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Things to do in Mendoza

Things to do in  Mendoza

Welcome to Mendoza

Your packing list for Mendoza should contain the following: hiking boots, swim suit, sunscreen, fishing rod, winter coat, dinner attire, bottle opener, empty stomach, open mind. And that’s just for your carry-on.

Top 10 attractions in Mendoza


Aconcagua Provincial Park

It would be a shame if, while visiting Mendoza, Argentina’s most populous city in the western part of the country, you didn’t make it up to the Andes. Not only to see the border between Chile and Argentina, but most importantly, to glimpse these giants of the mountain world, including Aconcagua, which is the tallest mountain in the western hemisphere, at 6962 meters or 22,841 feet. A winding drive up from Mendoza reveals snowcapped peaks at every turn, and short turnoff brings you to a mirador, or lookout point, for Aconcagua itself. While climbing the mountain is a serious affair, subject to permits, regulations and climbing fees, visiting the Provincial park of Aconcagua requires little more than a three-hour drive from Mendoza, and also puts you close to the Puente del Inca, a nearby natural attraction. Once at the Aconcagua Park, you have a few options for day hikes, including a one-hour loop suitable for children.More


Potrerillos is an artificial lake surrounded by snow-dotted mountains and cypress forests on Mendoza’s doorstep. A dammed waterway on the Mendoza River, the lake measures 12 km long, 3 km wide (7.5 miles long, 2 miles wide). Popular as a day-trip and weekend destination from Mendoza, it’s the outdoor venue for rafting, paragliding and lakeside hiking. The region has developed into a popular resort area, and a cluster of hotels, resort villas, clubs and sports facilities have sprung up to cater to day-trippers and visitors looking for outdoor activities. Choose from kayaking, guided treks, horseback riding, mountain biking and fly-fishing for trout.More

Puente del Inca (Inca Bridge)

The area surrounding Mendoza, Argentina is of great historical importance, having been used as an important pass connecting the east and west parts of the South American continent. There is a natural bridge called Puente del Inca, not far from Mendoza (towards the Andes) over the Río Mendoza, that used to have a hot spring. It is hypothesized that the bridge itself was formed by the accumulation of sediment over ice, such that the sediment petrified, and when the ice melted, it left the orange, yellow and ochre-colored bridge behind. The bridge was given its name due to the presence of the Inca people in this area, and the belief that they would have visited the springs for the curative qualities of the water.More

Trapiche Winery (Bodega Trapiche)

Unlike some of the smaller wineries in the Mendoza area, Trapiche is very well known in the international wine scene, and in fact, the winery traces its history to 1883, and began sending wines to international competitions in Paris as early as 1920. Since the 1970s, Trapiche has been exporting its wines to the international market and has won the Argentine Wine Producer of the Year award twice. Their wines are imported by businesses in 40 countries. But that doesn’t mean that they have sacrificed quality, and some of their best-scoring wines are a line of single vineyard Malbec, which is made from grapes from high altitude near the Mendoza River valley. Other wines they produce include Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Chardonnay, Torrontés, Rosé, Viognier and a Pinot Grigio. Visits to the winery include a multimedia presentation, walks through the cellars and tastings.More


This small town of less than 3,500 inhabitants mainly receives visitors who are on their way between Chile and Argentina, as it is either the first or the last population center between the countries, which are separated by the nearly 4,000-meter mountain pass at Los Libertadores. Uspallata had a flash of fame as Seven Years of Tibet was filmed here, due to the similarity of the area to parts of the Himalayas. But that was years ago, and Uspallata has since turned back into the quiet, oasis town that it once was, with access to both Santiago several hours to the west, and Mendoza, 60 miles to the east. From Uspallata, there are a few main attractions, and these include Bóvedas Históricas Uspallata, an area containing egg-shaped kilns that were used for metallurgy (gold, silver, zinc, copper, etc) in the 17th century.More

Uco Valley

Known as the Napa Valley of Argentina, Mendoza is Latin America’s largest wine-making region with more than 800 wineries. Uco Valley in particular is known for its malbecs, cabernet sauvignons, syrahs and ruby red tempranillos, which benefit from 250 sunny days a year, very little rain, fertile soil and a cool micro-climate where the average temperature is 57 degrees F. An hour’s drive southwest of the city of Mendoza, Uco Valley is a popular destination for travelers on the Argentina Wine Route. As well as producing the highest altitude (900-1,200 meters) wines in the province, the valley is renowned for its beauty. Covering 45 miles by 15 miles on the eastern slopes of the Andes, Uco Valley follows the northern course of the Tunuyan river as it flows down from the surrounding snow-capped peaks. As you visit the valley’s vineyards, looks out for almond trees and orchards too.More

Navarro Correa Winery

The Navarro Correa Winery in Mendoza dates back to the year 1798, when the first grapes were planted at the foot of the Andes by Don Juan de Dios, who would later become an important political figure in the area. Nowadays, visitors come from all over the world for guided tours and tastings of the reds, whites and sparkling wines for which Navarro Correa is known, which are drawn from different plantations of grapes in the Tunuyan, Tupungato, Maipu, Ugarteche, Pedriel and Agrelo regions near Mendoza. The gleaming, minimalist architecture of the tasting area and installations built in recent years have also won the vineyard attention from architecture aficionados. The visitors’ center, which is nearly 8,000 square feet, houses a wine bar, two tasting rooms, the reception area, and space for art exhibitions. Navarro Correa’s dedication to art is also seen in their wine bottle labels, which have been designed by renowned Argentine artists.More

Achaval-Ferrer Winery

This boutique winery traces its history back only to 1998, shortly after the beginning of the Malbec boom in Mendoza. The winery is Argentine and Italian owned, and the winemakers all have decades of experience extending back to far before this project began. The Achaval Ferrer Winery has four different vineyards on which they grow their grapes, representing four different terriors, from between 700 and 1,100 meters in altitude, with flood irrigation that decreases the chances of phyloxera. In some cases, there are cherry or olive trees lining the vineyards. Grapes are harvested by hand, and in the early morning hours. In case of hail damage (which happens occasionally), damaged grapes are removed from the plants to keep bitterness at bay in the final product. These practices, as well as several others (such as low density of plants), keeps production low, but quality high.More

Atuel Canyon (Canon del Atuel)

Wild whitewater-rafting at its best surges along the Canon del Atuel, a gorge stretching from the Nihuil hydroelectric reservoir in Mendoza Province. Kayakers, windsurfers, jetskiers, river-rafters, cyclists and all kinds of adventurers head to the canyon to take on the rapids and rugged landscapes, carved over the centuries by wind and water. The river is bordered by steep cliffs, and natural rock sculptures formed by the elements have whimsical names like the Hanging Gardens, Monsters, Toad and Enchanted City. A huge magnet for visitors, the Atuel region has a great range of hotels, country clubs and outdoor adventure facilities to choose from. Follow Ruta Provincial 144 to the Nihuil reservoir for expansive valley views, or travel to the neighboring Valle Grande reservoir for more whitewater rafting on the River Atuel.More

General San Martin Park (Parque General San Martin)

Mendoza’s expansive General San Martin Park is a landscaped oasis in the formal European style in the city’s west. With ornamental fountains and classical statues, a lake and monuments, the park was created in the 1890s following English and French landscaping traditions. Grand entry gates lead to pathways winding through the park, passing 34 sculptures along the way. Boats play at regattas on the lake, and the rose garden is traced with walkways. Take in views from atop Cerro de la Gloria with its statues to the Andean Army, and stroll past more than 300 species of exotic trees. The park also has a zoo inside its 307-hectares (758 acres), home to lions, elephants, zebras, giraffes and monkeys.More

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