Waterfront Esplanade

Waterfront Esplanade
Reminiscent of the French Riviera, the Waterfront Esplanade stretches from the To'Ata Square to Vai'ete Square and is where you can enjoy a scenic stroll and watch the beautiful boats sail by.

In the distance, you can view the volcanic island of Moorea and its rugged mountains, jagged peaks and lush greenery. Vendors selling fresh juices, popcorn, local foods and French pastries enhance the Parisian feel of the attraction, while the waterfront's many concerts and performances ensure an energetic atmosphere.

Vai'ete Square is located along the Waterfront Esplanade, adding its diverse food truck scene and late-night party atmosphere to the area.

Additionally, To'ata Square, a vibrant space where Papeete's events usually take place, is also here. As it gets later in the night, the waterfront takes on a more festive and social atmosphere as everyone seems to gravitate to the beauty of the water and the crowded squares.

Hint: If you're looking for a taxi, which can be difficult to get in Papeete, this is the best location to find one.
Dirección: Polinesia Francesa
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