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Excursión de un día en autobús al campo de concentración de Terezin desde Praga

Hlavní město Praha, Chequia

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Tome una lección de humildad sobre los horrores del Holocausto de la Segunda Guerra Mundial en este viaje de un día a Terezin desde Praga en autobús. Viajando con un guía profesional, descubra el antiguo campo de deportación nazi donde se transportaba a los prisioneros judíos, una fortaleza convertida del siglo XVIII donde muchos miles murieron a manos de los nazis. Recorre los cuarteles y recinto de la Fortaleza Principal; Visita al museo, cementerio y columbario; y aprenda cómo los nazis presentaron el campamento como una comunidad judía animada para engañar a los observadores oficiales de la Cruz Roja.
  • Excursión de un día al campo de concentración de Terezin en autobús desde Praga, con un guía.
  • Recorra el campamento de la Fortaleza Principal, donde se llevaron a cabo miles de judíos durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial
  • Explore el museo y vea los antiguos cuarteles, celdas y oficinas de las SS.
  • Visita al conmovedor cementerio judío, crematorio y columbario.
  • Aprenda cómo los nazis presentaron a Terezin como una comunidad próspera para los monitores de la Cruz Roja de la Segunda Guerra Mundial
Reúnete con tu guía en el centro de Praga a Bohušovice nad Ohří, al norte de la ciudad. En la ruta, escuche cómo Terezin comenzó su vida en el siglo XVIII como una fortaleza austriaca antes de ser convertida por los nazis durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial en un campo de deportación judía.
Llegada a la estación de Bohušovice. Haga una pausa aquí para ver los viejos apartaderos desde donde muchos judíos fueron transportados hacia adelante, y luego conduzca hasta la Fortaleza Principal de Terezin.
Ingrese por la puerta inscrita con el mensaje nazi arbeit macht frei o "el trabajo lo libera" y recorra los edificios mientras un guía experto explora las atrocidades que tuvieron lugar aquí.
Vea los cuarteles, el crematorio, el columbario y la sede de los campamentos de las SS, así como otros sitios. Mientras mira a su alrededor, escuche cómo los nazis utilizaron a Terezin como un campo de exhibición para engañar a los observadores de la Cruz Roja para que creyeran que todo estaba bien.
Detrás de la fachada, mientras Terezin no presidía cámaras de gas o exterminios en masa, el campamento causó la muerte de muchos miles de prisioneros. Visite el conmovedor museo para rastrear las historias de algunos de los prisioneros, vea algunos de los dibujos hechos por los niños que se encuentran aquí y vea una película de propaganda nazi sobre el campamento.
Si bien los hechos de lo que sucedió aquí son impactantes y angustiantes, su guía le explicará todo de manera sensible y considerada. Después de su visita, regrese a Bohušovice y tome el tren o el autobús de regreso a Praga. Su viaje concluye en la estación de tren.

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Expected more and poorly organised
, jul 2019
Let's make one thing clear right from the start with this review - although overall this tour was a positive experience, I did find some things quite disappointing. Firstly, and the biggest thing about my lower rating for this trip, was the fact that I and two others were forced to go Terezin via an Uber. The coach was overbooked, and after appealing for individuals to get off the coach and go another day, there was a point were it seemed that the tour guide was going to evict people off the coach - and I was one targeted for a brief moment. This was because, even though I was never asked or told at any point about this, I hadn't checked in apparently, which meant apparently going up to someone in the Czech tourism office and showing my ticket. I was never told this and was personally told by the tour guide that I was fine and didn't need to do anything but wait for the rest of the group to arrive (as I was amongst the first to arrive). The fact that they would try to use this as an excuse to evict people off the coach, despite the fact that every single on the coach had booked days in advance, is frankly disgraceful. They should have known how many people would have turned up.beforehand and booked the appropriate coach. This, along with the fact that around 45 minutes of time (that we could have spent actually at Terezin) was wasted as this dispute was settled. Long story short, I and two others volunteered to go in an Uber that was paid for by the tour guide. The trip back was also via Uber, again paid for by the guide. When we arrived at Terezin the guide was clearly stressed by the situation and it seemed to affect the tour a bit as she was not relaxed and it seemed like a grind for her to go through the day with our group of approximately 30. Now this review has been mostly negative towards the tour guide and the organisation of the tour. However this is unfair to a degree, because there was also good parts. The tour guide, although stressed, was knowledgeable and granted she did seem to do her best regarding the whole absurdity of the situation. However, we soon discovered as the tour went on, that Terezin wasn't even a 'concentration camp' and instead more of a ghetto. This 'tour' of the ghetto basically meant going to two museums in town. So disappointed really. If you want something more substantial, try a different tour. Overall, disappointed, especially by organisation.
Great day tour
, jun 2019
Jeremy was very informative and dedicated to the historical accuracy of these tragic past events. I don’t think he presented the food situation that well. He made it sound like nothing was available anywhere so we scrambled last minute to get some sandwiches and drinks which got warm. However there were a few locations that had drinks available on the trip.
Humbling and very important
Christy B
, jun 2019
While it was a very heavy, emotional day, given the site, we still had a “great” time. Tijo was an excellent guide. He made sure we understood the gravity of the experiences and lives at Terezin. It was fascinating, humbling and very well done.
Heartbreaking but Important
, nov 2018
Really heartbreaking but excellent tour. Our guide Krystina was extremely knowledgeable and the tour was well laid out and paced. Cried multiple times. It is so difficult to really see these horrors but so glad these tours exist to help educate and inform the world. Highly recommend!!
This tour was eye opening. The tour...
, oct 2018
This tour was eye opening. The tour guide was very good. It is tough to hear about what people went through at Terezin and to see the conditions they lived in. I'm glad I did this tour, I learned a lot.
Pick a different tour
Molly M
, sep 2018
This tour was pretty much a disappointment. Not the camp itself, which was moving and arresting and full of information, but the way the trip was handled. There were at least two incredibly tasteless “jokes” during the tour - one from a passenger who asked if the group photo was to identify us in case we died on the tour, and another from the guide about giving everyone numbers in the future to keep track of us. I asked, and the company/guide, Brian S., had no plan for how to handle such offenses, not even announcing behavioral expectations at the beginning of the tour. The group was far too large, ~30 people when it should have been at least half. The info Brian provided was mostly relevant and interesting but not always well-conveyed (i.e., his explanation of how WWI started) and he sometimes seemed to have trouble showing us around (i.e., at the start of the museum portion of the tour). I’d definitely recommend visiting this site, but not with this tour company or guide.
I really enjoyed this tour. The guide...
, sep 2018
I really enjoyed this tour. The guide Brian was extremely knowledgeable. Additionally, he made sure that everyone is accounted for and even provided water. The ride was comfortable. A lot of information was presented and this is probably the highlight of my CZ trip. I would definitely recommend this tour.
Brian Stewart was a wonderful guide...
Rachel C
, ago 2018
Brian Stewart was a wonderful guide. He is extremely knowledgeable about the history of Terezin, particularly during the period of the twentieth century. The anecdotes he told about the inmates of the ghetto during the Nazi regime made the visit extremely moving. Wear good shoes during this tour there is a lot of walking! And bring lunch or a snack. Very worthwhile journey.
This is an excellent, highly...
, jul 2018
This is an excellent, highly educational tour. It was one of the highlights of our time in Prague.
Lest we forget
, jun 2018
This was an excellent tour, covered the key historical features of fortress and subsequent use by the Nazis’s during World War 2 as a concentration camp for Jews. In this regard, men, women and children were held here until transported to death camps in the east. Many died here as well. The camp also served as propaganda for the Nazi’s who used parts of it to show the world that Jews were treated well by them. The forced incarceration of children here can be easily compared to current American practices where refugee children are separated from family and housed in cages. This camp should be visited by any concerned with human rights as a reminder these issues are still with us. The guide was very knowledgeable, the pace was brisk but manageable, the bus trip comfortable.

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