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Phare de Cape Byron
Phare de Cape Byron

Phare de Cape Byron

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Lighthouse Road, Byron Bay, New South Wales

The basics

Most Byron Bay tours include a visit to the Cape Byron Lighthouse. Climb the tower to admire views over Byron Bay, Cape Byron, and Julian Rocks; join a guided tour to hear stories of the historic lighthouse and famous shipwrecks; then visit the Maritime Museum in the Lighthouse Keeper’s office. Keep a lookout for dolphins and humpback whales—the cape is a popular place to spot whales during their annual migration and the lighthouse offers some of the best views. Boat cruise and sea kayaking excursions around the cape provide views of the lighthouse from the water.

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Things to know before you go

  • The Lighthouse is free to visit; volunteer-run tours require a donation.
  • The Cape Byron Visitor Centre has restrooms and a café with ocean views.
  • Bring binoculars if you want to spot dolphins and whales along the coast.
  • Cape Byron Lighthouse is not wheelchair- or stroller-accessible, however, it’s possible to visit the Maritime Museum and Visitor Centre.
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How to get there

Cape Byron Lighthouse is located at the tip of Cape Byron, about 1.9 miles (3 kilometers) from the town of Byron Bay. It’s a 5-minute drive or taxi ride from town, and there is paid parking available. The most popular way to arrive is by walking along the coast from the town—roughly a 30-minute walk.

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Idées de voyage

When to get there

The Lighthouse and the Maritime Museum are usually open daily throughout the year. For the most stunning views of the lighthouse, arrive in time for sunrise; the east-facing cliffs are one of the best places to watch the sun come up. Humpback whales can be spotted along the coast between June and November.

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The Cape Byron Walking Track

The most scenic way to reach the Cape Byron Lighthouse is by hiking the Cape Byron Walking Track, which loops around the coast. Follow the 2.3-mile (3.7-kilometer) grade 3 walk along coastal cliffs, beachside promenades, grassy trails, and rainforest boardwalks, taking in the natural wonders of the Cape Byron State Conservation Area. Leave yourself around three hours to complete the walk, stopping along the way to visit the Lighthouse, stroll along Wategos Beach, take in the views from Captain Cook Lookout, and watch the surfers at The Pass.

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