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Tallinn Highlights Excursion à terre de 4 heures avec transfert de retour au port

Tallinn, Estonie
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Découvrez les points forts de la capitale estonienne lors de cette visite guidée de 4 heures de Tallinn. Partez à la découverte du site de la vieille ville classé au patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO ; admirez les monuments dont la cathédrale Alexandre Nevski, l’église St Olav et le château de Toompea ; et visitez le palais de Kadriorg, le lieu où se tient le festival de la chanson de Tallinn et le couvent de Pirita.
  • Visite guidée de 4 heures à Tallinn
  • Explorez la vieille ville de Tallinn, site classé au patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO
  • Voir la place de la mairie, la cathédrale Alexandre Nevski et le château de Toompea
  • Émerveillez-vous devant le palais baroque de Kadriorg et visitez le célèbre terrain de festival de la chanson de Tallinn
  • Circuit idéal pour les nouveaux visiteurs à Tallinn ou pour ceux qui manquent de temps
  • Le tour en petit groupe limité à 15 personnes assure une expérience personnalisée


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Avis de voyageurs Viator
excellent and experience tour guide
, déc. 2019
we visited Tallinn on 10 December 2019 with 3 teenagers. The tour guided waited for us at the cruise terminal and we started with walking tour. Mr Sergei is very knowledgeable and we are impressed with his command in English and his knowledge on the world history. my son who loves world history, complimented that Mr Sergei is the best tour guide that we ever encountered. he makes our trip a memorable one. thank you Mr Sergei
Good Estonian perspectives but poor planning
, août 2019
We came from a cruise ship for our Baltics trip with two adults and one 3 yr old. Before this guided tour, we had one in Helsinki, one in St Petersburg and one afterwards in Stockholm. Rita was our guide at Tallin and this was a group of roughly 15 to 16 people from several different cruise ships. Let me start with the positives and tell you why I rated this experience low. Rita was very good at laying out historical perspectives and explain different building styles and cultural importance to us. This she beat all the 3 tour guides we had on this trip. And her view of Russia/USSR of course was in sharp contrast with our St Petersburg guide who we listened for 2 days right before arriving at Tallin. This strong Estonian centric view somehow also led to a very strong and negative opinion about my innocent question. During the tour, I saw several souvenir shops selling coco clocks and this puzzled me as we were no where close to Black Forest of Germany which I just visited in May. She bashed out as she was somehow offended by the question when I asked. She said she had no idea why stores were selling ambers or coco clocks made in China. At the end she said they were all owned by Russians. Here is why I rated the experience low. However, as a tour guide you have to be attentive to people’s needs. This often means bathroom breaks have to be worked into the tour. We had one at the beginning but then once we got to old town Tallin midway through the tour, half of the group wanted to go, she was reluctant to point out where we can take care of the business. One lady was so desperate that she just wanted to give up this tour and go back to the ship. Afterwards, we started losing people on the tour left and right. And folks would leave without telling her. The experience just didn’t click. Also, we were expected to find the shuttle bus ourselves outside of the old town in a part where we didn’t visit before. Then the shuttle bus would take us back to cruise ship (or you walk 10-12 mins). It started to rain towards the end of the tour and she chose to explain how we got to the shuttle bus for more than 5 mins in a heavy rain when she had umbrella but not all of us. Well, right across the street there was a crossing where we could have done the same with roof over our heads. We walked more than 5 mins in heavy rain and decided to take Uber back to cruise port at the end (Uber was usually half price of what local taxi would charge you)
icon Réponse de l'hôte , août 2019
We are really sorry that you did not enjoy the tour as much. The personal attitude of the guide to the historical events is usually not expressed on our tours. Some of the recent history topics can get really personal and painful for majority of people in our region. Also, it is difficult to answer some of the questions when you do a tour for a group of people in the bad weather. I personally had USSR made cocuo clock back home in the 80s when I haven't even heard of Schwarzwald. We are having an issue with the restrooms in the old town as they are located either in the cafes or the souvenir shops and our guides are instructed to the use the time of tour to visiting the "tourist traps", unless it is getting really urgent. Rita was trying to show you all that's on the program and let you go to warm up in the cafe or head from the ship. Weather is unfortunately out of your control. however, your feedback is highly appreciated and very important to us. I will review this tour with Rita and make sure that on the future tours this situation will not happen again. PS. All the questions regarding the shuttle bus and it's location, please address to the cruise company as we are a local company and we do not include the transfer to make the price more affordable for the travelers. As locals, we clearly realize that if the tour is finished in the old town, the walk to the port is 12 min and walk to the shuttle is 10 min in opposite direction and afterwards a 10 min bus ride (after waiting in the shuttle of course). so we always advise our travelers either to walk or to take a taxi for 10-15 eur per car.
Shore Excursion Tour of Tallinn
Laura F
, juil. 2019
We were on a cruise. This port is small. We easily found our guide OUTSIDE the port gate (5 minute walk). Took air conditioned van to quaint part of town seeing Catherine's palace (much smaller than in St Petersburg, of course), ruins of old church and waterfront. Then walking tour of upper town with large manors and cathedrals with photo stops then a steep walk down with some steps through the dividing wall into the lower town where the merchants lived an worked. Upon completion of tour in lower town, time to eat/shop and 15-20 minute self walk back to ship. Our guide was very friendly.
Steps back in time
, août 2018
We enjoyed the beautiful town of Tallin. Even though it was crowded with tourists from several ships, we had an interesting tour, and enjoyed staying in town for lunch and shopping before walking back to the ship.
Tremendous disappointment.
, août 2018
1 - There were about 24 people on this tour, significantly more than the 15 promised and definitely NOT a small group!2- We had to wait 30 minutes for half of the people to arrive since their ship docked late. I certainly assumed that the 30 minutes would be made up and not eliminated from the tour since we were promised a 4 hour tour. I was mistaken!3 - The guide did not bother to see if all of the participants were with her has she crossed streets and walked through Kadriorg Palace grounds. If we caught up with her, so much the better. If not, too bad.3 - We did not stop at St.Brigid's Convent, as promised. We drove past it.4 - When it started to rain, some people decided to leave the tour. Once the rain stopped, the guide spent the next 20 minutes looking for these people, since they did not return their listening devices and she was very concerned that this was her responsibility. We waited and did nothing while she tried to find these people. So far, we've lost 50 minutes, or almost 1/4 of the tour.5 - She rushed us through the rest of the Upper Town, led us to the main square in the Lower Town and told us that this was the end of the tour.We were expecting a complete, 4 hour tour and got just a bit more than 3 hours of a mediocre tour, at best. We would like a refund of 25% of the cost of this tour, since we only received 75% of what was promised. This tour was a tremendous disappointment.
4 hour Tour
Lola G
, août 2018
We specifically said we were arriving at the Ferry port and bot the criise poet it took 1 hr and a taxi ro finally find our grp manager who was angry with for being so late. It wasn’t her fault or ours. Viator agould have provided directions from the Fwrry landing to the cruise port. The rour its lf was adequate but, in my mind, a group of 24 is not a small group. I have used Viatpr around nd rhe world. This one did bot stack up well
, août 2018
This was a wonderful experience! Our guide was so amazing! Old Town was so beautiful. Such beautiful sights to see!
We had trouble finding the tour...
Linda K
, juil. 2018
We had trouble finding the tour guide -- the instructions indicated that we had to walk out of the port area. Finally we found the guide just outside the exit gate of the cruise terminial. She explained that they hadn't updated the instructions ! We enjoyed the first 2 hours of the tour. When we got to the upper town and started on the walking tour, our first stop was the Russian Orthodox cathedral. Our guide told us we could go in for 5-7 minutes. When we came out, we didn't see her, or any of our group. We waited and watched for her for an extra 20 minutes, but never did see her again. Luckily I had picked up a town map as we left the port, so we were able to find our way to the lower town and back to the ship. Several others on our cruise loved Tallinn -- unfortunately our poor experience left us very dissapointed. Our excursion was on June 28, 2018
Talinn city tour
, juin 2018
Our tour was excellent. Our guide was enthusiastic about showing us around her city, even though it was raining. We would definitely recommend this tour. Much cheaper than through the cruise line.
The bus tour portion lasted only 1...
, sept. 2017
The bus tour portion lasted only 1 hour and 10 minutes, not 2 hours as described on the Viator's website. The bus tour did not drive around the old town, see the towers of wall, the Stout Margaret or the Tall Herman. Instead, the bus dropped us off by the Russian Orthodox Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, and spent 40 minutes waiting for everyone take turns going to the bathroom. The guide was very lethargic. While walking the old town, people started to leave the tour early since the guide's talk was so uninterested. In the end, those remaining few people told her to cut the guided tour short. Asked her just tell us how to walk back to the Cruise Line shuttle bus pickup point. Her direction was not very clear. We had to figure it out ourselves. It was not far from where we ended the tour, but she was not even willing to just take us there! Overall a great disappointment !

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