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Visite d'une journée complète : Tanger depuis Séville

Sevilla, Espagne

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Plongez dans la richesse culturelle de la tapisserie du Maroc lors d'une excursion d’une journée complète à Tanger, au départ de Séville. Aux côtés de votre guide, vous voyagerez vers le continent africain tout en profitant de la vue sur la baie de Tanger et le Détroit de Gibraltar. À votre arrivée à Tanger, vous vous immergerez dans une série de bâtiments blanchis à la chaux lors d'une visite guidée à pied ; découvrez l’opulent palais Dar El Makhzen, flânez dans les rues étroites de la médina et découvrez l'histoire et la culture de la métropole marocaine. Le déjeuner et le transport aller-retour depuis les hôtels à Séville sont compris dans le prix.
  • Excursion d'une journée dans la ville marocaine, Tanger, au départ de Séville
  • Naviguez vers le continent africain et profitez d'une vue imprenable sur les sites côtiers
  • Faites une visite guidée à pied de la médina de Tanger et visitez le palais Dar el Makhzen
  • En savoir plus sur l'histoire et la culture de la ville grâce à un guide
  • Le déjeuner et les transferts aller-retour depuis les hôtels de Séville sont inclus
Après la prise en charge à votre hébergement à Séville, montez dans un autocar climatisé à destination de Tarifa, où vous embarquer sur un ferry qui vous attend. Pendant que vous naviguez du continent européen vers l'Afrique, admirez la vue magnifique imprenable sur le détroit de Gibraltar et la baie de Tanger.

À l’arrivée à Tanger, une ville blanchie à la chaux entourée par les anciens remparts de la médina, vous débarquerez et commencerez par une visite guidée à pied du labyrinthe de rues de la Medina. Vous découvrirez l'histoire et la culture marocaine de cette ville pendant que vous visitez des monuments somptueux tels que l'opulent palais Dar El Makhzen.

Revitalisez-vous avec un déjeuner dans un restaurant local avant de retourner au ferry pour profiter de magnifiques vues sur la côte de l'Espagne et du Maroc.

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Avis de voyageurs Viator
Prix décent
, oct. 2019
J'ai vraiment apprécié notre guide Issac parce qu'il était très gentil et serviable. Nous avons fait ce que la plupart des gens trouvaient stressant: garder un groupe de 30 personnes ensemble pour passer de Tarifa à Tanger, puis laisser le groupe déjeuner. Génial. Le seul homme plus âgé qui s'appelait lui-même John Travolta était amusant. C'était un homme âgé, vêtu d'une robe grise, très informatif et offrant de l'aide pour acheter des choses. Le deuxième traducteur de guide, tout proche, est vraiment un homme très gros et je souhaite qu'il ne nous mette jamais dans une pièce pour écouter un type nous vendre de l'huile d'argon. Je suppose qu'il pensait que le safran et l'huile d'argon étaient les mêmes. Pas grave, je suis heureux de ne pas l'avoir eu dans la grande manche. Sinon, le prix et l’affaire étaient au rendez-vous, surtout si l’on envisageait de prendre le cap séparément du traversier et du repas. Un très bon rapport qualité / prix et des gens amusants en voyage. J'ai adoré descendre à Tarifa et voir la campagne vraiment magnifique.
Day in Africa
, sept. 2019
The trip is a value when one considers the time involved. We left Seville around 0730 and returned around 2300. The bus ride was comfortable and our hostess was very pleasant Upon arrival at the ferry, we had to go through customs (which isn't pleasant in any circumstances) and board the ferry boat which was clean but non memorable. Upon arriving in Tangier, we boarded a bus which was hosted by a local guide. He Spanish was good and his English was fair. He offered some guidance but not a lot of value. Nice guy; none the less. The bus ride to us past some nicer homes in the hills until we met a clearing for those that had to get the camel ride experience. To me, a waste of time. We continued to some caves which was interesting. The good news, all were brief. We then continued to the main part of town where we exited for lunch. We entered an establishment solely for tourists and had couscous topped with vegetables and chicken (along with some chicken skewers. We were then lead to a building which looked to be a fabricated medical / Pharma facility and given a presentation of Moroccan goods. This was a soft sell but, in my mind, was a total waist of an hour of time. We then were lead to the main market place where we had less than an hour to wonder the markets. We returned to customs and boarded the bus. The trip was worth the money if you want to see Morocco from Seville. I would rather see the company offer an option where one has the complete freedom to wander the streets and eat rather than being herded around with little to no shopping time.
Amazing experience
, sept. 2019
We had the fabulous day albeit very long. Our guide Lapinta was awesome. She was always making sure everyone was having a great time and her explanations along the way were brilliant. We were greeted by the Moroccan guide Rasheed who accompanied us along with Lapinta for the Moroccan part of the day and he was also a delight. The sights and experiences were wonderful. The only negative I might make is that the lunch included in the tour was in my opinion far from typical. It was so touristy and the waiter kept pushing for a tip as well as the musicians that were playing kept passing around a tray for payment. The food was uninteresting and bland so maybe a more traditional eating place might be better as the restaurant was filled to capacity with bus tour patrons. All in all a great value for money tour that lasted 17 hours.
Waste of time and money
, sept. 2019
If your idea of fun and money well spent includes: a 16 hours day filled with long and chaotic lineups at a ferry terminal with people who clearly dont know what lining up means, mixed in with a piss poor excuse of an lunch followed by mediocre tour guides who rushed through sites only to drop you off at different sites designed to extract money from you then this is for you! Plus the people of tangiers are just filled with annoying opportunist hawkers and it's just downright disgusting and dirty of a city.
, sept. 2019
I would definitely recommend this tour company. Our guide Lupita was fantastic. She made an enjoyable trip even greater. They’re well organized and did everything they could to ensure our comfort
Don't do this one!
, août 2019
Disappointing! It was a FRAUD! This was the most terrible time of our vacation. We spent an entire day doing nothing other than being thirsty, hungry, tired, and under the extreme heat. We paid hundreds of dollars for this trip thinking we would be going to Tanger, but were were taken to a different city. The bus from Seville to the border was super uncomfortable! Very small tiny seats, not for adults, we spent hours in a bus and walking around during the hottest hours of the day, food was terrible, bathrooms breaks not available, WE WANT OUR MONEY BACK! Shame on Viator! To Viator: you have ruined our very expensive vacation! Shame on you!
Great Experience
Jay B
, juil. 2019
I would highly recommend this tour. Long day, but you get plenty of time in Tangier and I felt like I was really able to get a taste of the city. Lunch was very fun. Carlos did a great job!
Great experience
, juin 2019
We had a great day. Katherine the guide from Naturanda was very professional and friendly and so was Rashid the Moroccan guide. I was looking forward to ride camels and buy a prayer rug in the Médina. So I was very pleased. Lunch was ok but the Sultán palace was closed due to Ramadan. The crossing was very smooth and the temperature was 73 Fahrenheit so we were able to enjoy the place. It is fast paced so is not really for little kids and the street vendors are a nuisance but not dangerous at all. I felt very safe all the time and the streets are very clean and easily walkable.
tangiers tour
, juin 2019
A very long day but well worth the time spent. Our local guide Rafeek in Tangiers was excellent. This tour Included lunch and the tour operator confirmed 3 kosher meals via email and when we arrived at the restaurant in Tangiers for lunch there was no meals for the kosher party of 3. No effort was made to repair the situation. The tour guide from seville Ms Irene was not very concerned . She stated that she was not told about it and was very unprofessional. Tangiers was a fabulous place to visit and the Tour operator did a good job in getting the group across the boarder to Morocco.
Long Day's Journey
Gerald D
, mai 2019
We enjoyed the tour, knowing that it would be an endurance challenge ahead of time. The Seville pick portion is the least reliable part of the tour. 5:30 am pick ups meant that only 9 of the 17 people on the tour actually made the bus. Our pick up time was changed only the day before to this early hour and we only found out about it by stopping in a TI office and checking the afternoon before the tour. The minibus was new and comfortable. I think the company has high turnover on guides being this is a 17 hour day. Our guide was only 4 days into the job and she could not comprehend English that was off of the script that well. All in all she did a good job handling the ferry tickets as well as shepherding the group through Tangier with the Moroccan guide Rashid "John Travolta". You can avoid standing in the long line for the Moroccan passport stamp on the trip over to Tangier on the ferry if you wait until the end of the trip over when the line thins. Ferry was clean and had food sales and duty free shopping. Rashid took you around to beach sights, camel rides, residential streets and markets as well as a sit down dinner. Do not expect cleanliness as bathrooms and tableware were dirty. Tour company pushed you through their carpet shop and perfume factory for a sales pitch. Last hour and a half were spent at your leisure in the old town. Expect to run a gauntlet of pushy street vendors at various times in the back half of the tour. They come out of the woodwork from everywhere. Camera moments like snake charmers are also part of the schtick. Tangier area is pretty with the beaches, newer royal palace areas and distinct neighborhoods.

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