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Excursion d'une journée avec accès au cercle intérieur de Stonehenge, au départ de Londres, incluant Oxford et Windsor

Greater London, Royaume-Uni

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Profitez d'un accès exclusif à l'intérieur du cercle de Stonehenge, l'un des plus mystérieux et magnifiques monuments d'Angleterre, lors d'une excursion à la journée au départ de Londres. Combinez votre expérience intime de Stonehenge à une visite d'Oxford, qui abrite la prestigieuse Université d'Oxford, et le château de Windsor (entrée non incluse), la résidence officielle de la reine Élisabeth II.
  • Guide professionnel, sympathique et instructif
  • Offrez-vous une journée à l'écart du tumulte de la ville
  • Explorez les rues de la ville lors d'une randonnée pédestre
  • L'entrée au cercle intérieur de Stonehenge est incluse

Pourquoi les voyageurs ont choisi ce circuit

Profitez d'une visite exclusive de Stonehenge cercle intérieur, et rendez-vous au XVIIe siècle Bibliothèque Bodléienne à Oxford.
Départ depuis un point central à Londres en camionnette climatisée : détendez-vous au cours du trajet pittoresque jusqu'à Stonehenge, un site classé au patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO entouré de mystère et de légendes. Aventurez-vous à l'intérieur du cercle de pierres, un honneur normalement interdit aux visiteurs. 

Admirez le monument depuis une perspective unique à l'intérieur et écoutez les histoires saisissantes qui expliquent en détail les mystères entourant le pittoresque paysage. Ensuite, retournez à votre camionnette et continuez jusqu'à Oxford à travers la pittoresque campagne anglaise. 

Ensuite, partez dans le charme architectural d'Oxford lors d'une visite guidée à pied. Promenez-vous devant les impressionnants bâtiments de la prestigieuse université, découvrez les figures intellectuelles qui fréquentaient ces lieux, et admirez les livres classiques de la bibliothèque Bodléienne dans une architecture du XVIIe siècle. 

Retournez à votre véhicule pour le trajet au château de Windsor, la résidence officielle de la reine d'Angleterre, et bénéficiez d'une présentation de la demeure de la famille royale britannique. Découvrez les somptueux appartements officiels et la chapelle Saint-Georges au cours d'une visite guidée, et capturez des photos de la vue panoramique depuis le château (l'entrée au château de Windsor n'est pas incluse).

Détendez-vous pendant votre trajet de retour à Londres, où la visite se termine à votre point de départ.

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Avis de voyageurs Viator
Que dire de cette magnifique journée...
Stéphanie D
, août 2015
Que dire de cette magnifique journée ! Il est certain que tout a été rapide, mais nous sommes heureux d'avoir eu un accès privilégié sur le site de Stonehenge!!!!!! La visite à Oxford a été rapide, mais une très belle place à voir ! Que dire de Windsor, une place magnifique à voir, mais je passerai plus de temps à Oxford et moins à Windsor ! Merci à notre guide pour les explications tout au long de la journée !
Nous avons trouvé que le départ...
Stéphanie T
, mai 2015
Nous avons trouvé que le départ n'était pas super clair... On était pas certain d'être au bon endroit... Le départ était mal identifié... Sinon, nous avons beaucoup aimé notre journée... Ce sont 3 merveilleuses activités. Ça vaut la peine de payer pour être au centre des pierres... La seule chose c'est que ça va vite. On manque franchement de temps au château Windsor qui est si magnifique...
Excellent Day Trip To Stonehenge
, nov. 2019
The day trip to Stonehenge & Oxford was well worth the time. Inner circle access was my only choice to visit Stonehenge and I'm glad it went very smoothly. Oxford and Windsor were really crowded but our guide Chris & driver Kevin were really professional and took great care of us. Nothing but positive to say about the tour.
, sept. 2019
Being a first timer as I've never done a tour guide nor London, this was by far one of the best ways I could have experienced parts of England I would not have known on my own. The bus was comfortable and Andrew Jackson of London (our tour guide) led in such a great way I could not have asked for a better experience. The tour itself was very full and naturally there's lots to take in. For a first timer this was pretty perfect (too perfect). Coming from NY where we are always pressed for time, quality, and value, this topped the cake for a great trip in a new city. Could not have asked for a better way to end such a wonderful week in London. Definitely worth your time; Very lucky to have experienced something so beautiful and rare.
Our guide feel asleep: The 3 stars are because of Stonehenge Inner Circle and inspite of everything else
, sept. 2019
Seeing Stonehenge from within the Circle is worth it, even though everything else added on a hefty price tag. First the good: taking the inner access tour was one of the best decisions of my trip. It was breathtaking to walk among the stones and to have time there in (relative) isolation. I've been to Stonehenge before as part of the standard tour, and there is no comparison. Seeing the stones from within the circle is almost magical. It makes for fantastic pictures too! Now for the bad...I'll lump them into three categories: the travel guide, the itinerary, and the company. The travel guide: First, the travel guide was almost 30 minutes late to the bus because he feel asleep. Even with this delay, he approved an extra stop on the way back, making us even later on our return. Second, went on and on about his Instagram account about how he needed 5 star reviews (even after his nap). Third, he wasn't a great tour guide. For example, at the Windsor stop, he took us to a place out of view of the castle and took up most of our stop time by talking about the history of Henry IV - all stuff we could have read on Wikipedia. This left little time to see the town and was disappointing, because he had hinted all through the trip about his connections with the Royal family (calling the Queen boss and mentioning how he babysat for Prince Harry). The Itinerary: It's too busy. The company should consider doing a solo Stonehenge Inner Access Trip. After the early start, there's no way you can probably appreciate the other two stops. It would have been much better to return directly after Stonehenge, allowing us to rest and then have time to enjoy London. The company - Evans and Evans: First, our driver didn't have the contact information for our guide. Normally I don't think this would be a problem, but since our guide literally feel asleep while on the caused some issues. Second, I heard the driver and the guide talking about how they and their coworkers are all worked ragged. Based on their comments, it seems as if the employees have a rather grueling schedule, which isn't exactly something I desire in my tour guide and driver. Overall....if there's another way to get inner access to Stonehenge, I'd say take it. If not, this tour will do, just don't have high hopes for anything afterwards with this tour.
Guide was great, stops were great, but
, sept. 2019
The guide was extremely knowledgeable and interesting. I like all the history he told us. However, in my option, the tour was too long. It tried to pack too many things into one day. I enjoyed the places we stopped at. We were able to tour part of Oxford University from the outside, but did not go into any of the colleges/universities themselves. Windsor was a nice place to top, but we only had time to get lunch and look at the castle from the outside. A tour of Windsor Castle was not part of the tour. The stop at Stonehenge was great. The information center at Stonehenge closed before our tour of the stones ended, so we did not get to go in it. The only really bad part of the trip was when we finished our tour of Stonehenge, there were no available bathrooms. We were told that they would stop along the way for a break, however, they did not. When the bus arrived back in the city, I had to leave quickly to find a bathroom. The guide reminded us to make sure we had everything when we got off the bus. I looked down at the floor in front of my seat before I left and did not see anything. In my haste to find a bathroom, I dashed off the bus, and only remembered later that I had purchased some things in Oxford. I had left them on the bus. It would have helped if the guide had told us at the end of the trip that items could end up underneath the seat where you would not see them when you got out of your seat. It would have been helpful if the guide or bus driver went through the bus right then to ensure passengers had all their belongings. seat. When I contacted the guide and the company, I got no response from either of them. I would not recommend this tour.
Amazing visit into the Stonehenge Inner Circle!
, sept. 2019
This tour was phenomenal! Being able to go into Stonehenge's inner circle was a once in a lifetime experience! We loved our visits to Oxford and Windsor too. Our guide Andy Jackson was so knowledgeable. Absolutely wonderful tour!!!
Great tour!
Elizabeth S
, août 2019
The Inner Circle Access of Stonehenge was fantastic! The day was long, but interesting and we really enjoyed the knowledge of our tour guide, Andy.
Sunset at Stonehenge
, août 2019
Andy Jackson was a great guide. Knowledgeable, entertaining. Being able to walk inside the stones was incredible. Andy even showed us proof of the lay lines.
Great-wish we had more time
, août 2019
Loved our tour guide - Manon from Evan and Evans Tours! She was brilliant, friendly and so informative (but not overly). It is SO WORTH IT to be in the inner circle. We were there before it opened and there was only about 50 of is in total there. It was so magical seeing the stones before anyone else. It was quiet and great opportunity to take beautiful photos. Oxford was straight out of Harry Potter (they filmed parts there) but there was just so many school groups there touring too and made it almost impossible to maneuver around the city but still worth seeing. We branched out for 20 min and went to take a peek at Christ Church college. Windsor was brilliant as well and we decided to stay and not go back with the group to London so that we could visit the castle. Definitely recommend! Also to note: keeping to a tight schedule is extremely important and unfortunately the primary reason we did not have adequate time in Oxford and Windsor was due to a few passengers being over 20 min late when meeting back at the bus to leave.

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