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Paseo en barco a Ancient Phaselis con almuerzo de Antalya

Antalya, Turquía

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Descripción general

Navegue por la costa mediterránea de Turquía en un viaje de un día en barco a la antigua ciudad de Phaselis, nade en las pintorescas bahías y disfrute de las vistas de las montañas de Tauro desde el agua. Tendrá tiempo para explorar la histórica ciudad portuaria con un guía, o pasar una mañana de descanso bajo el sol turco. Este tour de un día de duración incluye recogida y devolución en hoteles ubicados en el centro de Antalya, con entretenimiento en vivo durante todo el viaje y un almuerzo fresco preparado en el barco.
  • Crucero de día completo a Phaselis
  • Viaja en barco y ve la costa desde el agua.
  • Nadar en bahías escénicas en el camino
  • Opción para visitar las ruinas de Phaselis (gastos propios).
  • Almuerzo a la parrilla servido en el barco.
  • Recogida y devolución en hoteles de Antalya.
  • Confirmación instantanea
Encuentre a un conductor en su hotel en Antalya para su salida por la mañana, luego transfiera al Kemer Yacht Marina, donde abordará un barco turístico de dos cubiertas.

Encuentre un lugar cómodo para relajarse en la cubierta mientras el capitán avanza por la costa y mantenga su cámara lista para tomar fotos de las montañas de Tauro con un fondo de aguas cristalinas.

Haga varias paradas de natación en el camino, haciendo pausas en los campos de golf perfectos para la imagen que son perfectos para refrescarse. A su llegada a Phaselis, tendrá la opción de ir a la costa y recorrer la ciudad: siga el camino largo y antiguo a través del centro de la ciudad, vea las ruinas de tiendas y tiendas, y visite los antiguos sitios de baños romanos y plazas públicas. (El traslado en bote y la admisión a Phaselis son por cuenta propia).

De vuelta en el barco, recargue combustible para una tarde de crucero con un almuerzo de pollo a la parrilla o pescado con costados, y comience el viaje de regreso a Kemer, observando a los delfines en la estela del barco. Este tour en barco de Phaselis de un día completo concluye con el traslado de regreso a su punto de partida original.
Parada en:  
Durante el viaje hay una parada en la antigua ciudad de Phaselis, extra pagado.
Duración: 1 hora 
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Opiniones de viajeros de Viator
Booked weeks in advance and first...
, oct 2016
Booked weeks in advance and first received a mail saying that our hotel was outside the normal collection area and we would be informed if the collection was viable, we did receive another mail promptly saying they would pick us up at no extra charge but at a slightly earlier time, good service which if you read our other reviews you will see is not always the case with other tour operators. The collection was punctual and in a smart, clean and comfortable Mini bus, it took around an hour and a half to get to Kemer but interesting sights on the journey. At the marina we were welcomed aboard and it was explained what to expect, we sailed off on a great looking pirate style ship to the rousing anthem of the the theme tune to Pirates of the Caribbean the tune all these boats seem to play from Crete to Turkey after a short cruise we anchored up for some sea swimming, the boat is equipped with a theme park style water slide which take you from the deck to the sea or you can step off the back of the ship or jump from the sides, then another cruise along the shoreline to Phaselis where for a small fee you can take an excursion to see the ancient ruins, back to the ship for Lunch and a nice long sun basking cruise back approx. 4 hours of fun on the way back we were treated to a foam party on the deck which was great fun, bearing in mind I am 61 but still like to rock a party We really enjoyed this tour, the staff are great, fantastic in fact and it was fun all the way and more importantly good value for money, lunch like all these trips was simple but filling and nice.
This was by far the worst trip I think...
, oct 2016
This was by far the worst trip I think I have ever been on in my life. If you are an English speaker DO NOT GO ON THIS hardly anyone spoke any so there was no one to be complaining to! The day of our trip was changed without allowing us to opt for the day we had actually booked. 3 hours in a cramped minibus to get to the marina which was in Kemer NOT Antalya, we were issued by people with SO little English onto a joke of a themed boat utter trashy which had glass tiles not totally secured to the tables-health and safety would have it shut down so quickly. The 'music' for want of a better word was loud and thumping most of the trip, there was nowhere to escape the 'noise'. We had NO opportunity to go to Phaselis, which was the whole purpose of buying this in the first place. Added extras seemed to crop in at every opportunity from someone stating it was part of lunch but actually selling bread type products, to drinks even water being extortionate prices, ice-cream, photos...WHAT A RIP OFF!!! The best part of it was being able to be in the water OFF the boat! I took a snorkel set, but where we stopped was rubbish for that too. To top all of the horrendous journey off, they started a foam 'dance'...it was RIDICULOUS and I have video proof of the utter stupidity of it all...hairy back, bad 'dad' dancing, rude and ignorant Russians wiping foam over themselves and watching 2 girls, having been paid to podium dance! PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF YOUR SANITY AND SO YOU CAN HAVE AN ENJOYABLE HOLIDAY, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS TRIP. In saying that, we did go to Antalya harbour on the day we were supposed to have the trip and the boats there seemed a lot nicer and I didn't see a foam machine on any of them...maybe we just missed the trashy ones that morning. It really isn't worth chancing it though...DON'T GO!!!
This trip is nice, the boat is...
Winnie C
, jun 2016
This trip is nice, the boat is really large and beautiful. The staff is funny so we really enjoy.

Acerca del proveedor

Esta experiencia tiene pocas opiniones, pero puede ver lo que han dicho otros viajeros acerca del proveedor.


All Inclusive VIP Turkish Bath | mar 2020
Found the website online as could not be bothered to haggle over the prices as the tour rep wanted £35 each for the Turkish bath. Found website online and booking was easy. Collected from hotel the spa / bath was a brilliant experience as my partner has never had it done. Over purchesed a facial for her extra as was so good. Thank you plesure
… Leer másstar-5

Ephesus and Sirance

Ancient Ephesus tour with Mother's Mary House and visit to old village Sirince with wine tasting | ene 2020
Nizam was a wonderful tour guide with lots of history and knowledge and also fun facts and good tips on shopping and tourism.
… Leer másstar-5

Everything is a lie

Ancient Ephesus tour with Mother's Mary House and visit to old village Sirince with wine tasting | nov 2019
I was picked up alone in a taxi and driven for an hour without any instructions or explanation. When we were close to Ephesus, the (very nice) driver used the translate app to tell me we had to wait there for an hour for the tour group that I was joining to arrive. Considering most tours pickup at 9:30am and this tour picked up at 7:30am, this was already a ridiculous waste of time. The tour is bilingual in English/Spanish. There’s nothing wrong with this, but considering half of your time is wasted waiting through the opposite language, this should have been disclosed in the description. There’s no “wine tasting.” One glass of table wine was offered while we were peddled leather jackets (that cost over 2,000 USD) for over an hour. We never went to St. John’s Basilica. I also don’t think we had lunch in Sirince, but I can’t know for sure, since we couldn’t leave the rug shop to see what was around whatever lunch spot was chosen for us. The tour guide delayed lunch until 3pm on account of making more stops to get us to spend money even after the group was passing around food on the bus because we were visually and verbally so hungry. To the reader: This tour is overpriced compared to if you buy it locally. You should buy a cheaper tour which is 8 hours (not 10) and avoid two hours of being forcibly peddled to. And the operator is untrustworthy. To the tour company: 1. Your tour description is a lie. 2. If you substitute with a worse product, the customer deserves to be informed first. 3. The tour guide was chugging wine during the leather show and clearly didn’t care about the group.
… Leer másstar-1

What a Day.

Ancient Ephesus tour with Wine Tasting in the village and visit to Mother's Mary House | nov 2019
We very much enjoyed this day, and would thoroughly recommend it. We were fortunate that the site wasn't particularly busy that day and our very knowledgeable guide was able to spend time explaining fascinating detail to us. If anything we would have liked slightly more time at Ephesus itself, but this is a minor quibble on a great day.
… Leer másstar-5

Would give 0 stars if I could

Kayakoy Ghost Town and Fethiye Bazaar | nov 2019
I have serious concerns about this tour, which was unsafe and offered nothing of value. First of all, our family of 2 adults and 2 young children was picked up from our hotel by a friend of the tour guide and driven in a small, dirty car to a meeting point just outside of the market. There were 5 other people in a group that had come with the tour guide. The tour guide simply told us all to meet back at a given time and left. He did not show us around the market, nor were we taken to a Turkish delight factory or gold centre. We arrived at the meeting point 15 minutes before the scheduled time, and there were several unfamiliar coach buses and tour groups that came and went. 15 minutes past the meeting time, and the tour guide was nowhere to be found. We were in a clearly visible spot, and it would have taken someone extremely unconcerned with their job to miss us. We tried calling the tour operator but no answer for a good 30 minutes. We nearly called a taxi to take us back to our hotel when finally the tour operator answered and confirmed the tour guide would be coming back for us. We waited, and were picked up 15 minutes later by the tour guide who arrived on an unfamiliar tour bus with about 20 other people, whom we had never seen before. We had seen this bus come and go along with several other buses 30 minutes prior, and my best guess is the tour guide never bothered to get off, nor did he take a roll of the tour guests to check if anyone was missing. At this point, we did not feel completely comfortable or safe with the tour operator. The tour guide was clearly annoyed at having to pick us up, which he tried to blame us for, and told us to quickly find a seat on the crowded bus, as the driver abruptly started to drive off. The next leg of the journey to Kayakoy, the driver of the bus nearly had an accident when driving down a very narrow lane, one tire went over the edge of the road towards a steep drop with houses down below. Kayakoy was very hot, though interesting, and the tour guide went into more detail about it’s history. After a decent meal at a local restaurant (which we were all brought to by the tour guide but paid for separately) we were taken around the ruins by the tour guide. There were a lot of steep inclines paved with loose rocks, and not suitable for young children. We were then separated from the group again and driven back to our hotel by the tour guide’s friend. Frankly, we deserve a refund and an apology.
… Leer másstar-1

Late Arrival

Private Departure Transfer to Antalya Airport from Kemer | oct 2019
First the car was old, the driver was late and then drove past where we were told to meet delaying the loading of the car. Although requested he didn't speak English and had no idea which side of the airport to drop us, he then drove too fast through the bends and slowed right up when we reached the motorway. Wouldn't want to take that trip again
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Good day out was fun

All Inclusive Boat Trip from Alanya | oct 2019
Very nice for the first time we all really enjoyed it kids were having fun too food was good dey had drinks unlimited through out over roll good experience for the first timers foam party was amazing and they had a good captain called sexy baba.
… Leer másstar-5

Buyer beware. Completely false description

Boat trip to 12 islands with lunch | oct 2019
A complete waste of a day. I'll just dot point the issues. . Departed at 11:18am instead of 10am . The duration of the day was only 5 1/2 hours not approx 9 . Frozen crumbed chicken provided not grilled . No fruit . 3 random stops only not 5-6 . No sight of any water sports . No commentary . No turquoise waters . No ruins seen . No islands/ just open waters
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Ancient Ephesus tour with Mother's Mary House and visit to old village Sirince with wine tasting | oct 2019
It was an amazing experienced to be able to visit such a wonderful places. It will be nice if the tour provided us umbrella for the Ephesus tour since it’s open and hot. The tour guide was very informative and helpful. All in all it was a great experienced and will like to come and visit again
… Leer másstar-4

Fun, fun, fun.

Jeep Safari: Saklikent Gorge, Ancient Tlos and lunch on the fish farm | sep 2019
A fantastic fun filled day from start to finish. Well worth the money. Be aware you will get very wet :)
… Leer másstar-5

Heaven and hell on 2 days

star-3Jan F
Best of Capaddocia and Konya in 2 days with full board | sep 2019
First day was busy but very nice. Early morning (03:30 am) we started trip in small microbus. Driver did nôt speak English so we had no idea about next steps. Hapily, after some two or so hours we changed the bus and there was guide speaking both, English and Russian (90 percents of all passagers were Russians). In the first day we visited ancient Seratli, amazing Valley of the monks and fantastic UNESCO natural museum with many chapels and churches carved into vulcanic stones. Really beautiful! I appreciate also good meals and stylish hotel in the heart of Cappadocia. Second day some people went fór baloon flight. Warning: trip was pretty overpriced. It Is better choice to book flight not from guide. After this all participants were dragged into overpriced shops with ceramics, jewelry, leather. No more trips on Cappadocia, or even Konya. Totally killed day! I understood It as a iniciatíve of our guide who in such way brought clients to spend money on junks instead of visiting really valuable places. Shame on her...
… Leer másstar-3

Dont book this Tour

Antiquities of Side and Aspendos Theatre and Manavgat Waterfall Visit | sep 2019
Avoid Metin tour and Avoid booking via Viator as they seem to not take languague into consideration when transferring clients We categorically choosed English as our preferred languague but got a Bus filled with Polish people (24 Poles and 2 of Us). That in itself is not a problem if the tour guide speaks both languagues (Polish and English) as it is done in most tours. The main tour guide refused to speak to English throughout the tour and when the assistant tour guide tried to speak in English the main Tour guide refused to give her the Microphone stating it will disturb the Polish guest. When she tried to explain to us close to out seats..the polish guest seating close stood up and left and these people were young people who understood english as I saw them speaking english to the assistant Tour guide..At this point we told her not to worry..she did her best and we just wanted to get back to our Hotel. I have never seen or heard anything like this. The assistant tour guide tried but could not get the main Tour guide to change his mind. I even tried to speak with the Tour guide but he told me he cannot disturb 24 persons with English. For 4 hours we listened to explanation in a langaugue we did not understand. At some point we had to use the headset. This tour is the most useless tour that I ve been in my whole life.
… Leer másstar-1

sooo much fun 10% recommend

Family Pirate Ship from Belek | ago 2019
so much fun, helpful staff, little 5 year old really enjoyed the foam party, kids dance party, visiting alanya beach, opportunity to visit alanya market and swimming at the beach. had a stop over for everyone to jump in the deep sea. we had yummy yummy time as they say and chippy chippy for jumping in the water ;-) its very crowded ship no space for pushchair massive ship ours was the biggest compared to the others around. make sure you bring euros with you.
… Leer másstar-5

Fabulous boat trip

All Inclusive Boat Trip with Manavgat Waterfalls and Bazaar Visit | ago 2019
You get to travel on what looks like a pirate ship! The ship goes along the river to the where the river joins the sea. Out to sea for a short while then back to the river to stop for a swim and lunch. After lunch it’s back to the bus to be transferred to the Manavgat falls. Then on to the Bazaar. The Bazaar is huge! When we were there very hot. Overall for the price you pay a great day out! I’m not sure that ithe Bazaar would be good for younger children due to the heat.
… Leer másstar-4

Overall a great experience (BUT)

Koprulu Canyon Water Rafting Adventure with Lunch from Antalya | ago 2019
Pros: - the river is breathtaking and the views are so scenic - the raft guide was so much fun and he made the activity so pleasant and so entertaining - the rafting is doable for anyone, the water is so cold but so refreshing Cons: - the bus picking us up was 40 minutes late in the morning (the management wasn't even apologetic when we complained abt that) - the life jackets are so dirty (they literally stink) - the schedule was not clear at all : they didn't tell us how long it will take overall, they didn't tell us we should bring specific shoes, so we went with our sneakers and when we got there they told us we should get the shoes for 30 TL, they didn't tell us that there will be a zip line option in the middle, and assuming everything is included, we didn't bring cash. moreover, they did a snack stop in the middle of the event and they told us it's two hours away from the lunch and that it's not included in the event fees, so we had to pay to eat sandwiches, then we reached the final destination in less than an hr and we weren't hungry and we barely ate the lunch (which wasn't delicious at all)
… Leer másstar-3

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