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Wilderness National Park
Wilderness National Park

Wilderness National Park

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The Garden Route offers visitors one of the most smooth and scenic drives in all of South Africa. The well-paved road winds through rolling hills, densely populated towns and small, subsistent farms. It’s a look at African life in the vast open countryside, with plenty of stopping options for destinations off the beaten path—like Wilderness National Park.

The rivers, lakes and beaches of this popular spot are protected by thick forests marked by hiking trails and nature paths. As its name suggests, this rugged town attracts mostly outdoor enthusiasts eager to enjoy the unspoiled coast. Spend an afternoon canoeing Dolphin Point, where the playful mammals and massive whales come to play, trek through overgrown wetland trails, paraglide from nearby mountain tops or rent a bike and explore the area on two wheels instead.

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Wilderness National Park, Wilderness

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