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WiFi partout à Venise

Vénétie, Italie

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De l’accès aux cartes à la mise à jour des médias sociaux, l’accès à Internet est crucial lorsque vous voyagez. Restez connecté avec 4G-LTE Pocket WiFi qui fournit un accès Internet illimité dans toute l'Italie, directement à votre hôtel ou votre hébergement à Venise. Évitez les frais d'itinérance des données avec ce point d'accès mobile et utilisez votre appareil intelligent pour planifier vos journées et rester en contact pendant votre voyage.
  • Internet haut débit illimité lors de vos déplacements avec le Pocket WiFi 4G-LTE
  • Évitez les frais coûteux d'itinérance des données depuis votre smartphone ou votre tablette
  • Livraison pratique directement à votre hôtel ou hébergement à Venise
  • Peut connecter jusqu'à 10 utilisateurs pour des groupes de famille ou d'amis

À propos du prestataire

Cette expérience n'a pas encore d'avis, mais regardez ce que les autres voyageurs ont écrit sur le prestataire.

Wifi device was not delivered even...

star-1suzanne l
4G Pocket Wifi in Geneva: Mobile Hotspot for 3 Days or More | déc. 2017

Wifi device was not delivered even though it was paid for in advance. We phoned the company and they said they would deliver it the next day but again it did not arrive. Very disappointing

…Lire plusstar-1

This was an awesome thing to have...

Wifi Everywhere in Paris | oct. 2017

This was an awesome thing to have. Sometimes wifi is hard to get but with this handy little box it wasn't a problem. Worth every penny I paid for it.

…Lire plusstar-5

The wifi was spotty and I was a bit...

Wifi everywhere in Aix-en-Provence | oct. 2017

The wifi was spotty and I was a bit disappointed. If there were many wifi connections in an area, it would stop working.
This needs to be improved.

…Lire plusstar-2

Not truly unlimited. What is not...

star-1David J. R
WiFi Everywhere in Milan | juil. 2017

Not truly unlimited. What is not mentioned anywhere in the description is that you are capped each day to 1gb and then throttled to an extremely slow data connection. Think less than 3G speeds. It took me a little over three minutes to load Connecting 10 devices means each device gets less than 100Mbs a day. In this day of sending photos via text, checking email, or listening to streaming music, 100Mbs is a drop.

After one day of using this device, I contacted AT and T, my phone company, for info on an international data plan. I was offered unlimited data for 10 a day. That came out to 100 for the trip. Needless to say, the device was rarely used.

…Lire plusstar-1

The best idea ever!! Worked perfect...

Wifi Everywhere in Paris | juil. 2017

The best idea ever!! Worked perfect and my husband was able to check in and post everywhere we went in Paris. Definitely worth the money!!!

…Lire plusstar-5

This unit is nice to have if your in...

star-4PETER P
4G Pocket WiFi in Munich: Mobile Hotspot for 3 Days or More | juin 2017

This unit is nice to have if your in the area for a few days. The down side is, it's rather large, about 7 x 4. You need to charge it overnight so you have full use during the day. There are a few dead zones as well, but not too many. I have a wifi puk in Kuwait that would be ideal size 2x3. Perhaps next time

…Lire plusstar-4

This is the right choice for travel...

star-5Hanan A
Wifi Everywhere in Paris | déc. 2016

This is the right choice for travel and keeping you online everywhere with your family.. great service of delivery and value of money.. highly recommended.. will use and buy this service every trip in Paris

…Lire plusstar-5

This wifi did not work approx. 80 of...

star-1Lisa B
Wifi everywhere in Inverness | sept. 2016

This wifi did not work approx. 80 of the time. The description says it will work all over Scotland and it is for use on tours and we specifically bought it to take on all of our day tours. However the only place it worked was when we were back in Inverness and Edinburgh. We used it then even though we had wifi in the hotel just because we had paid for it. Only purchase this if you are staying all the time in a major city or you don't mind it not working while you are touring. Viator is still great though!

…Lire plusstar-1

If it were possible to give zero stars...

star-1Jerry H
Wifi Everywhere in Naples | août 2016

If it were possible to give zero stars that is what Wifi Everywhere in Naples would get from my experience. The hot spot was not waiting at the hotel as promised and when I called all I received was the run around stating that it had been delivered and should be at the front desk. I was told that they would check to see what happened, however no one ever contacted me and every time I called they stuck to their story about it was delivered for 3 days till I called them for the 4th time and ask for the money to be refunded. The money was refunded promptly is the only positive thing I gained from this experience and I figure that was because I used my AMEX to pay which is the only way to ensure you avoid getting screwed over. The whole experience was a waste of my valuable time arrangements before and during the first few days of my trip.

…Lire plusstar-1

this is a very great device. much...

star-5Bayo A
Wifi Everywhere in Paris | mars 2016

this is a very great device. much better than roaming your phone or getting a data plan. we were able to connect all our phones and tablets. speed was good.

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