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To'ata Square (Tahua To'ata)
To'ata Square (Tahua To'ata)

To'ata Square (Tahua To'ata)

To'ata Square (Tahua To'ata)'s amphitheater is the main hub for cultural events, performances, concerts and festivals, including the annual Heiva Festival, the largest annual cultural festival in Tahiti. The 17-day event takes place every July, and brings a Carnival-like atmosphere to the area with Tahitian dance schools competitions and celebrations of music and dance. Thankfully the square can accommodate several thousand people, as locals from neighboring islands as well as international visitors come to take part in the festivities.

To'ata Squareis also littered with inexpensive eateries and well as Tikis, religious statues used in the ancient Polynesian society to guard sacred sites and as a link between man and the spiritual world. For a scenic afternoon, take a stroll along the square's waterfront and admire the crystal waters and beautiful boats. Next door, you'll find Tahiti's cultural center and library.

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