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Miami a Cayo Hueso Traslado ida y vuelta

Miami Beach, Estados Unidos

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Descripción general

Disfrute de un viaje al paraíso con un conveniente traslado de ida y vuelta de Miami a Key West. Este cómodo transporte sale de los hoteles seleccionados de Miami al centro de Key West y luego regresa. Alójese unas pocas noches en los Cayos de la Florida (hotel no incluido) para disfrutar de un paisaje tropical pintoresco y experimentar el ambiente local exclusivo. ¡Pase más tiempo disfrutando de su viaje y menos tiempo desconcertando la logística!
  •  Transporte de ida y vuelta desde Miami a Key West.
  • Disfrute de un relajante y pintoresco recorrido por los Cayos de Florida.
  • Quédate tantas noches como quieras en Key West (sin alojamiento en hotel)
  • Cuando esté listo para regresar a Miami, ¡disfrute del mismo transporte conveniente!
Elimine el estrés de alquilar un automóvil y conducir en sus vacaciones en Florida. Este conveniente servicio de traslado lo lleva directamente desde su hotel de Miami a Key West. ¡El resto depende de usted!

Al reservar, seleccione una fecha de salida e incluya el número en su grupo. (Pre-organice su viaje de regreso especificando su fecha de regreso preferida en el momento de la reserva en el campo 'Requisitos especiales'). Conozca al entrenador en su hotel de Miami, muestre su cupón y suba a bordo para el viaje a través del pintoresco sur de la Florida, incluido Una caminata por el famoso Puente de las Siete Millas. Llegarás a Key West alrededor de las 12pm. Una vez allí, desembarque en el Museo Mel Fisher y admire las calles salpicadas de sol, las casas históricas y las playas de arena blanca mientras se dirige a su alojamiento local.

Para su viaje de regreso preestablecido, su transporte lo estará esperando en el punto de entrega en Key West. DEBE llamar al operador local con anticipación para reconfirmar su hora de salida. Termine su viaje con facilidad, llegando a Miami a las 10 pm.


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Opiniones de viajeros de Viator
Aunque hubo problemas re confirmación...
helen m
, feb 2013
Aunque hubo problemas re confirmación, en parte culpa mía, la de Gray Line autobús Express desde Miami Key West es una excelente opción. Tomando la carretera icónico 1, es rápido y fiable.
Transfer to Key West from Miami was...
Carol L
, jun 2017
Transfer to Key West from Miami was no problem. I phoned 2 days before my return trip but when I arrived neither bus had me rostered on it and both were full. One of the guides was really helpful and she was willing to sit on the steps for me to have a seat but in the end 2 people didn't turn back up for the return trip so we both had seats. Grey line seems to source out a lot of their trips and communication could be greatly improved between them and the other companies.
Everything was on time and on plan...
Ralph R
, oct 2015
Everything was on time and on plan. The guide was very friendly and informative. You see a lot more from a bus than from a car and you don't have to pay for parking. Well worth the money.
The tour started off well: the Key...
, abr 2013
The tour started off well: the Key West Express bus arrived early. However, some later customers didn't turn up so we wasted half an hour waiting for them. On the way, we passed another bus (Half Price Tours) which had broken down and, since we had empty seats, we gave some of them a lift. However, later on, a tyre burst and we were delayed two hours waiting for someone to come and fix it. This was annoying but not anybody's fault . The day visitors were compensated by the guide extending the return time to give them the full stay of six hours. We were staying overnight in Key West so, whilst being annoying, it didn't really affect us. While we were waiting for the tyre to be fixed, a replacement Half-Price Tours bus arrived and picked up the 24 passengers whom we had helped out. We asked about the pick up arrangements for our return the next day and were given a phone contact to ask the following afternoon. When we phoned we were told that the bus would start boarding at 5.40 to leave at 5.45. We duly arrived in good time at 5.15. By 5.40 no Key West Express bus had turned up (although another chap was waiting for the Half-Price Tours bus). We phoned the contact again and then were told that we would be picked up by the Half-Price Tours bus with the driver Louis. Shortly afterwards, a driver came along looking for Half-Price Tours customers (he had parked his bus round the corner). He didn't seem to have a record for us but when I mentioned the phone contact and driver Louis he said it was OK. However, when we reached the bus we found that some people were standing outside saying that there was not enough room for everybody. Eventually we got on, but the driver had to leave two people behind. The bus seats were more cramped than the Key West Express and there was no guide. Moreover, we have found out subsequently that Half-Price Tours price was two-thirds that of the Key West Express, so I think we need to have some compensation for our hassle and inconvenience.

Acerca del proveedor

Esta experiencia tiene pocas opiniones, pero puede ver lo que han dicho otros viajeros acerca del proveedor.

I wish I could have left a better review.

Key West Day Trip with Optional Activites | mar 2020
I booked this trip as something fun to do the day before we left for a cruise. I should have know how the day was going to go from the moment the bus picked us up. Initially, the tour was overbooked. My husband and I were able to get a seat so I let that slide. I had read the reviews online ahead of time so I knew we would be stopping for breakfast and it would be a quick stop. We stopped in Key Largo. It was great. The restaurant was efficient and everyone was able to get something to eat. We were 25 miles outside of Key West when the bus broke down. I understand that things happened so I wasn't upset and I don't think anyone else on the bus was either. Our time in Key West was going to be extended from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. and a bus was coming from Key West to pick us up. We waited about 45 minutes and got back on the road. Our time in Key West was great. Around 7 p.m. we headed to the meeting site only to find there was no bus. We were told the bus broke down again and they were unable to fix it and another bus was on its way from Miami - come back at 10 p.m. Again, I understand things happened so I took it in stride. It was a Saturday night and the town was overflowing with live music and other fun stuff to do. My husband and I went back out to listen to live music. My only mistake was not bring warmer clothes. Because I thought we were leaving at 5 p.m. I didn't bring pants and was still wearing sandals. I was cold but again my own fault. Now it is almost 10 p.m. so we head back to the meeting site only to see all of our bus mates standing around and no bus. Our tour guide Lily was informative and sympathetic up to this point. I felt bad for her because she was getting a lot of complaints and it wasn't really her fault. This is where Lily lost me - we were told to be at the meeting site at 10 p.m. Everyone was there except for Lily. All of us sat around wondering if we were going to be stranded in Key West. No one could get a hold of the bus company. Around 10:30 p.m. Lily shows up. I understand that she didn't want to get yelled at but that is too bad. She is the rep. for the company. She should have been there at 10 p.m. to give us an update. Everyone was cold and tired and now super pissed. How do you now show up to reassure all these people. Shame on Lily. The bus showed up around 10:45 p.m. Since we were the last picked up, we were the first dropped off. We were dropped off at 3:00 a.m. We were picked up that morning around 8:00 a.m. (the bus was late. We were suppose to be picked up at 7:30 a.m.). Some on our us had to go back to Ft. Lauderdale. They had been gone since 6:00 a.m.
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No time to enjoy because the driver was so late picking us up....

Florida Everglades Airboat Adventure plus Miami Biscayne Bay Cruise | mar 2020
The bus picking us up was running very late. Thus, for the rest of the day, we felt very rushed. When we got to the Airboat, we almost missed our call because we got in line for food and then had to run down to the boat with food in hand and had no time to actually eat the food until be got off the airboat. The airboat ride was fun and informative. Then, rush back to the bus for the next thing. We had to rush down to the boat for the Bay Cruise. We got our tickets from the bus driver at 2:21 and the boat left at 2:30. He told us to be at the pickup place at a very specific time, which we were, but then he left us waiting for 15 to 20 minutes. It was all very rushed and disorganized and there was not time to eat. I don't know why he was soooooooo late picking us up and then not really able to eat without time to sit and enjoy our food.
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Safety Concerns

Florida Everglades Airboat Adventure plus Miami Biscayne Bay Cruise | mar 2020
Driver of your bus was texting and posting photos to social media while he was transporting passengers Including small children. We had to tell him to put his phone done. This is not a tour you want to book. This company has no regard for their guests safety. We reported them to the authorities.
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Loved it

Key West Day Trip with Optional Activites | mar 2020
Lily is amazing!!! Jason and fam from the UK. We loved the jet ski. The weather was so good. The food was good too.
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Great time in Everglades

Miami Everglades Safari Park Airboat Adventure with Transport | mar 2020
We’ve hand an amazing time! Everything was organised, we were picked up in Miami on time. When we came to Everglades we first went on airboat and then saw an alligator show and could hold baby gator for $3 which was super cute! Then they took us back to Miami. Would definitely recommend!
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AVoid a waste of Money

Miami Super Saver: Everglades Airboat Adventure and Miami City Tour | mar 2020
Very disappointing, paid for a luxury mini van trip and was bundled into old refurbished school buses with many broken seats. Bus driver was the tour guide. His English was difficult to understand, and he was clueless about any area besides Little Havana Due to poor management on the part of the Tour Company in the Everglades. We were only able to enjoy the Air boat tour. Which was good. We missed both the walk to see the flora and fauna and the alligator demo due to tardiness on the part of the driver. Almost a 3 hour wait at the Bayview Market was not acceptable. 1 hour would have been long enough. The Miami City your was very poor. We missed most of the advertised sights. and spent almost an hour in Little Havana. 20 minutes would have been long enough!!! The tour guide was useless as mentioned earlier. He was an OK driver AVoid this tour an expensive waste of time!!!!
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Great experience and loads of alligators

Miami Everglades Safari Park Airboat Adventure with Transport | mar 2020
We were emailed the pick up time the night before and the coach arrived on time. Enjoyed the trip and saw loads of alligators and egrets. Airboat guide was amusing and informative. Our driver, Juan, gave a commentary in English and Spanish, but a lot of it was about roads and it was difficult to make some of the English version out as he spoke quickly with a strong accent. Overall a good trip and value for money.
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Key West Day Trip with Optional Activites | mar 2020
Horrible I demand my money back and dinner reimbursed due to use arriving only at3 am the next morning
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Broken bussen- yes several -and unprofessional guide

Key West Day Trip with Optional Activites | mar 2020
Key West is i sweet lovely town absolutly worth a visit. However the travel arrangenment was soooo baaad. We want the money back. 1. I provided the agent with hotel adress- got no confirmation - had to make local calls the day before. 2. The bus pickup is late . When trying to reach the travel agent there is ont an answering machine and minigym returned my calls. 3. The bus finally turned up- late- and had several more pick ups whereof double bookings so some people had to get off their booked seats. 4. Finally on our way - the bus breaks down. A new bus picks us up but we are by now 2-3 h behond schedule. 5. The return bus is therefore pushed 1h to 7pm. We had to reshedule evening plans in Miami. Done. 6. Time to go home -but no bus! It has broken down again. A new bus will pick us up at 10 pm. We had to cancel all evening plans in Miami. 7. Finally 10pm but still no bus. The guide just stalls and says noting is her fault and cant say how ling it will take for the bys to get there - even if she id constantly communicating with him. She hides and eventuellt starts crying. 8. The bus shows up and 11:15. Super cold and temperaturen cannot not be adjusted. Guide sais it is nit her fault again but she is trying. Evidently she us nit bevakar when asking the driver it is supposed to be this cold due to health issues regulated by law. 9. After a superlong drop off of people we arrive at our hotel at 3:30 am. The whole day after desrtoyed. I will never ever use Viator again and will tell my friends to do the same. I also demand my money back.
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About Average due to host

Key West Day Trip with Optional Activites | feb 2020
Key West is a nice place to visit for one day. On the ride to Key West one enjoys nice views of all the keys (5x). Host Lilly was more interested in selling tours than actaully giving advise whre to go (2×). Despite being on route, no hotek pick ip available. Uber was needed to get to the pick up point. I therefore decided to get off at the first drop off point. This seemed to irritate the host. (2×) Total score thus 3 stars. (5+2+2)/3
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Miami Everglades Safari Park Airboat Adventure with Transport | feb 2020
Alltough advertised a short tour, the pace at we were rushed through the everglades was high. They absolutely made sure you had ample to spend in the cafeteria. On top of that I saw more alligators during my tour of kennedy space center.
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Everglades, Cool. Biscayne Bay Multi-million Dollar Home Tour, Dumb.

Florida Everglades Airboat Adventure plus Miami Biscayne Bay Cruise | feb 2020
Everglades airboat tour was cool, worth it. The alligator show afterward lasted for about 5 minutes and was really just a park guide feeding the alligators. You get the opportunity to hold a baby alligator, but he looks pretty out of it, limp, and drugged up. You also tend to feel bad given 50 people are about to hold this poor guy. The Biscayne Bay boat tour is worthless unless you’re into seeing the skyline for about 5 of the 90 minute tour. The rest of the tour is a guide showing you multi-million dollar homes of celebrities. If you’re into that, do this tour. Otherwise, this boat tour has nothing to do with Biscayne Bay, Miami, or wildlife. When they say, look at the “crystal clear waters” for wildlife like manatees, dolphins, and manta rays, it’s a lie. This was mostly dumb and I’ll be calling Viator for a refund of some sort.
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Good activities- not so good transport!

Florida Everglades Airboat Adventure plus Miami Biscayne Bay Cruise | feb 2020
Enjoyed the trip to the alligator park. The airboat ride was fun and we did see a couple of wild alligators. The show was short but informative. A major drawback for this tour was the time we spent in the coach picking up others from all different hotels- even a shopping mall! We were in the bus for at least an hour before we even started the journey to the Everglades. Totally unacceptable. We chose to do a combined tour which included the Biscayne Bay celebrity boat tour which we enjoyed. However when we were dropped at the harbour it was an hour before we could board the boat. Overall the trip which was advertised a 6 hours was over 8 hours- not impressed with that!
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Key West Tour

Key West Day Trip with Optional Activites | feb 2020
Great day. Driver and host David were very nice and helpful. Never been to the Keys, so this was a great way to see for the first time. Took the trolley tour which was good.
… Leer másstar-5

Book a more reliable service

Miami Everglades Safari Park Airboat Adventure with Transport | feb 2020
We were left waiting outside our hotel for 1 hour and 15 minutes. I emailed viator to cancel the booking and receive our Money back but got no reply from them. The bus showed up, the bus driver was as cool as a breeze and didn't seem aware he was supposed to pick us up over an hour ago. The journey was spent doing pick ups and drop offs in Miami. The actual air boat ride was good, therefore I gave 2 stars. Don't book with viator if you want to see the everglades. We spent our last day in Miami on a bus doing drop off for a 45 minute air boat ride. Book with a more reliable company.
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