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Giza Plateau
Giza Plateau

Giza Plateau

Al Haram, Giza, Cairo

The Basics

The Giza Plateau is almost always visited from Cairo, although some travelers choose to stay around the pyramids in Giza itself. Most travelers come here for the complex that includes the pyramids, the Great Sphinx, the Solar Boat Museum, and the Valley Temple. Gain access for a significant fee, with additional charges to enter a pyramid and to visit the Solar Boat Museum. It’s also possible to experience the Giza Plateau as a desert adventure with the pyramids in the background, on an ATV tour, a camel safari, or some combination of the two.

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Private Giza Plateau and Pyramids Day Tour
Private Giza Plateau and Pyramids Day Tour
US$45,71 per adult
Traveler Favorite
One of the most thrilling and awe...
One of the most thrilling and awe inspiring tours of a life time! Having a guide, Khaled Mamdoh, to share and explain the sites, views, and bring the history to life from my readings made my trip unforgettable. Khaled shared his knowledge, answered my questions, and brought up points of interests, and culturally relevant topics and explanations. Having a personal guided tour is such a better experience than just taking pictures and readings. I highly recommend Khaled for your personal tour of the pyramids and culture.
Kendrick B, May 2017

Recent reviews from experiences in Giza

Spectacular Giza exoerience
Pedro_M, Nov 2021
Private Tour to Giza Pyramids,Sphinx,Sakkara,and Memphis
Everything was amazing - very very beautiful and interesting. Our guide, Mostafa, was great! The driver also was great. Very nice people. I totally recommend both the tour, guide and driver. People in Egypt are very welcoming and make feel really good.
SONGCHEN_L, Dec 2019
Quad Bike and Camel ride COMBO tour at Giza Pyramids
tour guide and the driver are very friendly,It's been a very eventful trip,Next time my friend comes to Cairo, I would recommend it
Amazing day!!!
piasa651, Nov 2019
Private Day to Giza Pyramids, Egyptian Museum and camel sunset
Zenab met us in our hotel on time and with everything clearly planned out and organized. She explained the itinerary clearly and the driver was waiting outside. We have requested Zenab because she had such wonderful recommendations from others and those other reviewers were spot on. She was polite, organized, thorough and informative. We completely loved the day!! Everything was perfect. If you want a seem less stress free memorable tour of the important sights in Cairo then this is your guide! Thank you for helping to make our vacAtion spectacular!

Things to Know Before You Go

  • The Giza Plateau is a must for any visitor to Cairo.

  • There’s very little shade on the Giza Plateau. Wear a hat and sunscreen even at cooler times of year.

  • Walkways make the outside of the pyramids and views of the Sphinx reasonably wheelchair-accessible, although travelers who use wheelchairs will likely want an accessible vehicle to take them around the site.

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How to Get There

The Giza Plateau is only about 9 miles (14 kilometers) southwest of Tahrir Square, but fiddly to reach by public transport: Note that Giza subway station is some miles from the plateau itself. The 355 and 357 bus routes stop at the airport and the bus station by the Egyptian Museum, but many travelers prefer the ease of a tour that includes door-to-door round-trip transfers.

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When to Get There

The Giza pyramids are open from morning to afternoon seven days a week, with a Sound-and-Light Show every evening. It’s worth getting up early to beat the worst of the crowds and avoiding the site over the Islamic weekend (Friday to Saturday) and major holiday periods such as Eid.

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Why Are the Pyramids and the Valley of the Kings So Far Apart?

The distance between ancient Egypt’s star attractions is a source of frustration for any visiting history buff: The Valley of the Kings is around 400 miles (644 kilometers) from Giza. During different eras of Egyptian history, the nation had different capitals. The Old Kingdom ruled from Memphis, near Cairo, and buried its royal dead in Giza; New and Middle Kingdom pharaohs centered on Thebes, modern-day Luxor; Cleopatra’s dynasty, the Ptolemies, had their capital at Alexandria.

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