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Sendero ferroviario de las Bermudas
Sendero ferroviario de las Bermudas

Sendero ferroviario de las Bermudas

El Bermuda Railway Trail es una serie de senderos para caminantes y ciclistas que sigue el camino del breve Bermuda Railway, que se terminó de construir en 1931 y dejó de funcionar en 1948 debido a que cayó en mal estado. El Bermuda Railway Trail difiere en términos de nivel de dificultad y tiene secciones ideales para ciclistas y excursionistas principiantes o avanzados. El Bermuda Railway Trail se extiende desde un extremo de Bermuda hasta el otro y cubre 18 millas. Para aquellos que quieran experimentar el sendero en bicicleta, no necesitan preocuparse por cómo empacar una bicicleta en un avión, ya que hay muchas tiendas de alquiler de bicicletas en las Bermudas.

Partes del sendero están pavimentadas, mientras que otras secciones aún están sucias. Independientemente del piso del sendero, el Bermuda Railway Trail está rodeado por la belleza de Bermuda y lo lleva a lo largo de la costa, a través de bosques del interior y sitios históricos pasados como faros y antiguos fuertes. Las reservas naturales, como la Reserva Natural Spittal Pond de 59 acres, también se encuentran a lo largo del Bermuda Railway Trail y son una gran diversión para el ciclismo o como un lugar adicional para caminar.

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The basics

The Bermuda Railway Trail stretches from one end of Bermuda to the other and covers 18 miles (29 kilometers). For those wanting to experience the trail by bike, don’t worry about packing up your own bicycle; there are many bike rental shops in Bermuda. Guided biking tours that provide bikes are also an option.

Parts of the trail are paved while other sections are still dirt. Regardless of the floor of the trail, the Bermuda Railway Trail is surrounded by the beauty of Bermuda, and leads you along the coast, through inland forests, and past historical sites like lighthouses and old forts. Nature reserves such as the Spittal Pond Nature Reserve are also located along the Bermuda Railway Trail and make for a great diversion from cycling or an added spot to explore.

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Things to know before you go

  • A bike rental in Bermuda costs between US$30-50, depending on the type of bike; also ask for a “pedal bike” since “bike” commonly refers to a scooter here.
  • The trail is divided into nine sections ranging from 1 mile (1.6 kilometers) to 3.75 miles (6 kilometers) long.
  • Some sections of the trail are interrupted by road intersections, and will need to be navigated on foot.
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How to get there

A common place to start the Bermuda Railway Trail is in Sandys Parish, where you can do a scenic 4-mile (6.4-kilometer) walk or head farther into the island via bicycle. You can start the trail from either end or enter at various points along the way. Cyclists recommend starting at the Somerset Bridge ferry dock and biking north to Beacon Hill Road.

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When to get there

Sundays are the best day to bike in Bermuda since there’s less traffic then; you’ll encounter more traffic on weekdays. Although the ocean waters will be cool, it’s recommended to visit the island in March and April when there are smaller crowds. May to October is the busiest season, so expect more tourists during that time.

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Fort Scaur

One of the attractions you may pass along the trail is Fort Scaur. It dates back to the 1860s and is a historic fortification that was built to protect the island against attacks by America. Today, Scaur Hill Fort and Park serves as a scenic lookout point where you can snag great photos of Bermuda.

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