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Calis Beach (Calis Plaji)
Calis Beach (Calis Plaji)

Calis Beach (Calis Plaji)

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Çalış Beach (Çalış Plajı) is conveniently located a short ways up the coast from Fethiye and offers a laid-back vibe, a variety of watersports and some of the most spectacular sunsets to be seen in the area.

Stretching for about 2 km of coarse sand and gravel, the beach is lined with hotels, restaurants, shops and other trappings of mass tourism, meaning that you’ll never need to leave – but if it’s solitude you’re after, this isn’t really the place to come. Just a stone’s throw from the beach, Sultans’ Aqua City water park is a good activity option for families with kids.

A 20-minute walk further up the coast is Koca Çalış, a relatively more secluded beach with far fewer commercial enterprises and more of an atmosphere of natural beauty, thanks also to the beautiful mountain scenery behind it. The formerly sleepy beach has become more famous in recent years after a scene in the James Bond movie Skyfall was filmed here.

Because of often high winds that can make for choppy waters, Çalış and Koca Çalış are not the most ideal destinations for swimming but are excellent for windsurfing and kite surfing. Several outfitters provide rental equipment and offer instruction for people of all experience levels.

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Çalış Beach, Fethiye

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