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Excursion d’une demi-journée aux chutes du fleuve Dunn au départ de Montego Bay

Montego Bay, Les Caraïbes

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Imprégnez-vous de la beauté de la plus célèbre attraction naturelle de la Jamaïque lors d’une excursion vers les chutes de la Dunn. Nagez dans des piscines naturelles entourées de paysages tropicaux, et escaladez la cascade en toute sécurité en vous aidant des terrasses rocheuses et de l’expertise de votre guide. Au sommet, vous serez récompensés par une vue imprenable et la chance de chiner des souvenirs faits main dans un marché d'artisanat. Le transfert aller-retour au départ de votre hôtel et à destination de l’intérieur des terres luxuriantes de la rive Nord se fait en toute tranquillité.
  • Installez-vous pour un voyage vers les célèbres Chutes de la Dunn en seulement une demi-journée
  • Petits groupes limités à 14 personnes maximum pour une expérience plus personnalisée
  • Nagez dans les bassins au pied des chutes et montez au sommet avec l’aide d’un guide
  • Achetez des souvenirs jamaïcains faits main dans un marché artisanal local


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Avis de voyageurs Viator
Tour incroyable
, oct. 2019
Notre tournée était tout simplement incroyable. En plus de pouvoir grimper les chutes de la rivière Dunn par une belle journée, notre guide Jerome, prêtre de l'ABA, Jerome, nous a permis de nous raconter l'histoire incroyable de Montego Bay et d'Ocho Rios. Il était si compétent et si amical que nous nous sommes sentis à l'aise et en sécurité avec lui comme guide et Ryan comme chauffeur. Tour fantastique!
, janv. 2020
Great experience! Thank you Donovan, Norman & Chris. You guys did a wonderful job. FYI $5 USD Lockers
Viator review in Montego Bay
, janv. 2020
I booked via Viator 2 trips. 1 Round trip airport transportation 2. Dunn river falls excursion. They were let in picking up. Specially the rerun we almost missed our flight. Told the driver to drop us straight in the airport since they picked us up late. He still wanted to do 2 more pickups.
Not easy but unique expirience
, nov. 2019
The half day trip (that last a little longer than half day) was great. The climbing up the water falls is extraordinary experience. It required some effort from us (we are in our late sixties so it might be easier for younger people). We loved it. Some comments - you really need special shoes and you will get wet all over. Get a good waterproof case for your phone/camera because you definitely want to take pictures.
, août 2019
The tour guide didn't know her directions telling us to look left when item is on the right.. driver was rude turn bus off leave us with no air conditioning for over 45 mins..tour guide promised to look into food stop but never did, tour guide didn't have work band so park wouldwou let her in to get us our bands..had to wait another 45 mins for them to sort it guard was sleeping by the kiddy pool, baby walk by him down the slide almost drown..its was a disaster, driver said meet back at bus at 2 PM only 7 out of the 45 was on the bus..I took my 3 kids and hope on a cab 2 hours drive back to the hotel and requesting a refund...
, août 2019
I was not notified when the driver would come to pick us up from the hotel. I called relentlessly to VIator and the actual company - to no avail. Then at 8:30 I got a call from the hotel that our driver was outside I asked to speak to him and explained that I was not aware of the time could he give us 15 mins to get ready as we spent the whole morning on the phone trying to sort this out. He said he could only give me 5 starting from right now. I then spent 30 dollars in phone charges trying to sort everything out. I'm still trying to get my refund now. Truly disappointed.I will never in my life use Viatour again. RUN FAR AWAY!
Beautiful attraction
, juil. 2019
Overall great tour. Guide and driver were nice. Just sloppy handle of my group where group members booked individually and were supposed to reference one booking number. Poor handle caused cinfusion when driver arrived for pick up. Local tour company needs to be better about answering their phone! They were very delayed in resonse time
Great Excursion!
Michele F
, juil. 2019
Jerome, the Rasta, was a great tour guide in the ride to the excursion. The guides on the River tour was just okay. Our group was too big.
Falls were great...everything else, not so much.
, juin 2019
Was picked up 20 minutes late from hotel, strike 1. Stopped at a tourist hostage location. A stop at a predestined shop so buy water shoes if you didn't have them, buy overpriced trinkets, etc. Arrived at Dunn's River. Sat for 20 minutes as Dunn's River was unaware of our group coming. Strike 2. Met up with our guides for the falls....friendly and attentive. You enter the falls on one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. Did the falls and upon waling to the exit that the following happened...went towards the exit (where we entered as that'w waht it said), security quickly told us we couldn't go that way, instead go this other way....straight down back alley trinket, pushy, over bearing, slew of vendors. Now, not all of them were this way but, one apple spoils a barrel. Our friend wanted some cigarettes, was cornered by one of them and said he would take us. Now he did ask that we not stop at any other vendor...well my lovely fiance is like - ooooo that's shiney, ooooo that's shiney; kinda like I am at Home Depot, so she stopped. Well the vendor who was escorting us got irritated because we were not going to leave her by herself while she shopped. I suppose I can understand his frustration but say "I told you not to stop, you're f*&$ing up my s^*t", was enough for me. I asked if he had a problem with her looking and if so, was this now going to be a bigger problem.....he quickly restated he asked us not to stop. I told him to go on then, and we would find our way. Needless to say he accompanied the three of us to the end of the line, where my fiance was bombarded by a man hawking wooden turtles. She doesn't like turtles and explained to the gentleman that she was not interested, especially for 30.00 US. At the end, he said take them and give him what she could. So we finally get outside and the bus isn't there. Another 20 minutes and the bus shows up. Strike 3. Now when the bus did arrive, most of us left our belongings on the bus, per our tour guide, as the buss would never be left unattended and the lockers at the Fall's were 15.00 US to rent. So there was a circus of people getting on and off the bus, why? Because all the vendors were waiting to get paid. Now, keep in mind you are in a 3rd world country and the exchange rate at this time was 133 Jamaican to 1 American. Great deal....not when the Fall's cost 25.00 US if you are not with a tour, but only 1000 Jamaican. Guess ya gotta make money somehow.....
Great outing
, juin 2019
The falls, Jerome the tour guide and the tour bus driver made this event unforgettable. Hat off to the crew and every guest on that tour bus.

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