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Excursion d'une journée complète à l'île de Pattaya et croisière de snorkeling avec déjeuner

Na Chom Thian, Thaïlande

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Découvrez les plages, les baies et les îles autour de Pattaya lors de cette excursion d'une journée complète en catamaran. Mettez les voiles pour les îles de Koh Pai, Koh Rin et Koh Ped. Nagez et faites de la plongée dans le Golfe de Thaïlande, et savourez un délicieux déjeuner buffet à bord.
  • Excursion d'une journée complète à l'île de Pattaya et croisière de snorkeling avec déjeuner
  • Nagez avec masque et tuba autour des plages et baies des îles de Koh Pai, Koh Rin et Koh Ped
  • Repérez des animaux sauvages tels que des singes, des oursins, des murènes et des rascasses
  • Profitez d'un délicieux déjeuner buffet à bord tout en admirant la vue imprenable sur le Golfe de Thaïlande
  • Cette excursion avec un excellent rapport qualité-prix comprend le transfert depuis l'hôtel, le déjeuner et le transport aller-retour


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Avis de voyageurs Viator
Totally fun and worth it
, juin 2019
Had a great time! Fun staff, great food, fun activities at three locations. Feeding and playing with the monkeys was clearly the highlight!!! Go!
The ultimate cruise, the best host ever.
, nov. 2018
This Cruise, by far the very best cruise my wife and family has taken. It was a 7 1/2 hour cruise to 3 islands. Swimming, snorkeling, fishing. I caught a small fish. At the bottom I will rate each part of this cruise.It is more than advertised in my book. The host was a young man from I believe Kazakhstan. His English is very good and speaks some Thai. The Yeaht we were on looked brand new but he told me it was one year old. The Yeaht number was Serenity 5. There were 2 other Yeahts that sailed not far from ours. # 7 and #73. One was 5 years old the other 15 year. It looked toMe like #73 might be the older one but I cannot be sure.The Yeahts are all white and in outstanding condition. I am guessing but there looked to be maybe 20 passengers and a staff of maybe 6 or 7. Plenary of cold bottled water and soda to drink and sweet waffle cookies to nibble on until the BBQ lunch was served. I could go on and on but the cruise is well worth the price. My rating for this cruise 1 being the worst and 5 the best.Yeaht: I rate it at a 6, yes it is above the best.The host: 6.The staff: 5.The drinks: 5The BBQ lunch: 4 (the food was very good and more then needed, but the fruit was limited to very sweet pineapple and just satisfactory watermelon. I think they should have w wider variety of fruit, grapes, bananas, etc...The islands:1st islands: 4 - we were there for about an hour. The water very warm and clean. It had white sandy beach and rows if beach umbrellas, but we were not allowed to use the umbrellas. 2nd island: 4 - we were there for 50 minutes. The beach had white sand but some debris, Drift wood, plastic water bottles. I cannot blame the cruise company as many companies stop there. 3rd islands monkey island: - 5 - we were there for maybe 45 minutes. Monkey island was just as advertised but more. For my family this was a more than we expected. The host was with us, stuck close to us all and gave everyone food to feed to the monkeys. He advised everyone to always keep food for the monkeys in an OPEN hand. DO NOT HOLD ANY FOOD WITH A CLOSED FISTED HAND. The monkeys may hurt or bite to get to the food. Monkeys were very aggressive. They jumped on my shoulders 2 times and my wife too. We had no food, they were just trying to see if we had anything. They jumped off as quick as they jumped on. My wife screamed and the monkeys jumped off quickly. The monkeys were only hungry. They did not bite anyone but we were told they might if you hit them or keep food in a closed fisted hand. Some passengers seemed ok with the monkey on there shoulders or back. Some passengers stayed on the boat. Me and my family went back to the Yeaht early while others stayed an fed the monkeys. I rate this island a 5 because it is as advertised and more. Note: No shoes are worn while on the boat. The collect your shoes and stow them until monkey island. I suggest that you only wear rubber flip flops to the boat or bring an extra pair and keep them in your bag. Island 1 and 2 have some area that are a little difficult to walk on. You do wear shoes to monkey island. Also I saw NO sea urchins at all. If find one don’t step on it. They can be painful. Wow, I could go on about this cruise but this is enough.
No one from viator customer service...
, janv. 2018
No one from viator customer service responding.please contact
This tour made our trip! We were...
Rolandas B
, janv. 2018
This tour made our trip! We were picked up from our hotel at 8.30am and travelled down to the marina to get on the boat. There we were greeted by our guide Ilyia who spoke Russian which was an added bonus! The boat was clean and well. The first two island stops were the Bamboo Island and another one where we got plenty of time to do activities such as swimming, fishing and snorkelling. Lunch was provided which was extremely tasty! Our last stop was the monkey island which was super fun, we got to feed the monkeys while they jumped from shoulder to shoulder. Big thank you to our guide Ilyia who made the trip super informative and fun!! Definitely recommend if ever looking for something to do in Pattaya.
, janv. 2020

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