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Excursion au clair de lune en autocar dans le National Mall avec service de ramassage

Washington, États-Unis

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Voyez les meilleurs sites de Washington DC s'illuminer après la tombée de la nuit lors d'une visite nocturne de 3 heures du National Mall et des monuments. Écoutez un récit divertissant de l'histoire de la capitale, puis arrêtez-vous pour explorer les destinations les plus importantes, des hommages émouvants aux guerres du XXe siècle aux monuments présidentiels inspirants. Admirez la Maison Blanche et l'édifice du Capitole américain sous leur meilleur jour et obtenez l'orientation parfaite et la vue d'ensemble de Washington, DC.
  • Visite nocturne de 3 heures des monuments de Washington
  • Voir les sites illuminés la nuit
  • Obtenez un bon aperçu et une orientation de DC
  • En savoir plus sur l'histoire locale
  • Tournée entièrement commentée
  • Comprend le ramassage à l'hôtel
Commencez la nuit par un transfert depuis votre hôtel de Washington, DC, puis rencontrez votre guide et votre groupe à l'édifice des Archives nationales, la rotonde néoclassique et les colonnes de ce monument de DC sont particulièrement spectaculaires la nuit.
Profitez d'un siège confortable à bord d'un autocar climatisé pendant que vous vous rendez au National Mall, et écoutez les histoires d'initiés à propos de l'histoire de Washington DC, le gouvernement et les monuments que vous verrez. Visitez les mémoriaux de Dr. Mémorial de Martin Luther King, Jr., Abraham Lincoln et Franklin Delano Roosevelt, et prenez le temps de vous promener autour du Korean War Memoriel,du Vietnam War Memorial, du Vietnam Women's Memorial,du World War II Memorial et de l’Iwo Jima Memorial.
Vous aurez tout le temps de prendre des photos du Capitole et de la Maison-Blanche, et l'itinéraire passe par le Washington Monument et de nombreux musées Smithsonian. Terminez votre visite au cœur de Washington, DC, près des meilleurs restaurants, bars et attractions de la ville.


8 avis
Avis de voyageurs Viator
Rod W
, juil. 2019
We had the pleasure of seeing the sights of Washington, DC in the evening with Tyrone as our guide. He was knowledgeable and represented the tour company exceptionally well. I would recommend taking the Moonlit Tour if at all possible.
Kimberly B
, mai 2018
Our tour was great! I booked the tour within 24 hours of departure. So, we were unable to take advantage of the hotel pickup. That wasnt clear during the reservation process until I had already paid. Nevertheless, we made it to the pickup spot in time to depart. Our tour guide, Valerie, was the best! She was so very knowledgeable. I had been to DC several times and still I learned so much that evening from her. Her personality was that of someone who genuinely wanted to share the history of and her love for DC. Even after the tour was over, she continued to share information about what was around us while we on our way to the hotel drop off point. We were exhausted when we made it back to our hotel, but in a good way. Thank you, Valerie, for making my husbands first trip to DC a very memorable and learning experience! Well look for you on our next visit from Indiana.
Karyn S
, sept. 2017
The Moonlit Motor Couch Tour was absolutely magical. Our tour guide, Chris was very friendly, knowledgeable, and we had a wonderful tour of the monuments are night. Some of the monument had so much more impact when seeing at night and was truly a magical experience. I was disappointed that we were not able to park and get out at the Washington Monument. Though the Washington Monument is currently closed and cannot go inside of it, it still would have been incredible to go see it up close and see the views at night. We also were not able to stop and get to see the Franklin Monument, and felt is was due to the bus drivers discretion and mood, as the tour guide has said other drivers go to the Monument and let people get out to go see it. One of my favorite stops was the Lincoln memorial, but were only given 15 minutes and felt the times we were given t go see the monuments were too short. Tip - go see your favorite monuments in the day and then also do this night tour. We saw monuments in the daylight, where we could spend more time and some we so much more impactful to see during the day. Then we went to the same monuments during this moonlit tour, and some made so much more of an impression seeing int the dark, however were not given enough time to be there for very long. I would say on average, we were given 10 mins at each monument we stopped at for pictures and to view. I would recommend this tour, but hope for a nicer driver with a better attitude. One other recommendation for Chris, our tour guide - he uses a navy blue umbrella as a focal point for him as our guide when we got off the bus and walked around. When it's dark out and you have a navy blue umbrella, we can't see you : You might think to use a bright color so yo are more noticeable.
Ryan H
, août 2017
The service on this tour was poor from the start to the finish. The company was to pick us up from our hotel. They did not. We waited during the designated window and no one showed up at our hotel. I called the company. They told me that someone from their company was at the hotel but no one was there to be picked up. This was not true. I even talked to the people at the front desk of the hotel to confirm this. When I told them they were there at the front of the hotel waiting to be picked up during the designated time period, the owner then came to our hotel to pick us up to join the tour. This terrible experience did not end here. At one of the memorials, our group lost some guests. Our guide spent about 20 minutes looking for these lost guests, while we waited on the bus, and left the monument not able to find the lost guests. We were asked what hotel we were at so that we could be taken back. I told the tour guide. We were the last ones on the bus. The bus driver even dropped off the tour guide first and the assistant tour guide. The bus driver explained that the bus lot was near our hotel. The bus driver asked again for the address of the hotel. I gave it to her again. She drove us to the WRONG hotel. I gave her the name and address of the hotel again! After driving around for another 15 to 20 minutes, she asked me again what was the address. I gave it to her again a FOURTH TIME! Finally around 12 midnight we finally arrived at out hotel. This was an unfortunate experience that I hope no one else goes through.
, août 2017
Tour was fabulous-the bus picked us up on time and it was clean and air conditioning was great. The best part was Sally our tour guide who was a wealth of knowledge--great information and well told -took this trip with grandson-it was not over till after 10:30 but we loved it highly recommend 5stars
Carol V
, juil. 2017
The moonlight tour is the way to go! Dwayne was an amazing and informative host! I am going to recommend this tour to my relatives who will be in DC in 3 months. Thank you for the best part of our vacation!
Judith F
, avr. 2017
We had a great time on this tour. Our guide was very knowledgeable and this was a beautiful way to experience these iconic monuments.
Virginia W
, janv. 2017
We didn't make it. :

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