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Visite culinaire du Mile End

Montréal, Canada

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Le quartier du Mile End de Montréal regorge d'options de restauration, mais il peut être difficile de savoir par où commencer. Lors de cette visite guidée à pied, profitez d'un échantillon des meilleures bouchées du quartier, des falafels aux chocolats en passant par les gnocchis faits maison. Écoutez les commentaires sur la communauté et jetez un coup d’œil au Théâtre Rialto (Théâtre Rialto), un théâtre des années 20 de style Beaux-Arts.
  • Faites une visite gastronomique guidée du quartier Mile End de Montréal
  • Profitez de plusieurs échantillons d'une gamme d'entreprises alimentaires du Mile End
  • Visitez le célèbre St-Viateur Bagel, une institution de quartier
  • Un petit groupe permet des interactions personnalisées avec votre guide


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Avis de voyageurs Viator
Abhishek G
, déc. 2019
Before the tour even started, Justin(our food tour guide) mentioned that one of the flagship venues “Chocolats Genevieve Grandbois” had “disinvited” us. I felt that no proper planning was done to ensure that the tour was comfortable for all individuals. We were walking in -14C for more than 30 mins with decent wind chill, literally causing one of the members in our group to have a strong allergic reaction.  There were times when it felt Justin hadn’t even checked if the venues would accept our group. The theatre Rialto was closed and to be fair he did mention that it would be. But we spent 5 to 10 mins knocking on the doors of the Rialto to let us in. Im just surprised that in these situations why wasnt a phone call made beforehand to make sure the viability of these venues instead on checking out these venues on the “fly”. Then came some of the most amusing moments. As if to compensate for the multiple venue rejections, we were walking across blocks of neighborhood with Justin showing us the eccentric art in people’s backyard. Im sure there is some historic and vibe relevance to it but to me it came to a hilarious climax when Justin eventually started to point on the sewer on the ground in a back alley and talking to the group about the significance it had to its burgeoning neighborhood. To top it all, when we eventually reached the venue of “Drogheria Fine”, the shop didnt let us in. They deflected us to a store room down the street and served us gnocchi and tomato sauce there. Nothing can be better than to hear about the wonders of their amazing tomato sauce in a store room filled with metal racks and abandoned items. We were extremely disappointed especially after reading so many positive reviews about Justin. At no point in the tour did Justin take a quick poll to check if the group was fine or were they comfortable OR to see if the food provided was even at par. It all seemed like an one way stream of words with no intention to make it interactive and comfortable. It looked like Justin was on a mission to complete his tour and we all were tagging along for the ride.
icon Réponse de l'hôte , janv. 2020
Hi! Thank you for taking the time to write a review. We appreciate that you took some of your time to write us a constructive review. I am sorry to hear that your experience was not what you expected. We work with (often small) local vendors that highlight and represent the neighbourhood authentically. We strongly value our partnership with those vendors, and work together to offer the best experience possible. Unfortunately, that means that there are some situations, especially during the holiday season, that we cannot control. On the day of your tour, we had to make modifications to the tour in order to accommodate our very busy vendors. We believed we were offering a tour with the same standard of quality as usual. However from your comments I see it was not satisfactory to you and for that I apologize. We will make sure to take your comments into consideration when preparing for such situations in the future. The weather being what it is in Montreal, we try to do our best to make sure everybody is warm and dry even if it is a walking tour. The gnocchi you ate in the production and storage room is usually eaten outside, as the gnocchi is sold from a window counter. Being inside the storage space for that portion of the tour is a modification we do only in the winter. Since this “on the go” gnocchi has become a staple of Mile-End life, we chose to keep it as it represents the neighbourhood accurately. The historical and cultural stops are a major part of our tours and I am sorry to hear that you didn't feel connected to the information that was provided. Some types of content are not for everyone, and it is unfortunate indeed that it was the case here. Again, I apologize for the experience you had and do hope that the rest of your time in Montreal was a success. Sincerely yours, Louis-Claude Rioux
, nov. 2019
Had so much fun despite the cold weather with our tour guide Carolina! She was very knowledgeable about the neighborhood and made our tour quite interesting and of course delicious! Our favorites were the champignon bread from the French bakery (forgot the name, sorry!) and the Gnocchi from La Drogherie (sp?). But all in all, would definitely recommend this tour if you're visiting Montreal!

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Great Way To Experience Montreal!

Old Montreal Food Tour | janv. 2020
We had a great time with our tour guide Kim! This tour was a great way to see Old Town. The tour provided some history on the city and we were able to experience Montreal culture - through food! All of the places that we stopped were excellent. We even went back to some of them throughout the rest of our stay in the city. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone looking for a fun way to learn about Montreal - and definitely take the alcohol upgrade.
…Lire plusstar-5


star-5Rachael S
Old Montreal Food Tour | déc. 2019
We had a terrific time on our "food tour" of Old Montreal! Our guide, Fran, was warm and funny, and knew everything! We were able to see parts of the city and EAT at places we would have never known about as tourists. The French Onion Soup is worth the price of admission! I would highly recommend this tour to everyone who comes to visit Montreal!
…Lire plusstar-5

Darren was amazing and it was so nice...

star-5Kevin C
Local Montreal Food Tours | sept. 2016

Darren was amazing and it was so nice to be surrounded by foodies....take this tour you will not regret it and your stomach will love you for it!!!

…Lire plusstar-5

This is my second food tour with the...

Mile End Montreal Food Tour | sept. 2016

This is my second food tour with the Local Montreal Food Tours and it did not disappoint by one bit. As a known carnivore my whole life, the tour made me fall in love with vegan falafel. Whaaat! Our guide Vera was friendly and knowledgable, so not only do you get great food along the walking tour, you get to experience Mile End as introduced by a local who clearly loves the city. Vera was also very inclusive with my girlfriend who clearly had fun despite not having a great command of the English language. 5 Stars, highly recommended.

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We really enjoyed the tour and our...

star-5Kelli G
Mile End Montreal Food Tour | sept. 2016

We really enjoyed the tour and our guide Christian was knowledgeable and personal. The food was good and we left full. It was nice learning about the Mile End part of Montreal. This area is not part of Old Montreal but still worth knowing about and seeing. I recommend this tour.

…Lire plusstar-5

Camille was so knowledge. We have a...

star-5Amy J
Local Montreal Food Tours | sept. 2016

Camille was so knowledge. We have a great tour and we were shocked how big the tastes where. This was one of my favorite things to do in Montreal. I would do another tour for sure.

…Lire plusstar-5

The tour visited many shops that...

star-5William H
Mile End Montreal Food Tour | sept. 2016

The tour visited many shops that otherwise would have been missed. A wonderful sampling of the culinary establishments in the Mile End section of Montreal. Our guide, Vera, was excellent with her knowledge of not only the places we visited but also made great suggestions of other areas to see. Would do it again

…Lire plusstar-5

My friend and I took this tour and we...

star-5Filomena T
Local Montreal Food Tours | sept. 2016

My friend and I took this tour and we loved it!! Sebastian was out tour guide and he was great! He even stayed a little after the tour to answer questions and suggest where to go. I would say it is a definitely must do if visiting Montreal!

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Our tour guide was very accommodating...

star-4pamela h
Local Montreal Food Tours | sept. 2016

Our tour guide was very accommodating. We especially enjoyed our stop at the bagel shop. It's a good idea to have a mid-way stop at the former opera house for a short rest and rest room break.

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This was my first food tour, but I will...

star-5Kathleen O
Mile End Montreal Food Tour | sept. 2016

This was my first food tour, but I will be doing more! It was excellent. It was an eclectic mix of foods to,sample and the portions were very generous, especially the to oath sauce and gnocchi and the falafel sandwich. Do not eat breakfast on the day of your tour! The guide gave us information about the development of the area as well as the food. I highly recommend this tour.

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Our tour guide I believe his name was...

star-5David R
Mile End Montreal Food Tour | sept. 2016

Our tour guide I believe his name was Darren, could have been Aaron took us on an intimate, tasty, and informative tour of this beautiful neighborhood in Montreal. Can't really say enough about our tour guide who went out of his way to make us all feel comfortable, informed, and entertained. He even stayed and answered all of our questions for another thirty minutes, pointing us in the right directions to all of our different interests, marking on our maps and explaining in detail how to get to each destination. The tour itself was wonderful, especially the food - had one of the best falafel sandwiches I've ever had. If you're looking for a relaxing stroll through the Mile End neighborhood of Montreal while sampling great food, you must take this tour!

…Lire plusstar-5

The Mile End Food Tour was one of the...

star-5Sheri P
Mile End Montreal Food Tour | sept. 2016

The Mile End Food Tour was one of the highlights of our trip to Montreal! We're so glad we booked it and we highly recommend it! Our guide, Sebastian, was witty and charming, and we learned a lot from him while having a great time! He was so kind to stay for a bit at the end of the tour to answer question or to give more recommendations. The tour features a nice variety of foods in the Mile End neighborhood, and by the end of the tour we were definitely full! We started with delicious falafal at Panthere Verte vegan restaurant. Second stop was chocolate at Chocolats Geveieve Grandbois. Third stop, a hand-rolled bagel at St-Viateur Bagels. After resting at the Rialto Theatre for a bit we headed to Drogheria Fine for some awesome gnocchi, followed by charcuterie at Boucherie Lawrence, and finished with ice cream at Kem Coba. The walking tour is 3 hours long so you don't need to worry about all the calories you consume along the way!

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This was a great way to see the Mile...

Mile End Montreal Food Tour | sept. 2016

This was a great way to see the Mile End part of Montreal, taste several GREAT foods and meet people. Vera was a wonderful guide. She is funny and personable. She was very informative and funny! The food on this tour is EXCEPTIONAL and we did not have to eat dinner that evening!

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This was the perfect way to find out...

star-5Lisa B
Mile End Montreal Food Tour | sept. 2016

This was the perfect way to find out more about Mile End. I ended up going back to this neighborhood 3 more times.

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GREAT value, user-friendly site...

star-5Danielle B
Local Montreal Food Tours | août 2016

GREAT value, user-friendly site, AMAZING tour guide, learned so much about the area. Cannot recommend this tour enough. A MUST-DO in Montreal!

…Lire plusstar-5

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