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Patrimoine juif de Curaçao

Willemstad, Curaçao

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Découvrez le riche héritage juif de Curaçao et découvrez l'histoire de la communauté juive de l'île lors de cette visite d'une demi-journée. Visitez des sites importants tels que le cimetière juif Beth Haim et la synagogue Mikveh Israel Emanuel, explorez l'ancien quartier juif de Scharloo à Willemstad et visitez les plantations de Rooi Catootje et de Chobolobo.
  • Vues magnifiques et possibilités de prendre des photos à Willemstad
  • Visitez la synagogue Mikveh Israel Emanuel et le district de Scharloo
  • Découvrez l’histoire et le patrimoine juifs de Curaçao auprès de votre guide
  • Prise en charge et retour sans soucis à votre hôtel à Curaçao


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Avis de voyageurs Viator
Perfect Day in Curacao
, mars 2020
I have always heard that Curacao had a wonderful Jewish history, so I specifically looked for a tour that included all the important points of interest. Viator is my go-to site for all my travel tours. We were on a cruise, but I knew this tour would not be part of their offering. Everyone wants to do beachy stuff--we live in Florida. Nuff said! This tour was exceptional. We were picked up at the port. Another couple from the ship joined us along with a young lady from New York vacationing on the island. Jude was our tour guide. He only does this heratige tour. He was so knowledgeable and gave us an indepth look at the history of Jewish life on this island, starting in the 1600's. One unscheduled stop turned out to be the highlight of our tour. Bloemhof Art Gallery, supported by a Jewish family for generations has recently completed a Church of Thorns--literally made from thorns. If you are in Curacao for any reason, you MUST go there. Our last stop was Synagogue Mikve-Israel-Emanuel which is the oldest congregation in the Western Hemisphere. The floors are sand from the river. Its a beautiful sanctuary and we were the only people inside that day so it made the experience totally perfect. Great tour!
Worthwhile and informative
, mars 2020
We were very lucky to have Jude as our tour guide. His depth and breadth of knowledge of the history of the Jewish communities in Curacao made this trip interesting and worthwhile. Our group was very small (five people) which allowed us to interact with Jude and one another. My husband is not Jewish but enjoys history and he too found this trip to be fascinating.
Mikvahe temple
, mars 2020
Jude was a fabulous tour guide we were amazed by the connection to the jewsih history and community. A must do in Curacao!
Jewish Heritage of Curacao
Maxine H
, janv. 2020
So glad we signed up for this tour. Ellen was a great guide and especially informative during the tour of the synagogue. We had toured it ourselves some years ago, but Emlen brought new meaning to the synagogue tour and everything we saw in Curacao during our tour.
, juin 2019
Guide was not Jewish, and it showed. (He didn't pretend to be.) His knowledge was superficial and piecemeal. There were far.more knowledgeable guides available. We know because we heard them. Guide also spent long time arguing with museum attendant. We will not use Viator again.
Curacao Jewish Heritage
, mars 2019
Disappointed: Guide was engrossed in directing the driver (in Spanish) who did not know the route. She stifled most questions to facilitate her prepared presentations. She made no consideration for one of the tourists who was legally blind. This was not equal to Viator's high standards!🙁
Jewish Heritage of Curaçao
, mars 2019
On a 9 day cruise I was most excited about taking this tour. A similar tour was NOT offered by the cruise line so I happily booked this tour with Viator. My husband and I (in our early 60's) were both disappointed. There was a driver, the tour guide and 4 couples on the tour and we were picked up in an twelve passenger van. The arrangement was the driver and one additional seat in the front. The next row held 3 people. The third row held three but only had a guest and the guide sitting by the window/door. The fourth row had three people and the last row was one seat occupied by my husband. The windows on the van are not large so it was virtually impossible to look out the opposite window and see anything other than whatever was at ground level. You needed to bend over and hope you saw something. For instance at the wedding cake house you could only see the front stairs and not the entire house.The sites we visited were definitely places we wanted to see but the tour was lacking. The bus driver was just that a driver. Several times the guide had to instruct him where to go which was fine. The guide herself was a very nice older woman who was NOT Jewish but grew up in a Jewish neighborhood and seemed to feel that gave her credibility. She had apparently been conducting Jewish tours for a long time. When we got to the temple all she did was point out a few items in the sanctuary that were already obvious to us. There was brief information given about the history of the temple. Most of the information that was gleaned during the entire tour came from questions the participants asked. These common questions should have already been part of the narrative we received. We were asked to hold all questions to the end of the tour so she would not forget what she wanted to tell us. I don't know if it was her age or something else but she was not as informative as she should have been although she was very pleasant. We went back to the temple later on that day by ourselves. While we were there we realized Purim began at sundown. We asked if we could attend services and were told absolutely. This was information the tour guide could and should have passed on to us but she was likely unaware of the holiday. Perhaps a younger tour guide from the actual Jewish community who is knowledgeable about the history would be a better option for a guide. The sites were interesting but we would have liked a more informative experience.
Great trip for anyone interested in...
Mark P
, mars 2018
Great trip for anyone interested in learning about the history of Curacao especially the significant role of the Jewish community. Our tour guide Peny and our driver Aida were terrific in explaining what we were seeing. We booked the tour through Viator and everything was as promised. Highly recommended.
We learned about the rich history of...
Mira S
, janv. 2018
We learned about the rich history of Curaçao. The guide was amazing, very knowledgeable. We visited more Jewish sites than expected and heard about the future projects. Well done. This tour is a must

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