Excursión por la costa de Roatán: Excursión a la playa de West Bay para grupos pequeños

Coxen Hole, Honduras

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Disfrute de una perfecta playa caribeña y tome un cóctel en la arena con una excursión de medio día en grupo a la playa de Roatan en West Bay. Vea los aspectos más destacados del borde occidental de la isla en un recorrido turístico en el camino a la playa de arena blanca. Tome el sol en un sillón, báñese en el agua clara y tibia o camine a la sombra de las cocoteras que crujen antes de regresar a su puerto de escala.
  • Excursión semiprivada de medio día a la playa.
  • Acceso a una playa semiprivada con muchas actividades, como snorkel, voleibol y mucho más.
  • Disfrute de las impresionantes vistas y admire la fauna marina.
  • Cubierto por la política sin preocupaciones de Viator: retorno a tiempo garantizado a su barco


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, mar 2018

When I booked this trip it said I would have a beach chair and umbrella at the beach, but when we got their they were full
up and we were left with a picnic table off the beach. This is not why I booked with you, I just wanted a day at the beach with
the chair and umbrella. Very disappointed, it amounted to a ride to the beach.

Talita R
, nov 2017


David P
, mar 2017

We were met just outside the gate by a man with a sign and from there it went downhill.
He introduced himself as David and said follow me.
We were late and we apologized, but we had no control over when we got a tender to go ashore.
We followed, but being seniors we do walk slow and he turned around a one point and said, not much further. He never offered to carry our snorkel bag.
On the ride to the beach he only told us which town we were in and when I asked him questions he seemed annoyed so we rode in silence most of the way.
The first place he pulled into turned us away at the gate. He spent a long time on the phone out of our hearing range, when he finally came back he explained the lot was full, but another vehicle had gone in just as we pulled up and another came out. We drove to another spot that was equally crowded. We could see the beach when we were stopped by a guard and turned away.
David was going to back up, but I said, just let us out here. He didn't want to do that, but I got out of the car and stood by the trunk for my gear.
He said, wait here. It took him a long time to return. In retrospect I suppose we should have just gone onto the beach, but we were afraid to loose our ride back. When he returned he tried to negotiate with the woman in the booth about beach access. No luck. So we went onto the beach at a spot were there were many little boats anchored. The beach was packed, barely room to walk. It was a very narrow beach with resorts all along.
Advertising this as a secluded beach is a joke!
I looked at the water and said, we were told we could snorkel right from the beach.
Yes go ahead he said, and motioned to the boat filled area.
I said, I'm not swimming there, it's unsafe. I looked up and down the beach and saw a dark area in the water and a lot of snorkel tubes bobbing around. Let's go there, and I took off down the beach.
At least now he was carrying our gear.
We come to a promising looking spot and I was prepared to spread out my beach sheet and get into the water. Once again he said, wait here, I'll get you a chair I objected, we don't need chairs we have everything we need in the bag. But he was gone in a flash. Again we wasted precious time.
He finally returned, led us to a table in a restaurant/bar area of a resort and told us to buy something and he sat down on the chair and stared at his phone. We bought a couple bottles of water, by this time we needed it! We finally got in the water and swam around for a while, but found nothing too impressive.
We went ashore and ordered lunch. Again our guide was talking on the phone. David sat and stared at his phone while we ordered. It seemed rude not to ask if he was going to order too and he did. Again we had no conversation with this young man.
We ate and went back into the water.
This time we found the most incredible coral, absolutely amazing. Unfortunately we were almost out of time and as it was be got back just in time for the last tender.
When I told David, Next time you bring people out here tell them to follow the white buoys, it's amazing. He just shrugged and seemed insulted that I told him how to do his job.
There were a couple of ships in port so I know that the tour company has no control over that, but other people told us they did go to a secluded beach with a cab driver they hired on the dock.
The tour guide gave me the impression that someone handed him a sign because the regular guy got tired of waiting for us.
When we got to the dock it was obvious he expected a tip, but after buying him an expensive lunch and his way of wasting so much of our time and conversing with us so little I didn't feel inclined to give him one. Missing out on not knowing about the white buoys was a real shame and I don't think it was too much of an expectation for our guide to know about them. I know seniors have a reputation of not tipping well, but normally I tip generously, too bad for this guy if he prejudged us and missed out.
I e-mailed this complaint on the first form I was sent after the trip and got no response. So now I'm posting for all to see.

, oct 2016

This was the absolute worse excursion I have ever taken. The guide was not there at the stated time, the tour was nothing but a car ride with a lecture on how carnival was doing their people wrong, the private beach was a small bar at the end of a beach that left alot to be desired, our beach time was apent telling locals no I dont want a massage or my hair braided' they approached me every few minutes even when I was trying to sleep, there were no changing rooms and the shower was a hose outside, but the a solute wirst part was after an hr of this misery we decided to head back to the ship and our driver was no where to be fou d. Just before we got out of his car we asked him what we do when we are ready to leVe. He said n ok woreies, I will be with you all day' . Well we waited over an hr and a half for him, the entire time being aggressively approached by venders, only th I have him never show up. We had to find and pay someone else th poo take us back to the ship. Our entire day was ruined. Do not, I repeat, do not take this excursion. Vivtar refunded what we paid for the trip, but we were still out of the we paid to get back to the ship, the top to the giy who kept trying to call our driver and help us find a new driver, but most of all one day of our cheerished vacation time was wasted . LESSON LEARNED....READ REVIEWS AND TAKE HEED!!!!

, may 2016

It was perfect!!! Jaime the guide was super nice, extremely helpful and very good while letting us know about the island. We were grately inpressed ;)

Shelley L
, abr 2016

Lots of fun. The beach was nice and had security. We went snorkling to a very nice reef.

Jim S
, abr 2016

Not the best directions on the voucher telling us to leave the port area completely to find the tour agent. Easy drive and the beach area was nice. Too far to snorkel unless you spent money on a boat trip. Plenty of opportunites to spend more money...be it massage, braids, snorkeling, ziplining...plus the restaurant on site was very expensive. 20 lunch, really? Beer was good and cheap however. Had to leave early as another party in our van had an earlier departure and the driver wasnt going to make two trips.

Betti G
, feb 2016

Beach was good. Bus ride was a little scary.

, feb 2016

From the beginning where it says where to meet until the end drop off at the port everything was perfect.
Nice, polite and excellent english speaking driver!

Brian H
, feb 2016

Our driver Jamie Ruiz was amazing. Told us about the history of the island. The beach club was nice. A bit crowded but nice. Everyone was friendly. The food at the beach club was very good and reasonably priced. It was the driver who made this a memorable trip.

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