Bee Museum

Bee Museum
Rhodes is famous for its delicious local honey and pots of the island’s unique thyme-infused honey – renowned for its high level of antioxidants - are a mainstay of souvenir stores all over the island. For those interesting in learning more about the history and heritage of Rhodian honey, the Bee Museum offers a fascinating insight into the island’s bee cultivation and traditional honey production. 

The quirky museum, located in the village of Pastida at the north end of the island, makes a fun day out for families, with thousands of bees housed in the museum’s working beehive.  As well as the display of live bees, the museum covers the 200-year history of traditional beekeeping, with a fascinating permanent exhibition chronicling beekeeping through the ages and detailing the production of wax, pollen, royal jelly and honey. Visitors can learn how the native flora of Rhodes helps to create some of the world’s highest quality honey; sample the different varieties of seasonal honey produced throughout the year; shop for locally produced honey, bee products and honey-based cosmetics at the museum shop; and stroll around the bee garden, reached by a glass tunnel from the hive and full of local flowers, herbs and plants from which the bees collect the nectar.  It’s even possible to tour the modern production area and watch the beekeepers at work. 
Dirección: Grecia
Horario: Mon-Fri: 8:30am - 4:30pm Sat: 8:30am - 3:30pm Sun: Closed
Entradas: Adult: 2 €, Children: 1 €
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