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Versailles une demi-journée au départ de Paris - billet sans file d'attente, audioguide et accès au jardin

Paris, France

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Pour ceux qui ont peu de temps ou qui veulent simplement optimiser leur temps, cette excursion d’une demi-journée à Versailles convient parfaitement. Profitez d'une balade confortable dans un véhicule climatisé et évitez les longues files d'attente en priorité. Une fois à l'intérieur, écoutez les commentaires avec les casques fournis et explorez par vous-même les salles somptueuses et les jardins du château de Versailles.
  • Faites une excursion d'une demi-journée à Versailles au départ de Paris
  • Évitez les longues lignes avec des tickets d'accès prioritaire
  • Explorez le palais et les jardins par vous-même
  • Écoutez des commentaires attrayants via des casques


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Louvre small group tour

Louvre Museum Guided Tour in English (Small Group 6 max) | mars 2020
The tour was ok just to much focus on the french art history Louvre was amazing We did our own tour after which we enjoyed more
…Lire plusstar-3


Louvre Museum Guided Tour in English (Small Group 6 max) | mars 2020
The guide was pleasant and knowledgeable but she was not skilled at speaking English. One of the other participants helped her. It was not what we’ve come to expect from Viator.
…Lire plusstar-3

Don't buy with then.

Champagne Evening cruise in Paris (1h30) | mars 2020
Terrible. The tour says it has beverages (alcoholic also) and snacks included. But it wasn't. Don't buy with then.
…Lire plusstar-1

Scenic and beautiful

Fontainebleau and Barbizon Half Day Guided Tour from Paris | mars 2020
This was a great way to see the castle. Fountainebleau is a grandiose castle and a must visit destination. I found the Barbizon art village interesting. It was at the edge of the Fountainebleau forest. The journey was very scenic.
…Lire plusstar-5


Bruges Guided Day Tour from Paris | mars 2020
It rained a lot, but was a beautiful city. We were a group of three, my wife and I and a delightful woman from Chicago. It is a long trip from Paris, about 3 hours. We went in a van, our guide, Serge, was excellent. He offered many tips, and answered any questions we had. The beer was outstanding and we had Welsh stew, a perfect dish to combat the lousy weather.
…Lire plusstar-5


Champagne Evening cruise in Paris (1h30) | mars 2020
The best part of the cruise was seeing the Eiffel Tower lit at night. I was mesmerized by the lights...oh so beautiful. Enjoyed the champagne and our guide. The guide gave a nice overview of landmarks as we went along the Seine River.
…Lire plusstar-4

Great place, terrible guide

Mont Saint Michel Guided Tour from Paris - Abbey Visit included | févr. 2020
Tour started off in a van that was too small for 8 people and a driver. Couldn't move. 3 different languages so guide had to repeat everything 3 times. Guide was crap. Spoke very soft and people in the second and back seat couldn't hear him. Not outgoing, didn't point out landmarks along the way. When we got there, we thought we were in our own because of little communication. He found us and gave us the tickets we needed to enter. Almost a 4 hour ride home in total silence.
…Lire plusstar-3

Amazing to see Paris at night

Champagne Evening cruise in Paris (1h30) | févr. 2020
A great way to see the city at night. Amazing lights on the Eiffel Tower. The tour guide was great also, cracking a few jokes and providing plenty of history as you travel down the Seine.
…Lire plusstar-5

Cheating customers

Louvre Museum Guided Tour in English (Small Group 6 max) | févr. 2020
We bought and you sold us tickets for a group tour of the Da Vinci exhibit. We came from Toulon and the office told us that our tickets were not valid, and were restricted to a Louvre general tour. We've done that in the past and were not interested. I suggest you reimburse us , or we'll advertise on all the English and American sites that we know of, that you're a fraudulent company misleading customers and leading them to buy tickets that they don't need. We're retired and have the time to do it. We can also do it on all the French sites we know of, since we're fluent in French.
…Lire plusstar-1

Very Good

Louvre Museum Guided Tour in English (Small Group 6 max) | févr. 2020
Our guide was very knowledgeable, pleasant, great smile. Perfect 90 min tour. It was VERY nice to skip the lines!
…Lire plusstar-4

Louvre is always interesting, in spite of all.....

Louvre Museum Guided Tour in English (Small Group 6 max) | févr. 2020
First of all I wanted the Leonardo temporary exhibitions tickets and for 4 times the site resent me to Louvre visit. At the fifth time it seemed I got the Leonardo's tickets and it was quite a surprise when, in Paris, I had to discover that i got the tickes for Louvre visit with a guide and not guide for Leonardo. Louvre is always interesting, in spite of the guide, with a very basic preparation, that was ready to leave us after 90' of tour (120 ' was the time foreseen for the visit).
…Lire plusstar-2

Sienne River cruise

Seine River Cruise onboard Vedettes du Pont Neuf | févr. 2020
I bought the tickets for this prior to coming on this cruise and when I arrived was told that I cannot use the ticket as the cruise has been changed to a different one - a Valentines Cruise - and had to buy the tickets again for the other cruise.
…Lire plusstar-1


Valentine's Day - Champagne Cruise on Seine River | févr. 2020
Absolutely incredible! The customer service and ambiance. I cannot wait to return. I highly recommend. Merci
…Lire plusstar-5

Louvre Feb 14 2020

Louvre Museum Guided Tour in English (Small Group 6 max) | févr. 2020
Our personal guide Louic was very informative and knew his way arou de the museum to show us all the highlights. A guide is highly recommended.
…Lire plusstar-5

Great Trip

Champagne Evening cruise in Paris (1h30) | févr. 2020
Very informative. Crew were lovely. Champagne was great but not enough of it! Would have been better with an open top.
…Lire plusstar-4

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