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Visite de PAP

Haïti, Les Caraïbes

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Explorez la capitale haïtienne, Port-au-Prince, lors d'une visite privée de six heures. Découvrez comment Haïti s'est reconstruit après le séisme dévastateur de 2010 en visitant des sites tels que les ruines du palais national et de la cathédrale, le musée national pour en savoir plus sur l'histoire du pays, le marché Papillon, etc. Profitez ensuite d'une vue à 360 degrés sur la ville et la mer des Caraïbes depuis l'Observatoire.
  • Explorez les points forts de Port-au-Prince lors d'une visite touristique de 6 heures
  • Admirez les monuments comme les ruines du palais national et du marché Papillon
  • En savoir plus sur l'histoire d'Haïti et le séisme dévastateur de 2010
  • Profitez d'une expérience personnalisée avec un guide privé et un véhicule


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Avis de voyageurs Viator
Unprofessional, Rude and Borderline Aggressive behavior from Pierre
, févr. 2020
PAP was an interesting city to visit and for the most part, Pierre my guide/driver did a good job of showing me the city. However, his conduct at times was extremely unprofessional and at times bordered on aggressive. Firstly, he failed to pick me up in a timely manner from PAP airport, leaving me stranded in a sea of aggressive taxi touts and having to use my phone's 3G roaming data to call him to inquire on where he was. He claimed that because of "government problems" he was not able to pick me up directly from the terminal. However, I had seen other vehicles at the airport pickup area and there didn't seem to be any roadblocks/government restrictions on picking passengers up from the airport. In any case, if he hadn't been able to pick me up directly from the terminal, this information should have been conveyed to me in advance of my arrival. Next, when I questioned him about why he was not at the airport on time to pick me up, instead of offering an apology, he got extremely aggressive, stating that I "knew nothing" about a place like Haiti (I have been to 172 countries in the world including all of Africa), before proceeding to threaten to cancel the tour and take me back to my hotel. He started raising his voice on me which was absolutely uncalled for and then tried to take me back to my hotel without doing the tour. He then proceeded to do the tour, which was for the most part interesting and exciting. However, towards the end of the tour, he tried to spring a "fuel charge" on me, asking me "How am I going to pay for the fuel?" As a traveler who has been to 172 countries in the world, I anticipated the trick he was trying to pull on me and pulled up the pre-paid Viator voucher which showed that there was no additional fee required to be paid. He then proceeded to say that "customers always give me a tip because this is the culture of the country. If you do not tip your guide, they will not protect you in Haiti". Excuse me?? If "tipping" is the sole hallmark of whether or not you offer a proper service, then you most certainly should not be a tour operator. We pay you (at your price) to show us the city and this includes ensuring customer safety. If the price of the tour is insufficient to cover your overhead costs then by all means raise the price of the tour. But attempting to corner tourists into tipping you is absolutely uncalled for (NB: I was going to tip him in any case at the end of the tour, but this incident ruined everything) In short, Pierre needs to understand that the well-being of the customer takes precedence over everything else. We pay you to offer a service so you by all means deliver it. Attempting to blame Haitian "culture" on substandard service such as failing to pick a passenger up in a timely manner, raising your voice on a passenger and bullying customers into tipping you is a poor excuse for a Viator-certified tour operator. As someone who has visited 172 countries in the world, I know that "Culture" does not compensate for poor service. Stop caring so much about money and actually place the needs of the customer before those few extra bucks. Then maybe (just maybe) tourism in Haiti will get a little better. However, with tour operators like Pierre continuing to run things here, it does not spell a very good outlook for Haitian tourism
icon Réponse de l'hôte , mars 2020
Hi Eveyone, I am very upsate to see this comment from Basanth sadasivan Firstly by pick up this guy at the airport, he explained to me that people at the airport try to take advantage on him, I said to him, explain me more, he said people want to take his luggage, I said they want to help you and you can give them some money $3 or $4. He said to me that he used his 3G to reach me and then I said you do not understand the country so you are lucky that I can pick up you today and make the tour due there was a protestation on this day at Champs de mars and then he still talking and said a lot odf things so I suggest him to cancel the tour and get a full refund if he wants. He apologize due he did not know the country and then I said to him that why you take a follow my instructions. After we made the tour so when we were at champs de mars, I tell him we will go to the museum and he said no, he is not interesting, I said to him, I can pay for entrance fee if he did not have money...he said no...I said ok moreover when we were in the front of the restaurant...I said here is where usualy tourists take lunch...he said no again...he is on diet but I see this guy had not any money and I said to him again, I can pay for you if you want... but on the morning he said a lot of things so he was not confortable to let me pay for him. I understand him when we get back to the hotel, he gave to me some money from UK, I said to him, we dont use that money in Haiti and he said ...wait for me, he is looking for in his bag and take US $ 10, I said to him, are you ok because he is not an obligation to give tip and there seems you do not have money...he said Pierre you did a good job...thank you my friend!! Now I don't understand why he sent this comment, he did not realize that he did a bad thing and I can proove that he can pay a lof of money for that because you are not coherent in your saying.. Few questions At the beginning I asked you to cancel the tour and you said keep going with tour please, you apologize and said it was a mistake from you, If I had a bad behavior during the tour, why you said thank you my friend and gave US $ 10 as tip? Moreover why you think all people can try to take advantage from you and it is clear you try to take adavantage from me by saying that false thing. So you lied to take $ 96 for a tour that you took in Haiti, you are rthe poorest guy that I never met. I let you know Basanth, I receive a lot of people from different countries in the whorld, US, French, Canadian and others but as I told to you you are the first Singapore man that I receive but believe me it will be the last on my did not know nothing about Tourism to talk about Haitian tourist, do you think by making false comment provide an explanation about Haitian tourism? you did not have money to buy food and pay for entrance fee for the museum, and you said that I try to get fuel money from you...just use your mind by saying thing with at least with coherence... An advice: Don't try to do that again in another country, all suppliers are not like me.
Schön PAP zu sehen aber sehr auf Geld fixierte Menschen
, déc. 2019
Privattour durch PAP, Abholung am Flughafen mangelhaft, ohne Schild und erstmal telefonieren um den Guide mit Glück zu finden, Museum interessant, schöne Aussicht über PAP auf dem Berg, Guide zum Essen eingeladen, nach Ablieferung im Hotel sehr aufdringlich bzgl. Trinkgeld, kam dann Abends nochmal ins Hotel weil er mehr wollte.. das geht garnicht!
icon Réponse de l'hôte , déc. 2019
Vielen Dank, dass Sie mit uns Geschäfte gemacht haben, aber ich muss Ihnen sagen, dass Sie sich glücklich schätzen müssen, denn falls Sie es nicht wissen, wurden in der Woche, in der Sie in Haiti waren, zwei französische Touristen getötet, weil sie es nicht getan hatten ein guter führer und voila du hattest einen guten führer, anstatt uns zu danken erzählst du salate, willst die anderen kopieren wir sind nicht mehr wir selbst und wir sind nichts. Ich bin nicht zurück zum Hotel gegangen, um das Trinkgeld zu holen, aber ich habe abends einen anderen Kunden ins Hotel gebracht !!

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