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Valle Nevado: Transporte + Boleto + Clases

Lo Barnechea, Chile

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Descripción general

Experimente la hermosa estación de esquí de Valle Nevado en Chile con este pase de un día para principiantes. Después de una recogida conveniente en el hotel, disfrute de una sesión de instrucción de 2 horas antes de ponerse las botas de cortesía y agarrar bastones, esquís o una tabla de snowboard. Luego recorre las 39 pendientes del resort andino que cubren un extenso terreno de 2.223 acres (900 hectáreas) de montaña.
  • Aprende a esquiar y hacer snowboard y recorre las pistas en Valle Nevado Resort
  • Obtenga todo el equipo necesario incluido con su pase de resort de todo el día
  • Siéntase cómodo con sus esquís o tabla después de una clase útil e informativa
  • Aproveche al máximo el tiempo limitado con la cómoda recogida y devolución en el hotel.


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Acerca del proveedor

Esta experiencia tiene pocas opiniones, pero puede ver lo que han dicho otros viajeros acerca del proveedor.

Wonderful afternoon!

Santiago icons: Baháí House + Cousiño Macul Vineyard | mar 2020
The winery tour with 4 samples and fondue bread bowl at the end was great. The only thing that we did not do, was get to walk thru the vineyards. The Bahai House - Temple was beautiful and serene. I just wish that the prayer book that they hand out had an English translation. The tour company, Turistik, was great. Our tour guide, Daniel, and driver, Mario, were excellent. Daniel went back and forth, English and Portuguese, flawlessly. Mario navigated the dense traffic like a maestro. I would definitely go on another tour with them.
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Santiago Hop On to Hell

Hop On Hop Off Classic Spring Edition | mar 2020
You have to go to a Turistik location to get your vouchers. The closest to us was in a mall. It turns out it is in the back section of the 5th floor of Costanera Mall. I had purchased 2 classic tours. The ticket agent pointed out that what I had purchased did not include the cable car or the funicular or the old part of the town. Basically what I purchased was a ride around the modern part of the City. Somehow "Classic" to me means seeing history, but that was wrong. Next, the description of the tour says in includes "a panoramic trip over 800 meters in Cable car". The ticket agent said I had to purchase the "Plus" version of the tour to get the cable car and the historical part of the tour. I handed over another 20,000 Chilean Pesos ($24 US) since history was what we enjoy. We found the Bus Stop 5 and they checked us in using the QRL or whatever that square thing is called today. That made me wonder why they could not have accepted the Viator confirmation as it had a QRL on it. The answer is that "Customer Care" is not something that Turistik (the tour operator) cares about. The agent on the bus was very nice asked where we wanted to go first. We said the Cable Car and the old part of the city. The agent said we should stay on the bus until we got to an unlisted stop between Stops 2 and 3 where we would transfer to the Cable Car. What actually happens is you get off the bus and are met by another Turistik agent who then leads you on a 4 or 5 block walk to the Park where the cable cars are. There was no warning of any type about this walk until the agent said "Follow me" and we started off. When we got to the ticket office for the cable cars, we showed the additional voucher the agent at Costanera Mall had sold us and we were each issued a yellow band for the Plus Tour and we headed for the cable cars. We were getting ready to board when the operators said they had no electricity so the cable cars were not operating. They said they had no idea when or if the electricity would be restored. We waited for quite a while and while there were lots of people talking into radios, it was clear nobody had any idea how to deal with this situation. The main problem is that the cable cars are the ONLY CONNECTION between the "Classic Tour" and the "Plus Tour". I could be wrong but I seriously doubt this is the first time the power went off. We waited and we waited. At some point, we noticed people starting to go back to the Park entrance. We were told that they were going to get a bus to take people to the point where the funicular comes down. It turns out that the "connection" actually consists of the cable cars plus the funicular. It was probably another 15 to 30 minutes before a bus showed up. It then took us to the point where the funicular comes down and near where the bus for the "Plus" route stops. A "Plus" route bus was at the stop so we got on. We were then told that the authorities had closed off their access to the historical area except for a couple streets. So we rode around a few streets, tried to see the buildings and soon we were back at the funicular stop. Now the situation got worse. Nobody could tell us how to get back to the Classic route. One person said to wait near the gate and a bus would take us. So about 20 of us tried to find some place to sit in the shade as it was quite warm out. We waited and waited. Different people would go talk to a Turistik agent and then would return and sit down. There were no announcements to the group at all -- people would just take turns asking various Turistik people about the situation. After at least 45 minutes of this, we noticed a large group of people come out of the funicular area. We then saw a few people go up to the funicular area and "disappear". Still absolutely no announcements or guidance to the group of people sitting near the entrance. Finally, we went to the funicular entrance and another person said the only way to get back to the Classic line was to take the funicular to the top and then there would be a bus there to take us down to the cable car entrance to the Park. I asked if a bus would be coming to pick us up at the funicular entrance where we had been waiting so long. They said no bus as coming. This was totally illogical. It was not a long bus ride (maybe 2 miles) from one entrance to the other. It would have been so easy to set up a shuttle service to take the place of the cable car/funicular. But no -- Turistik had no concern for helping their customers make the connection between the two routes. We decided our only option was to take the funicular and try to get back to the Classic route that way. The funicular ride would have been enjoyable in any other situation, but today it was just another obstacle to us trying to get off what we now referred to as the Hop On to Hell. We finally reached the top of the funicular. I asked where the bus was to the cable car entrance. The Turistik agent smiled and said it was only a 5 minute walk and he pointed the direction. Just what we needed - another walk. There was a group of maybe 10 now as some were still back at the funicular. We walked and ended up in a second area. A Turistik agent said the bus was only 10 minutes walk away and pointed the direction. I was furious by now. We finally reached the area and a bus was parked and two Turistik personnel (the driver and one other) were sitting in the shade relaxing. Given the circumstances, Turistik should have had the bus go up to the funicular to help their customers. But no, again the Turistik motto of "Just give us your money and no we don't care about you" came through. After maybe ten more minutes, the bus left and eventually made it to the cable car entrance of the Park. From there, we walked on our own (no guidance given) the 4 or 5 blocks back to the phantom stop for the Classic bus. After about 15 minutes, a Classic bus came by but it was in the center lane and appeared that it was not going to stop. We both waved and other people started waving and the bus finally pulled over. After another 20 minutes, we were finally back at Stop 5 and the Hop On to Hell ride was over.
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Viña del Mar And Valparaiso Day Trip from Santiago | mar 2020
Daniel was an excellent guide good balance of knowledge and personal insights. Mario did a great job as coach driver. We have travelled extensively and this was one of the best day trips we have been on.
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Great combo tour

Santiago icons: Baháí House + Cousiño Macul Vineyard | feb 2020
An unexpected treat. Valentina, thé guide was very respectful of both the Spanish and English people on the tour. Winery part was excellent and very informative. No push to simply buy the wine. Very interesting. The Baha’i house was a very nice quiet retreat to the end of the day. Peaceful and thought provoking. Would definitely recommend.
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We booked the tour since they have been great in other cities. Not so, in Santiago.

Hop On Hop Off Classic Spring Edition | feb 2020
The audio portion is difficult to understand due to bus and travel noise and the announcer's accent. It would be helpful to tell folks the ticket pick up point in the Costanera Center is on the 5th floor. Furthermore the bus stops are not marked on the street.
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Valparaiso / Vini Del Mar

Viña del Mar And Valparaiso Day Trip from Santiago | feb 2020
Tour guide George was great. Talked in Spanish and English. Only 40 minutes on the beach, was very little time. Valparaiso is kind a gritty, grimy, slummy and dodgy. Maybe a little artsy. No bathroom on the bus. Even the public buses that go from Santiago to Valparaiso have bathrooms. I would have spent more time in Vini Delmar.
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Great winery tour

Santa Rita Winery Half-Day Tour from Santiago | feb 2020
One of the best winery tours we have done.... anywhere. Great guide, interesting history and background to the winery as well as touring the buildings and of course tasting several great wines.
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Valporaiso and Vina del Mar

Viña del Mar And Valparaiso Day Trip from Santiago | ene 2020
Ashley the tour guide was wonderful. She switched between three languages seamlessly repeating the information on each site. Pablo our driver drove very well despite a slipping clutch! Valparaiso was not what I expected as the city is so built up since those paintings and pictures of multicolored streets. However Ashley took us on a great walk where we could see several colorful houses and also many fabulous murals. Vina del Mar was just another seaside beach town of condos and shops. I would have preferred going to a museum in Valparaiso. The winery stop enroute was very nice. Thanks Ashley and Pablo!
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The food was better than the show.

Chilean Dinner and Show Experience in Santiago | ene 2020
It would be better if I understand Spanish, as the host at the show spoke Spanish only. So it might be a bit boring for audience who couldn't understand Spanish. And the description of "service provided in English and Spanish" is a misleading. Very nice restaurant and delicious local food. But the show was average (could be caused by the language barrier as well).
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Route and sound quipment update badly needed!

star-1dee b
Santiago Hop-On Hop-Off Tour | dic 2019
Many key historical sites were totally missed either with poor sound headphones, lack of speaking clearly..... noisy loud acceleration of busses, no real thought of what tourist want to see and no electronic notice of what stop we were on...yet electronic name of the company and TEMPERATURE were in full site. Both Malrco and the other young lady tried to help with where we were... I myself tired to follow the route info...but the names of the stops and sites really did not coordinate at ALL... really !!!!! We missed the Presidential Home, I know for us finding a place to get arm bands was difficult... we just kept asking some of the big hotels downtown.... Would have been great to know more about the different areas... since Santiago is .... likened to New York City... theater district , if it was said... who could have understood with the lousy sound system......
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Our South American trip

Santiago Hop-On Hop-Off Tour | dic 2019
Because of political reasons the stops were not as the map, understandable they tried to avoid trouble spots. However we thought we might have gotten earphones to understand a bit of what we saw , not so. We had no idea. So pretty disappointing
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Change your expectations

EXCLUSIVE!! Maipo Valley and Santa Rita Wine Tour by Bicycle with Tastings | nov 2019
I would not recommend this tour to anyone. First of all, the communication is absolutely terrible. After booking, I received zero information. I used all the options I could find for the company and finally got some contact the (late) afternoon the day before the tour. It had been unclear whether or not we would be on the hotel pick-up route or meet at the 'pick-up point'. They finally confirmed we would be picked up. Then they were 30 mins late to pick us up and, again, I had to call them to get any kind of update. After they picked us up, we drove for about 5 minutes to the 'pick-up point' where everyone dispersed onto different buses. If we had known exactly where the 'pick-up point' was, we could have just walked there but the information provided was so vague we had no idea where it was or that it was so darn close. If the company improved their communication even slightly, it would help. Now, on to the actual tour, it was so bad I won't even go into all the details. Here is the summary: do not expect any kind of real bike ride. It was an extremely short distance. We also stopped every two minutes. We had two tour guides and had a group of two different language speakers. It would have been great if they had split the group at the stops and each guide delivered the info to one group in their language. However, they kept us all together and then did the same presentation twice--one language after the other. You can imagine how much longer this made the day go with half of the time being rather boring. They also make it seem like you get a wine tasting at a few places which is not the case. You get no wine during the drawn-out, short-distance bike ride and then get 3 tastings at the winery where the tour started. This may not have been too bad if the wine at the one place you get any wasn't terrible. I couldn't even drink some of it, it was so bad. Lastly, there was no time to explore anything on your own (not that there was much else to see besides the gift shop) and then got back on the bus. All-in-all, a total waste of time and money. We used a different tour company for each excursion during our trip and Turistik Chile was the worst.
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Great day, great value

Viña del Mar And Valparaiso Day Trip from Santiago | nov 2019
Really well organised at the start of the day and throughout. Daniel, the guide, and Claudio, the driver were excellent. The trip was very interesting, and included a stop at a winery. Valparaiso is a must see. Viña del mar is a nice seaside town. Great day.
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What a beautiful evening!

star-5Irina C
Chilean Dinner and Show Experience in Santiago | nov 2019
A perfect night in the beginning of my trip in Chile. All was perfect, the transport from/back the hotel, the food and the show.
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Not Much Of A Ride

EXCLUSIVE!! Maipo Valley and Santa Rita Wine Tour by Bicycle with Tastings | oct 2019
Looking forward to a lengthy ride through the Maipo Valley I was disappointed that the ride was very short from the Santa Rita Winery to the Carmen Winery. While our guide was quite learned in wine lore the ride was short and my bike in need of maintenance. Perhaps given the condition of the bike I should be grateful that the ride was short. All in all disappointing.
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