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Things to do in Ushuaia

Things to do in  Ushuaia

Welcome to Ushuaia

Perched on the southernmost tip of South America, it’s no wonder Ushuaia is referred to as the ""End of the World."" The windswept town’s icy proximity to Antarctica magnetizes tourists, who are drawn to the penguin colonies of Isla Yecapasela, glaciers, and Martial Mountains. Boat trips and epic hikes reveal the pristine beauty of the Argentinean city, part of Patagonia’s Tierra del Fuego National Park, which is best appreciated in its entirety on an End of the World train ride. A scattering of quaint hotels, souvenir shops, and restaurants serving the local speciality spider crab make the town a comfortable place to rest between adventures.

Top 15 attractions in Ushuaia

Tierra del Fuego National Park

When travelers make their way to the far southern reaches of Argentina, chances are they’re heading into Tierra del Fuego National Park. The country’s only coastal national park protects the Andean-Patagonian forest, a land of peat bogs, beech forests, glistening lakes, remote beaches, and snow-capped peaks ideal for outdoor adventures.More

Beagle Channel

The narrow Beagle Channel, separating Argentina's island chain of Tierra del Fuego to the north from remote Chilean islands to the south, serves as a waterway for the world's southernmost city, Ushuaia. It’s also one of the most important bodies of water in South America.More

Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse

Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse is often mistaken for “The Lighthouse at the End of the World,” made famous by novelist Jules Verne. Verne was actually inspired by the San Juan de Salvamento lighthouse, further east, but it’s a fitting description nonetheless: Les Eclaireurs is the last landmark many sailors see as they sail south to Antarctica.More

Lapataia Bay

With deserted beaches, rocky isles, and glittering waters, and bordered by the snow-capped peaks of the southern Andes, Lapataia Bay serves up some of Patagonia’s most enticing views. Located at the very end of the Pan-American Highway, it’s one of the many highlights of the Tierra del Fuego National Park.More

End of the World Train (Tren del Fin del Mundo)

For the ultimate end-of-the-earth adventure, ride the world’s southernmost train to Tierra del Fuego National Park. Leave from outside Ushuaia and follow the historic convict train route, passing beech forests, peat bogs, and reminders of the timber-felling worksites of Ushuaia prisoners from 1901 to 1941.More

Estancia Harberton

Overlooking the icy waters of Beagle Channel, Estancia Harberton offers a glimpse into the history and wildlife of Tierra del Fuego. The oldest residence in the area, the still-working property dates back to 1887 when it was established by English missionary Thomas Bridges and remains in the hands of his descendants.More

Lago Roca

This glacial lake in the south of Argentina’s Tierra del Fuego National Park entices outdoor enthusiasts with its fishing spots, Patagonian forest hikes, and shoreline campsites. Crossing the border into Chile, where it becomes Lago Errazuriz, the area is also a convenient launch point for wider Andean adventure.More

Lake Fagnano

The largest lake on Tierra del Fuego Island, Lake Fagnano (or Lake Cami stretches more than 62 miles (100 kilometers, all the way across the Chilean border. Flanked by virgin Patagonian forest and rolling steppe to the north and the steep peaks of the Fuegian Andes to south, it’s a thrilling introduction to Patagonia’s wild landscapes.More

Esmeralda Lagoon (Laguna Esmeralda)

The Esmeralda Lagoon hike is a popular afternoon and evening activity just outside of Ushuaia. Set in a wide valley in the Fuegian Andes, Esmeralda Lagoon is ringed by native coihue and lenga forests. The hike traverses several peat bogs, which cover much of Tierra Del Fuego’s low-lying lands, before arriving at the shore of the lagoon.More

Lake Escondido

Lago Escondido, which translates to Hidden Lake, is surrounded by the Fuegian Andes just north of Ushuaia, Argentina. Many tourists choose to visit on a day-trip from Ushuaia; however, Hosteria Petral provides a lakeside basecamp for anybody interested in taking advantage of its status as a popular sport-fishing destination.Brown and Rainbow trout can be caught in the lake itself, while brook trout are most often landed near stream inlets or around the many beaver dams that surround the lake.Other popular activities in the area include horseback riding along the lakeshore, boat and kayak tours on the crystal-clear waters, and, oddly, Canadian-style wildlife watching. Lago Escondido is an excellent place to watch Canadian beavers, which were introduced to southern Patagonia in 1946 with false hope to spur a declining fur trade.More

Ushuaia Maritime Museum (Museo Marítimo y del Presidio)

The Ushuaia Maritime Museum(Museo Marítimo y del Presidio) shows off much of Tierra Del Fuego’s impressive maritime history with few original artifacts. The majority of the displays include scale models of tall ships and merchant vessels that first plied these waters, maps and charts used by early explorers, including Ferdinand Magellan, Francis Drake, Thomas Cavendish and Oliver van Noort, and the first voyage of the HMS Beagle.Outside, a replica of the San Juan de Salvamento lighthouse stands alongside a decaying example of canoes used by the island’s American Indian populations.The Maritime Museum(Museo Marítimo y del Presidio) is one of four museums housed in Ushuaia’s Old Prison Building, so it’s fitting that the final exhibit tells the story of the Argentinean navy vessel 1 de Mayo, which carried the first prisoners to Tierra Del Fuego in 1896. It’s a natural transition, as the next exhibit marks the entrance to the Old Prison Museum.More

End of the World Museum (Museo del Fin del Mundo)

Celebrate your visit to the world’s southernmost city by exploring the End of the World Museum (Museo del Fin del Mundo. The museum focuses on Ushuaia’s natural and indigenous history, with collections of taxidermy, weaponry, furniture, and various mementos from travelers throughout history.More

Garibaldi Pass (Paso Garibaldi)

Garibaldi Pass, located on Tierra del Fuego, is the only paved route across the Fuegian Andes. Surprisingly enough, it’s also the highest point on Argentina’s Ruta Nacional 3. The views from the summit are stunning; to the north, the massive Lago Fagnano stretches 98 km west, across the Magallanes-Fagnano Fault and into Chile, and to the south, the often-missed Lago Escondido reveals its picture-perfect location surrounded by mountains.The mountain pass also marks an abrupt transition in Tierra Del Fuego’s Geography. To the north, the island is mostly rolling steppe and sprawling sheep farms are the only things that interrupt the large distances between settlements. Heading south, the road snakes its way through the Fuegian Andes for the final 60km into Ushuaia before descending to the Beagle Channel.The pass was built in 1956 to connect the island’s two major cities: Rio Grande and Ushuaia and it comes with a touch of interesting history. Three days after the route opened, a USA-licensed Jeep became just the third vehicle to successfully drive between the two cities, completing what at the time was the first successful Alaska-Ushuaia road trip.More

Acatushun Museum

Devoted to studying the marine animals and birds of South America’s Tierra del Fuego region, the Acatushun Museum is an impressive testament to the region’s biodiversity. More than 4,000 specimens are on display in the natural history museum, including the complete skeleton of a humpback whale.More

Akatushun Museum (Museo Akatushun)

Museo Akatushun on the grounds of Estancia Harberton serves as a base for ongoing scientific research into Tierra del Fuego’s dolphins and other wildlife. The collection includes skeletons of more than 2,700 marine mammals and 2,300 seabirds, as well as underwater tableaus with taxidermied animals.More

Trip ideas

How to Spend 1 Day in Ushuaia

How to Spend 1 Day in Ushuaia

How to Spend 2 Days in Ushuaia

How to Spend 2 Days in Ushuaia

How to Spend 3 Days in Ushuaia

How to Spend 3 Days in Ushuaia

Top activities in Ushuaia

Tierra del Fuego National Park Half-Day Tour with Optional End of the World Train Ride
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Half-Day Boat Trip to Penguin Colony from Ushuaia
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Emerald Lagoon Trekking

Emerald Lagoon Trekking

Ushuaia: Beagle Channel Sailing Tour: Islands, Penguins and Estancia Harberton
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End of the World Train

End of the World Train

Private yacht sailing on the Beagle Channel

Private yacht sailing on the Beagle Channel

per group
"Glaciar Martial" Trekking

"Glaciar Martial" Trekking

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Norbert was an excellent bilingual guide (English) and funny.
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Gabby was very knowledgeable and driver, Matthias even spoke excellent English.
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We also had a nice little trek on a rocky island and was able to see 360 of Ushuaia and surrounding mountain peaks.
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Gastronomic Experience with King Crab and Lunch in Puerto Almanza from Ushuaia
We stopped a few times to see some beautiful scenery along the way and to take pictures.
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5-Hour National Park + City tour - USHUAIA (Private Tour)
We had plenty of time to visit each area and enjoyed a walk through the forest to the viewpoint at Lapataia Bay.
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Bonnie_S, Jan 2023
Crab Route through Tierra del Fuego from Ushuaia
We didn’t need to go into the actual Park to see the mountains and rivers.
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Ushuaia Double Decker Bus Tour
Pre-recorded commentary in English and Spanish.
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Take a tour to the real end of the world
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Half-Day Tierra del Fuego National Park with Lunch and Drinks
Joachim, our guide, was very knowledgeable and passionate about the region, answering questions on flora and fauna, tribes and history both in English and Spanish.
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3-Day Adventure Tour of Ushuaia: Hiking, Canoeing and Sailing at the End of the World
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Ushuaia: Beagle Channel Sailing Tour: Islands, Penguins and Estancia Harberton
Nice trip down the Beagle Channel with good insights delivered in both English and Spanish.
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All about Ushuaia

When to visit

Cruise ships leave Ushuaia for Antarctica in the milder summer months (November to March), and this is also the most popular time for hiking, fishing, and wildlife watching, with average temperatures around 52℉ (11°C). Skiers who want to hit the world’s southernmost slopes will find the best snow from June through August, but prepare for biting winds and temperatures that peak around 34℉ (1°C).

Getting around

Local buses connect Ushuaia with many of the regional sights, but it’s often more convenient to hop in a taxi—local drivers double up as tour guides, providing a wealth of information on your chosen destination. The best views are from the water, and regular boat cruises head out along the Beagle Channel or to Punta Arenas. If you don’t mind adding on a mile or so, you can reach a number of hiking trails from town on foot.

Traveler tips

Once you’ve hiked to a glacier and cruised out to see the penguins on Martillo Island, join local fishermen for a crab-fishing tour and set sail in search of gigantic king crab (centolla). No luck catching your own? The regional delicacy stars on just about every menu in town, but Kaupé and Kalma restaurants serve some of the tastiest claws around.

People Also Ask

What is Ushuaia known for?

Known as the “city at the end of the world,” Ushuaia is Argentina’s southernmost city and the launchpad for cruises to Antarctica. Ushuaia is known for its spectacular glacial landscapes and wildlife, including the Tierra del Fuego National Park, the Beagle Channel, and Martillo Island, famous for its Gentoo penguins.

What can u do in Ushuaia?

The most popular things to do in Ushuaia include exploring the Tierra del Fuego National Park, wildlife-watching cruises along the Beagle Channel, and hiking the Martial Glacier. You can also ride the ‘Train to the End of the World’, admire the penguins on Martillo Island, or go skiing at Cerro Castor.

How many days should I spend in Ushuaia?

Plan at least three days to visit Ushuaia and take in the surrounding attractions. Be sure to include a day trip to the Tierra del Fuego National Park, a cruise along the Beagle Channel to Martillo Island, and a ride on the ‘Train to the End of the World’.

Is Ushuaia worth visiting?

Yes. Not only can you brag about visiting the ‘End of the World’ and the world’s southernmost city, but Ushuaia is the gateway to some of Argentina’s most spectacular scenery. Where else can you hike to glaciers, admire wild penguin colonies, go skiing, and catch a cruise to Antarctica?

Is Ushuaia safe?

Yes. Ushuaia is generally regarded as one of Argentina’s safest cities for both locals and tourists, with very low reported crime rates. However, the region’s extreme weather can sometimes make conditions dangerous for driving and outdoor activities, so it’s important to stay alert and follow local guidelines.

Is Ushuaia expensive?

Yes, Ushuaia can be quite expensive. Due to the city’s remote location and reliance on tourism, prices for food, accommodation, and tours may be higher than in other cities around Argentina, especially during peak season. However, for travelers accustomed to US and European prices, it is still a very affordable destination.


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