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National Library of Australia
National Library of Australia

National Library of Australia

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If you have any question about Australia, you will find an answer here. The National Library boasts the largest collection of “Australiana” in the world, and over 10 million pieces of printed material—from books, magazines, photographs, and newspapers—has been preserved by the library system. Read accounts of the earliest explorers as they found this new southern land, or find books on Aboriginal folklore and the evolution of Australian culture. You will also find exhibits and printed material on neighboring Pacific nations, where books provide windows into New Zealand New Guinea in a way no library can. Perhaps most striking are handwritten manuscripts that have defined Australia’s history, from the original journals of Captain Cook to letters from World War I. Exhibits in the library change regularly, and you can easily lose yourself for an hour or a week in the fascinating, historical, and literary windows that line the walls of this palace of knowledge.

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Mon-Thur 9am-9pm, Fri & Sat 9am-5pm, Sun 1:30-5pm
Parkes Pl W, Canberra ACT, Australia, 2600

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