Reikiavik, Islandia

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Escape de las excursiones en autobús y busque el resplandor verde celestial de la aurora boreal en una visita de 4 horas por Islandia en "súper jeep", un SUV espacioso que está diseñado para viajar en el resistente terreno islandés con facilidad. Conozca el fenómeno natural en su salida de Reikiavik y podrá aventurase en la campiña para encontrar los mejores lugares donde ver las luces. Si no tiene la suerte de ver las luces en la noche de la excursión, solo tiene que volver a reservar con el operador sin ningún coste adicional.

Este recorrido turístico para grupos pequeños le ofrece una experiencia más personalizada.

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, dic 2018

We visited the northern lights, we were very lucky and got to see them in all there glory. Our guide Omar was truly amazing and made the experience much more enjoyable. Would 100% recommend this tour.

, abr 2018

I gave this tour five stars even though we didn't get to see the northern lights, it was a really well planned and friendly tour, with a very small group too. It's a real shame we didn't have more time in Iceland, but the weather overall was really bad the four days we were there. We'll go back for sure!

, abr 2018

Tour operator cancelled on the first night due to bad weather which was fine but their communication after that was pathetic. Didn't respond to inquiries to rebook and then sent us an email no call 2 hours before a 10 pm departure two nights later that we were good to go on a night when there was pretty much zero chance to see the lights.

Get an app which shows you when there is a chance to see the lights Aurora is good and find a different operator to use for the tour.

Viator did their bit trying to contact the operator - all on the operator here.

, abr 2018

Great idea but unfortunately weather didn't hold up and no sign of the lights. Got to caravan with three super jeeps to a spot near a church were they made us hot chocolate and we drank icelandic schnapps and ate cookies. Not really icelandic pastries as it says but still good. Was last night of my trip so couldn't go again but they did offer to let me on for up to the next year. Not sure if I will make it back before then but it would have been much appreciated if I had taken this tour earlier in the trip.

, abr 2018

Total rip off. Stick to the amazing glacier / snowmobile / Golden Circle Tour where you need to invest in a Super Jeep and the benefits they bring.
Our tour started an hour late for pick up and we were notified very late this would be the case. Once picked up we then waited for 45 minutes parked in a petrol station for other jeeps because we had the hot chocolate for later which they would share and the other jeeps were late coming off the glacier. We watched many of the far cheaper large tour coaches drive past on their way to catch the small window of Northern Lights whilst we were stationary looking at cars pump petrol. Eventually we left and drove no more than 20 km outside Reykjavik where light pollution was high and we positioned ourselves 150 metres down a track slightly off the main road no need to have invested in a super jeep to arrive when the larger tours were already set up and had been viewing the Northern Lights for sometime - unfortunately by the time we arrived it was extremely cloudy and snowing. Our final destination was a shell of a delipadated house complete with spray can graffiti that looked like a snowed in crack den not exactly into the wilds of Iceland!.
Three super jeeps then parked together in order to share hot chocolate and a table and cups which only out tour had been equipped with so no need to have paid for a smaller intimate tour.
Our tour guide was unapologetic about the experience and gave little insight to the Northern Lights and none on Iceland to keep us entertained. On the way back to Reykjavik she repeatedly stated that we had seen the Northern Lights 2 mins, small glow through cloud, very poorly, only visible through a long exposure camera and not the naked eye with light pollution. This would mean that we would not be eligible for a 2nd chance experience.
On attending the Northern Lights Museum the following day and talking to an expert they explained that they were surprised that either the tour was not cancelled due to weather conditions and late pick up. They explained they cancelled and reschedule their tours that left late and rescheduled to not disappoint clients. They also explained that they expected that a super jeep looking to have a the best chance of viewing the Northern Lights should travel farther out on that evening.
I understand there is no guarantee to see the Northern Lights but for this cost we expected the guides to offer us the best chance and unfortunately those on the cheaper coach tours were given that as we lost 105 minutes of the total tour due to slack planning and delays in pick up. No offer of any second trip, discount or refund was forthcoming. Overall highly unsatisfactory and a night to remember for all the wrong reasons.

, abr 2018

Didn't get to see lights but always a risk. Thought the term super jeep meant a small vehicle. It is still a shuttle so group was still larger than Inexpected. We had about 16.

, abr 2018

Even though we only saw a glimmer of the aurora, I still loved the tour overall. The guides were great and were really dedicated in their attempt to get us to those lights. I am sure that I will come back to Iceland someday, and I would not hesitate to go out again with this crew!

, mar 2018

It lovely chasing the lights and viewing them first hand the only down side was it was quite squashed in the back sit for three adults and a child all wrapped up in warm coats

, mar 2018

We did not see the northern. lights. Although we were told to rebook for a free trip this trip was cancelled on both following nights. We returned home then. I spent an awful lot of money 314 euro for nothing. I would recommend to people pick the cheapest possible tour and , in fact , not to pre book at all until you arrive in Iceland and discuss chances of seeing the lights with the operators such as reykjavik Excursions whom we found to be truly excellent for our other tours and far cheaper.

, mar 2018

Very good tour however the driver/guide could have spent some of the time we were driving talking about Iceland and the Northern Lights. Although the lights were not very strong, we still had a great night. The guides helped with photos, and their hot chocolate, biscuits, and Icelandic schnapps were most welcome in the middle of a cold night.

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