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Transporte de ida y vuelta al casino Foxwoods Resort desde Boston

Boston, Estados Unidos

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Descripción general

Disfrute de su tiempo en Foxwoods Resort and Casino, sabiendo que se proporciona su transporte de ida y vuelta desde Boston. No es necesario alquilar un automóvil que simplemente se sentará en el estacionamiento del casino mientras prueba las ofertas del resort. Esta es una manera eficiente y rentable de experimentar Foxwoods de Boston en un solo día.
  • Recogida desde un punto de encuentro céntrico.
  • Excelente relación calidad-precio
  • Todos los impuestos, recargos por combustible y cargos por servicio incluidos.
  • Asientos cómodos en el autobús

Acerca del proveedor

Esta experiencia todavía no tiene opiniones, pero puede ver lo que han dicho otros viajeros acerca del proveedor.


Full-Day City Tour of Boston and Cambridge | oct 2019
This tour is a classic Bait & Switch. DO NOT BOOK. My wife and I booked this tour, and paid $54 each, with an option to add the Harbor Cruise for extra. In actuality, the $54 per person only includes the bus transportation. To actually tour the stops, you have to pay $10 for each spot, adding $70 per person to the tour. We left after the tour guide Daniel left everyone in Harvard Square with no explanation. BUYER BEWARE!
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Undisclosed Service Fees

Full-Day Trip to Plimoth Plantation, Whale Watch Tour from Boston | jul 2019
When we arrived at Plymouth Plantation (middle of the trip), we were told that we had to pay a $10.00 per person service fee before leaving to head back to Boston. When I questioned that I didn't know anything about it, I was told that it was in the fine print. I have reread my fine print and it is not mentioned. We had 5 people in our group, so after already paying for a trip, I had to come up with $50.00 in cash just to make sure I got back to the starting point. Will not do business with this particular tour group again.
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I loved this tour. Acadia is a special...

star-5Ondreya W
2-Day Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor Tour from Boston | jul 2018

I loved this tour. Acadia is a special place and the bus tour was outstanding.

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The tour, the van, the information...

Full-Day City Tour of Boston and Cambridge | oct 2017

The tour, the van, the information and the guide were good and professional, but we did not liked the lunch in a chinese restaurant. too confused and expensive. we ate lobster but not tasty and at night I had a bellyache and my intestines complained! we expected a free time for lunch at the Quincy Market.

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The Plimouth village was very...

star-1Brian M
Full-Day Trip to Plymouth and Newport from Boston | oct 2017

The Plimouth village was very run-down and scruffy, not in an 'original' way the Puritans would have been very diligent to keep their places clean but in careless neglect, weeds, decay. Disappointing waste of good potential!

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Our tour guide didn't speak English...

star-2Rebecca S
Full-Day Trip to Plymouth and Newport from Boston | oct 2017

Our tour guide didn't speak English so he was silent the whole trip. Only time he talked was when he wanted money. We didn't know we had to pay him for the tours and he picked a Chinese Banquet in an old shopping center. We decided to go next door and have a cheaper lunch, than the one he took us to. We had to ask where we were during the whole trip!

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First of all, the Acadia National...

star-3Sebastian W
2-Day Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor Tour from Boston | oct 2017

First of all, the Acadia National Park is really beautiful and definitely always worth a visit.
But unfortunately we were not really happy with the travel agency. Our guide Jane didn't really seem to be very organized and the communication during the trip was quite bad. For example we skipped the stop at the Salem museum on the way back without even mentioning it.
What really annoyed us was the so-called optional stop at the buffet which costed 15. Jane told us that there would probably be no other restaurant to eat, so that we had no chance but spending the money and hoping for a decent buffet. Upon arrival we were unhappily surprised: the restaurant wasn't really clean, the food below average and we had to sit in a extra room which was really cold. Even more annoying was the fact that arriving at our hotel which was quite good we found out there would have been a restaurant right next to it!
Furthermore, be aware of the extra fees not included in this price: 62 in total 15 for the Acadia, 15 the buffet, 30 for the cruise and 2 for the Portland Lighthouse - weren't really sure if they even overcharged us on those things.
Jane was lucky to have John as the bus driver, as he was the only one who seemed experienced in this trip and was really nice.
Last but not least, the agency Sunshine Travel seems to target especially Chinese tourists, so don't be surprised to find yourself on a bus full of Chinese who speak exactly as less English as our english-speaking guide Jane.

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no clear meeting place

star-1wendy P
2-Day Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor Tour from Boston | oct 2017

no clear meeting place
Guide was indecisive, inexperienced and had a tantrum and threatened to quit and walk off the tour, she never apologized. A shouting match broke out on the bus. She argued with our bus driver often. She was rude to me personally. The hotel we had to stay at was very cheap.

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Given the opportunity, I would rate...

star-1ray S
Full-Day Trip to Mount Washington from Boston | oct 2017

Given the opportunity, I would rate this Trip at less than 1 Star. This is with the exception of the trip up Mount Washington on the cog railway which was excellent.

In reality, this was the trip to hell and back!!

The coaches arrived in Harrison Avenue on time but were more recognisable as UPS parcels delivery vans. There was more than one van as there were other trips leaving at the same time, and there was no instruction from the drivers as to which van was going in which direction. We boarded our vehicle based on word of mouth from some of the other travellers, to learn that the only seats left available were at the rear of the van over what appeared to be the rear axle. This rear seat was set out for 4 people and as such was extremely cramped and uncomfortable. We began our journey and the driver made some sort of announcement, and it became clear that he didn't appear to have a complete grasp of the English language, although he then spoke at great length in what appeared to be either Chinese or Japanese. It became apparent very soon into the journey that it was impossible to take any photo's from within the coach, because the windows were filthy. The next time the driver spoke, was when we stopped at the comfort stop 80 minutes later, where he asked me who we were and where we were going. Thankfully, he confirmed we were on the correct vehicle. We continued our journey but on arrival at the cog-railway the driver announced that he had our tickets for the railway. This was despite the written instructions saying that tickets weren't included, and some people, on reading this had booked their tickets in advance. We were then presented with a fait accompli from the driver who said that we couldn't buy our tickets independently and HAD TO buy his, and that he would be imposing a service charge of 9 per ticket to everyone, and that he had to be PAID IN CASH. This immediately posed us a problem, inasmuch as there was NO prior indication of this enforced package, therefore we didn't carry enough cash and the driver couldn't accept a Credit Card. He told us to go to the ATM but we advised him that this wasn't an option that was available to us, as our card was a Credit Card and not a Debit Card, and as such would incur extortionate rates of interest by withdrawing cash. The driver then suggested that we give him our credit card details and he would take payment later!!!, but after further discussions with both the driver and his office, it was agreed that we go to the office on returning to Boston and pay there, which is what we did, EXCLUDING his 9 service charge. At one stage during the conversation, he did say that if we bought our tickets independently then he wouldn't wait for us and we would have to make our own way back to Boston. When we came back from the trip up the Mountain on the railway, the driver was advising everyone that they had to go to the cafe and buy sandwiches etc. and take them back to the bus and eat them as we set off back. The remainder of the Tour was completed in as much discomfort as the outbound journey, but with the inclusion of a photo opportunity at a truck stop on the motorway to take shots of the foliage etc.

The trip up the Mountain on the cog-railway was exceptional and well worth the visit, you must take warm clothing though.

However, the coach tour, getting to, and returning from, Mount Washington, supposedly with an English speaking guide was appalling!

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The itinerary was poorly planned. We...

star-3Barbara R
Full-Day Trip to Mount Washington from Boston | oct 2017

The itinerary was poorly planned. We first went to a test stop between Manchester, and Concord NH. And then proceeded North. Upon getting to the Concord NH exit -- 13 I believe, we turned around and went South to the outlet mall almost on the Massachusetts border! We left the mall at noon and arrived to the cog railroad as the train was boarding. Since I have lived in New Hampshire, I am familiar with the area and asked our guide several times what they were thinking by returning almost to Mass to an outlet mall! Also our guide's English, while far superior to my Chinese, was barely adequate. I would NOT recommend the tour operator to anyone!

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The cog railway,tickets not included...

star-4Clark S
Full-Day Trip to Mount Washington from Boston | oct 2017

The cog railway,tickets not included, was very good with the explanations provided by the on site experts. The railway, the trip up and down and the summit experience are really worth it. Tip: try to buy railway tickets in advance. On this trip our driver Mr Chou sp? was not very communicative and had an odd approach to providing cog rail tickets. The second stop at the apple picking farm was also very seasonally pleasant. Although expensive, it was a memorable day.

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Tour guide was not as educated on...

star-3Micki D
2-Day Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor Tour from Boston | oct 2017

Tour guide was not as educated on points of interest as I felt she should be. Acadia National Park was beautiful and the 2 hr boat excursion in Bar Harbor was superb!! Bar Harbor is beautiful. Would love to go back and spend a few nights there.

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The places we went to were...

star-1Sandra L
3-Day Washington DC and New York Bus Tour from Boston | oct 2017

The places we went to were fantastic. But the trip itself was awful. I have a stomach ailment and only took the tour because there would be a bathroom to use. But the first thing the guide said, and repeated multiple times daily, was not to use the bathroom unless it was an emergency which only compounded my stomach issues. The first 15 minutes of the ride the windshield was fogged up and I would not have driven my own car with it that way. The seat back moved with pressure on the seat back without the lever engaged. The schedule changed from the original tour description making the first day a 14-hour ride instead of the approximately 9 hours described. There was metal protruding from the lever to adjust the seat that pressed into my hip. Stops for lunch and facility use limited to 30 minutes. Something squeaked constantly during the entire trip. Dinners were between 7 and 8 o'clock and an hour away from hotels. The driver was scrolling on his phone in his lap while bus was moving. The tour was geared toward the Chinese who made up about 90 of the group and everything was bi-lingual. All these things combined made for very unpleasant travel. Other than the issues with the bus and driver, the other info should be included in the tour description.

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Only bad thing was everything is cash...

star-4Judy B
Full-Day Trip to Mount Washington from Boston | sep 2017

Only bad thing was everything is cash only and that was not communicated on the voucher.

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Pros: great driver knowledgeable tour...

star-3Jessica L
3-Day Washington DC and New York Bus Tour from Boston | sep 2017

Pros: great driver knowledgeable tour guide hotels were decent for two star monuments/ museums were interesting transitions smooth
Cons: disorganized during initial pick up buffets catered toward Asian community additional 210$ per person for activities did not know we could leave out some locations

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