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Tour Reggae Zipline desde Negril

Negril, Caribe
La han reservado 29 viajeros

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Descripción general

Zipline sobre el suelo con el mar Caribe como telón de fondo durante esta aventura de 1.5 horas desde Negril. Deslízate de plataforma en plataforma, cada una con un tema de reggae único, en una serie de torres en la jungla. Al final de la tirolina de 2.000 pies (609 metros), vaya al piso del bosque y luego regrese a la casa club para almorzar y tomar un refrigerio (por su cuenta). Todo el equipo incluido; no se necesita experiencia Recogida y regreso a los hoteles de Negril.
  • Aventura en tirolesa de 1.5 horas por el bosque tropical de Jamaica.
  • 2.000 pies (609 metros) de tirolesa con vistas al mar Caribe y las montañas del interior
  • Casco, arnés y guantes suministrados.
  • Supervisado por guías de aventura experimentados.
  • Transporte de ida y vuelta desde los hoteles de Negril.
Después de recogerlo en su hotel en Negril, viaje a la casa club de zipline.

Una vez que llegue, conozca a sus guías y prepárese con un arnés, casco y guantes. Dé un giro a una tirolesa de capacitación, donde se le presenta y se le informa completamente sobre todos los aspectos del desafío, incluidos sus altos estándares de seguridad y expectativas. Aprender el significado de las señales de mano y otros gestos utilizados por los guías turísticos.

Cuando esté listo, recorte y suba a una torre de 60 pies (18 metros), luego aléjela a lo largo de 2000 pies (609 metros) de línea, por encima del suelo. Maravíllate ante las vistas del mar Caribe y las montañas circundantes mientras vuelas por el dosel del bosque. Cuando llegues al final de la línea, corre lentamente hacia el suelo, donde un jeep safari te llevará de regreso a la casa club. Tómese un momento para recuperar el aliento y compartir su experiencia con otros mientras disfruta de una cerveza y un almuerzo Red Stripe (por su propia cuenta).

Al final de su aventura, regrese a su hotel de Negril para regresar a su hotel.


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Acerca del proveedor

Esta experiencia tiene pocas opiniones, pero puede ver lo que han dicho otros viajeros acerca del proveedor.

Average tour

Negril ATV and Zipline Combo | mar 2020
The zip line tour was pretty good, however the ATV tour was terrible the machines are in bad shape. It took longer to train everybody than the actual ride. It is a very short ride that goes out to a little tiny bar which is intended for people to buy drinks etc. from a local vendor. They force you not to bring cell phones or cameras so that they can sell you photos
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I want my money back

Negril ATV and Zipline Combo | feb 2020
This was a horrible experience and the first word that comes to mind is "REFUND". I paid for an ATV and Zipline but did not at all get what I paid the. On the practice ATV run my partner and I did the trail three times. On my third turn they arbitrarily pulled me to the side and said I wasn't allowed on my own and had to ride with my spouse. When I pressed why they said they didn't like the way I moved the handlebars. I asked him to explain to me what that meant and what I should otherwise do. They had no response, other than they didn't feel safe with me operating. It felt a bit sexist. I explained that I've been on ATVS before. I paid for an experience that was denied to me and it felt a bit like a scam. Not to mention that the tour operators were wreckless and rear ended people due to not paying attention. If you care about safety I would be cautious of the Zipline experience. There were no stairs down so in the event of an emergency you are trapped. And each platform was rickety and moved with the wind. It didn't help that a few people were new to ziplining in my group, and our guide thought it was funny to start shaking the platform to scare them. I love Jamaica. I otherswise had an amazing time in the island, but this jamwest experience was an awful waste of money.
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Totally Unorganized

Negril ATV and Horseback Combo | sep 2019
There was a lot wrong here. 1st we got there to do ATV first but when we got there they had overbooked and we ended up having to do the horseback riding 1st. They make it seem like you're in the water with the horse for a nice period of time...Nope!!! You literally go into the water,take some pics then come out!! Had I known we wouldn't travel with the horses in the water I wouldn't have done this,the rest of the ride was ok. We made it back to finally do ATV but what was suppose to be a 30min waitwait,turned into an hour!! Annddd they still was overbooked! I wanted to drive alone but since it was too many people and not enough ATVs I was forced to drive with someone. It was really unorganized,while I loved doing the ATV only,I'm not sure I'd use this same company.
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Great excursion, poor logistics, plan on it taking all day.

Negril ATV and Zipline Combo | ago 2019
Pros: The activities themselves were great. We had about 15 people in our ATV group which was a pretty good size. Any bigger may have slowed things down but we were really able to open up the 4-wheelers and get muddy. It was a fun trip around a different part of the island. The zipline was also a ton of fun, we had a group of 10 for this, made the wait for the lines short and our guide Vinnie was awesome, funny and professional. I felt safe and secured the whole time. Cons: The logistics of the excursion weren't great. I signed up for the 2 activity combo scheduled 10am - 1pm, figuring I would be back to my resort by 2pm for a late lunch. We were picked up at 9, got to Jamwest about 10:30 after picking up others. When you get there they register you and recommend you order lunch from the Jamwest restaurant to be eaten after your activities. After paying over $150 per excursion ticket I wasn't thrilled about another $35 for lunch for two. They time out the excursion and transports so you're basically stuck there all day and unless you want to go hungry you gotta eat there. My excursions finished up around 1:00pm and we were told the first transports heading back tot he resort don't leave until 2:30. This means you either have to kill time piddling around the gift shop or potentially pay for another excursion. I got in the first available ride back that finally showed up close to 3pm, and only after the van was fully loaded and the driver informed us he needed to take a 30 min detour to drop someone at a different resort out of the way of our route. I finally got back to my resort about 4:30pm. Overall it was a really fun activity but plan on being at Jamwest all day.
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Took TOOOOO long

Negril Zipline, Safari and ATV | jul 2019
We were there the lat week of June. The zipline, ATV, and Jungle tour was great! The only problem was that they took toooooo long to start. They had us wait in the waiting area about 2 hours in between each activity! They want you to buy drinks/food. That is just too much time wasted! We were rushed at the end because our transportaion was already there. The food was good but took foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to come out. We ordered out food 2 hours in advance and still had to wait another 45min to actually get it.
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Just OK

Guided 90-minute Negril Horseback Ride and Swim | dic 2018
The good: The facility was nice. My personal guide, Yasafari was very friendly and he was a good guide. The horses were well taken care of (although I did notice 1 skinnier one), and the tour was well-structured and organized. Our helmets were nicely fitted to us and they matched the horses size to our body weight so that each person and horse was comfortable and safe. The water part of the tour lasted about 10 mins which is a lot longer than any other horseback tour I've been on.The not so good: They say it's 90 minutes but you are only on the horses about 40 mins. At the front desk they say you can't have your phones or anything to carry on you, but on the tour it didn't seem to matter, I was able to take my camera along and use it. The walk on the horses to the water is about 15 mins and a guide holds the reigns the whole time which is nice for beginners but does take away from the experience if you really want to feel like you're horseback riding. Each person is assigned their own guide. The walk along a dirt road is in a single file line. The road is also traveled with vehicles, so that was distracting and took away from the experience. Another thing that was distracting and took away from the experience is that the guides are instructed to ask us riddles during the water part and also they want us to tell them jokes and riddles.... I'm pretty sure they are all told to do this so we don't get bored and to keep us entertained.... I can assure you that being on a horse in Jamaica on a beautiful beach is entertainment enough. I just wanted to enjoy riding through the water on my horse, not have to come up with jokes or try and figure out a complicated riddle. Again, my guide did a great job on his riddles to me but I did not really want to take part in it. Pics are really expensive if you want them. It's $250 (yes, you read that right) if you want a CD of all the pics taken. Or, it's $10 per picture and you can have that printed or on a CD and emailed to you as well. All in all, I would not recommend this tour unless you are with children. Also, 90 mins is not what you get and what you do get really isn't worth it.
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Great Service. Pickup at hotel was...

star-4CODY W
ATV Tour to Salmon Point from Negril | dic 2017

Great Service. Pickup at hotel was prompt, the tour was organized well. Just keep in mind this is a very simply tour, no experience needed. You simply ride out a trail to the beach, see an awesome spot on the beach that is only accessible by horse, atv or bike. On the ride back there is a couple nice stops, one at a mineral pool to swim. Understand the tour itself is about the same time you will spend traveling to/from this place if staying in Negril - but you will see parts of the countryside along the way so the drive is not a negative.

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Had a great time horseback riding...

star-5Lorraine N
Guided 90-minute Negril Horseback Ride and Swim | oct 2017

Had a great time horseback riding. The guide of my horse was wonderful you could tell he really cared about my horse Princess. Princess loved being in the ocean. All people on the tour were great! My driver who picked me up at my resort and brought me back was awesome. Even on the way back during a bad thunder and lightening storm it took forever to get back he was great driving through it. Thanks to all who made it great for me.

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The tour guides were great. We had a...

star-5Preston F
ATV Tour to Salmon Point from Negril | jul 2016

The tour guides were great. We had a good time and had fun on the ATV's.

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