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Tour exclusivo de medio día por la Ciudad del Vaticano con desayuno y jardines

RM, Italia

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Con una población de aproximadamente 1000 habitantes, la Ciudad del Vaticano es la nación más pequeña del planeta. Sin embargo, presume de tener artefactos y riquezas tan valiosas que es imposible imaginarlo abordándolo sin un experto a su lado. Esta es la razón por la que este exclusivo tour guiado de medio día es la mejor manera de aprovechar al máximo su experiencia en el Vaticano. Comience con un rico desayuno de estilo americano y luego recorra la diminuta nación en un autobús cubierto al aire libre, y recorra las calles que hasta ahora han estado fuera de los límites del público. Más tarde, salte la fila en los Museos Vaticanos con el guía, deteniéndose en varias obras maestras, incluidos los queridos querubines de Rafael y la Capilla Sixtina de Miguel Ángel, para aprender la historia detrás de las obras de arte.
  • Tour guiado exclusivo de medio día por el Vaticano.
  • Desayuno y todas las entradas incluidas.
  • Obtenga acceso directo en los museos del Vaticano
  • Conduce por las calles del Vaticano que hasta hace poco estaban fuera de los límites.
  • Aprende sobre la historia de la antigua micro nación.
  • Pase un rato maravillado con la Capilla Sixtina y otras obras maestras en los Museos Vaticanos
Tener el Vaticano virtualmente para ti mismo sin las masas es una oportunidad rara. Es por eso que esta visita guiada de medio día comienza temprano en la mañana. Comience por abastecerse de combustible en la cafetería del Vaticano con croissants, muffins y huevos hechos a la orden. Y luego suba a un autobús al aire libre a la sombra para conducir por la nación más pequeña del mundo. Aprende sobre la historia del Vaticano y algunos secretos secretos sobre el misterioso país y recorre algunas calles que anteriormente se habían visto hasta hace muy poco. El viaje de 45 minutos a través de la Ciudad del Vaticano solo puede despertar su apetito por lo que sigue.

Pasa por la larga cola de los Museos Vaticanos y entra en el legendario espacio que alberga una de las mejores colecciones de arte del mundo. Deje que su guía lo lleve a través del enorme museo, preparando un recorrido de lo mejor de lo mejor en este segmento de 3 horas. Aprende sobre la historia y la historia detrás de las escenas de cada obra maestra. Pasa un tiempo en la Capilla Sixtina, contemplando los increíbles frescos de Miguel Ángel y aprende cómo dejó un mensaje secreto para el Papa.

Después de salir del museo, pasear por la Basílica de San Pedro. Maravíllate ante otra obra maestra de Miguel Ángel, La Pietà, y el Baldachino de Bernini sobre el altar, antes de que concluya la visita.


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Opiniones de viajeros de Viator
Misleading representation of this tour by viator
, sep 2018
In the advertisement they say you enter early before the rest of crowdsWhich you doYou go around a bit eat breakfast and then you do the garden bus tourBy the time you get back the museums are packed and in the Sistine chapel you are forced in like cattle in a pen. So can not enjoy it. This when Viator promises you to be there in a small group up to 25PeopleThis is all fiction and after contacting them they nothing more than tough luck. We have your money!A real disappointment as this being a once in a lifetime experience.....Note: the guide from City wonders tour was good 👍Just booking company congressperson needs help.Wish me luck I still have tours booked within coming up
Amazing experience
, ago 2018
The surprise that breakfast was created from the Vatican farm was just pert to start! Our guide was incredible and going to the dome after the tour finished was the kudegrah!! Amazing
The guide we had painted a great...
, oct 2017
The guide we had painted a great picture of what we were seeing. It really put meaning behind the tour. From the garden tour, through the museums, on to the Sistine Chapel, and finishing in St Peter's Basilica! Highly recommend this tour, it was small enough to get every question answered and we did not feel like we were part of pack in the Vatican. It was a very memorable experience!
The guide did her best under the...
Ronald C
, jun 2017
The guide did her best under the circumstance but the crowds made it next to impossible to enjoy the Vatican Museum and especially the Sistine Chapel. The tour should have been reversed Sistine,Museum,Gardens and a lite snack. We spent valuable time having a leisurely breakfast when we should have been the first through the Museum and Sistine chapel.
Wow, we love Italy. We love Rome, we...
Martin G
, may 2017
Wow, we love Italy. We love Rome, we attended the Vatican for Easter Mass so really wanted to see the museum, grounds and sistine chapel. I never write reviews but felt that I needed to for this tour. Firstly the price, we spent 120 each for the tour and felt that what was on offer would be the biggest tour we do this visit. Booking was easy, instructions were easily understandable, a group of 25. Breakfast was ok, buffet style directed at Americans, 40 minutes allowed and then the forced march started!! The Vatican Gardens are beautiful but travelling around them all in the covered wagon was difficult to see everything. If you were sat on the wrong side of the bus you missed things. This is not the tour guides fault, the Vatican provides the bus. Off the bus and then the forced march continued through the museum, never stopping long enough to really appreciate any of the beauty of the tour. Frequent problems with the headsets often meant were we listening to someone else tour in French or German, we frequently missing what was being said. Missing descriptions and then the thousands of thronging masses through the halls, corridors and stairs. Pushing and shoving and the relentless marching. The not stopping to look and see. I found some Salvador Dali pictures I really wanted to appreciate but the tour guide keep going and keep going, I took photos of artwork but most blurred as I didn't use action shots on my camera. Hold your ground, don't let the yellow peril push and shove was constantly shouted at us by the tour guide. We were staggered by the speed we were travelling through galleries and halls at a record pace as if to achieve some Vatican world record for completion. The guide was exceptionally knowledgeable and had a great sense of humour in telling the stories of the artists but goodness me the quality of the tour was poor. Constant feedback and corrupted channels with other tour guides made it an exceptionally poor tour. The amount of information was overwhelming and very rushed. And the Sistine Chapel was a blur. Trying to get in and then the noise in the place, and the exit was frankly concerning from a safety point of view. The fact that we were only able to spend 20 minutes in there, and whilst trying to enter and leave took a good 20 minutes. It meant a brief encounter with God!! And being told on numerous occasions that you could not talk or take large bags into the Sistine Chapel was frankly joke worthy. The other people on the tour had rucksacks and had uncovered shoulders, which the information beforehand said people would be refused access to the tour. This was not the case.There were concerns regarding the safety leaving the Sistine Chapel as the volume of people coming through into the quartered area and those trying to get out frankly could have resulted in a stampede and being trampled underfoot especially when the Indians showed up and started pushing and shoving. In fact a couple off the larger American tourists on our tour were left panting for air. This tour is not a tour for the faint hearted or the morbidly obese. when out through the Sistine Chapel into daylight, St peters basilica happened. Again a highlighted tour which suddenly and abruptly ended. It was over. We felt that for the money the tour was rushed and overpriced. It was tiring and tried to cram far too much into the 4 hours. This is definitely a case of less is more, but for the Vatican more is more! We won't recommend this tour. We would recommend people to get to the Vatican early at 6.45am as we did and queue, purchase tickets at the box office the day before and for the price of this tour go two days running doing the gardens and museum at your own pace. And then the next day do the Sistine Chapel before everyone else. Far more enjoyable and you'll have enough left over for breakfast and lunch. City Tours you need to do better.
A thorough tour of the Vatican. Very...
Nancy H
, mar 2017
A thorough tour of the Vatican. Very worth doing. Breakfast is a bit institutional, which may not be what you expect from the description but it's not a distraction.
Was amazing tour , we just wake up...
Valentin H
, oct 2016
Was amazing tour , we just wake up at 5:30 , to be there at 7 , but after the second coffee was OK :
Truly exclusive as much as this is...
, oct 2016
Truly exclusive as much as this is possible in a Vatican tour. Tiffany, our guide, was EXCELLENT. Our group asked and asked. She knew all the answers, and provided them with confidence and flair. Very impressed with her. No wonder she was Vatican Tour Guide of the Year in 2014. Highly recommend this tour.
This was our third time to the...
, sep 2016
This was our third time to the Vatican and WOW Never thought of the gardens as part of visiting the Sistine Chapel, the museum and the church.The breakfast was ok and its early and who has time to eat so this works perfect.Only 8 on the tour GARDENS ARE MAGNIFICENT, The guide was great DO THIS TOUR
The best part of this tour was not...
, sep 2016
The best part of this tour was not only what we saw but Lindy our tour guide. She really made it her job to explain and educate you, it really was an enriching experience. I thought the breakfast would be in the gardens but its actually the cafeteria inside with a window view, was not what i expected but the tour was still great.

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