Roma, Italia
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Descubra lo más destacado de Roma en un recorrido repleto de acción Super Saver, distribuidos en dos días, que combina cuatro experiencias turísticos con un descuento de más del 15%. Después de ver las principales atracciones de la Roma clásica, como, por ejemplo, la Plaza Navona, la Fontana de Trevi y el Panteón de Roma por la mañana, descubra los lugares de interés de la Roma Imperial por la tarde y disfrute también de una entrada preferente al Coliseo. Podrá admirar la Basílica de San Pedro iluminada y otros monumentos increíbles en un relajante recorrido nocturno en autobús y luego podrá pasar al día siguiente a visitar la isla de Capri.


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, feb 2016

La gruta zul estaba cerrada y no pudimos disfrutarla en capri

, sep 2017

This Rome Super Saver tour is a absolute must!!! We got the chance to see all the beautiful wonders in Rome.on the first day of our tour and then they take you on the bus to see Rome at night. Then the next day is a bus trip to Naples and a boat ride across the sea to Capri. The tour guild and bus drivers were so amazing and helpful and we did a tour and then had a wonderful lunch. Their were many different options to explore while there. The sea was too rough to see the Blue grotto, but you could take a boat ride around the beautiful island or take a gondola to the very top, or just stay where all the shops are and enjoy the outdoor cafe's. Were so glad we went. This 2 day tour was worth every penny, but I would suggest to be able to walk a lot and expect to be really tired at the end of the tour. Best ever!!!

, ago 2016

my experience touring Rome was Amazing especially the trip to Capri and Tivoli

, dic 2015

I'll be rating the four tours separately.
Tour 1, rating 3/5. The walking tour was interesting. We got to see the Trevi fountain, Pantheon, Parliament buildings and Piazza Navana before travelling by bus to the Vatican. The guide was informative. What was disappointing was that the guide seemed to shut off after the Vatican in that she provided no information about any of the sights we passed on the way back to the office unless prompted.
Tour 2, rating 4/5. We got to do a walking tour of the Forum, Capitoline Hill, San Pietro and the Colloseum. This was the highlight of the four tours. The guide was great. It would have been better if he had used the headsets so we could all hear what he said. The other thing that could be improved is that people get dropped off at their hotels on the way back to the office which adds about 50 minutes to the trip. It's really annoying.
Tour 3, rating 0/5. This was a night tour of Rome. It was a rehash of the mornings tour although noe everything was dark. It was such a let down. At the end people got dropped off at their hotels which added 1 hour on to the tour. For those of us doing the 2 day tour this made the day really long. We didn't get back to the office until 11pm and we started the first tour at 8.30am.
Tour 4, 1/5. We travelled to Capri. After getting back so late we were asked to be at the office at 7.30am to leave. We did not leave to 8.30am. No explanation given. Alot of the day is spent travelling in the bus. Unfortunately the guide was not very good. In the whole day I would say she spent 15 minutes giving us information. She was really poor. The food at the restaurant was really bad. One of my friends nearly broke a tooth on some hard seafood and the pasta was overcooked. It had rained so we couldn't see the Blue Grotto. The highlight was that in our spare time of 1 hour we went up on the chair lift and the views were great. We didn't get time to stop and eat on the way back.

, nov 2015

It was Awesome !

, oct 2015

day 1 was very disjointed tour with the breaks between the tours - sights were great - guides need to slow down a little to enjoy sights better - day 2 - guide was great and day to Capri was fantastic - highly recommend

, oct 2015

Don't do it...Green line tours are rude to deal with at the office, much of the day was an overlap of the previous morning or afternoon, The night tour was a waste of money as you can't really see anything because of glare and then they overlap from things that you see during the day. Capri trip was a complete waste, they held the bus for another tour, cutting our time down immensely, food was horrible, service not great...because of all of the delays we didn't have much time to see anything. 10 mins one stop and 30 mins another. They stop midway going to and coming from Capri. At both locations there were so many buses that the stores could not keep up with demand, so we were unable to get a coffee etc. We just had enough time to go to the washroom and even then we had to stand in line most of the time. Tour guide, barley gave us any information about the area we were in etc. Then at the end of the night they would not drop us near our hotel, plus the tour guide was actually rudely asking people for tips as they were leaving the bus.

, jun 2015

Three Rome City Tours were very good but only for the fit and active a lot of walking on the 2 day tours. The Capri tour was excellent and a good pace. Probably highlight of our Itallian trip.

, may 2015

The night tour was disappointing!

, may 2015

This package of tours is an excellent choice, and was overall, the highlight of our trip. The first tour compromises of an easy going walk through the old part of Rome, with stops at the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, and Piazza Navona. The tour guide provided a good amount of information, and it was easy to understand her. The group size was adequate. The second tour compromises of a Skip the Line tour of the Colosseum. However, prior to the Colosseum, the group is led to a small basilica just near the Colosseum. While this basilica is nice, I would have rather had more time to explore the Colosseum, and the area surrounding it. The tour inside the Colosseum was great, but a bit more time to explore the Colosseum area would have been nice. We decided to skip the third tour, the Rome Night Tour, as we were far too tired to even consider going on it, and due to the fact that it is necessary to wake up around 5 or 6AM in order to be well rested to go on the Capri Trip, which starts around 7:45AM. The Capri Trip was easily our favorite of this package. The Capri Trip was very well organized, and all tour guides were a pleasure to have due to their personality, being clear and easy to understand, and the amount of great information they provided. The boat ride to Capri is average, but in order to exit the boat more quickly, sit in the back of the boat the seats closest to where you enter the boat in Naples. Lunch is included on this tour, so it is better to avoid buying a large meal at the stop the bus makes around one hour into the trip, or anywhere in Capri in order to take advantage of this included lunch. One of the best parts of the Capri Trip was the chair lift ride 10 euros per person to the top of Anacapri. Once at the top, you are treated to an unbelievable view of the Gulf of Naples, and the Tyrrhenian Sea. While it would be great to have an extra hour to explore Capri, the bus brings you to your hotel past dark, between 9:15PM - 10:00PM.

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