Go

  • Manaus is the gateway to the Brazilian Amazon—shore excursions or organized tours are the easiest way to explore the region.
  • Carry smaller bills where possible, as many vendors in and around the Port of Manaus may not have change for larger amounts.
  • Pack bug spray, light layers, and sunscreen as the weather is typically very hot and humid in Manaus.
  • The Port of Manaus is one of the few ways into the region, which is relatively inaccessible by land.
  • Make sure you’re up to date on your vaccinations for things such as Yellow Fever before visiting.
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How to Get to Manaus From the Port of Manaus

The Port of Manaus is situated close to Manaus' downtown area, within easy walking distance of the city center. From there, tours, buses, and private transport depart for nearby museums, beaches, and adventure destinations, including the Brazilian Amazon.

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Port Information

The Port of Manaus is a major commercial shipping port in Brazil. The local language in Manaus is Brazilian Portuguese and the currency is the Brazilian Real. It's best to exchange your money before arriving, but there are plenty of places to swap your cash in Manaus too.

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