Bandama Caldera (Caldera de Bandama) Excursions

Bandama Caldera (Caldera de Bandama)
Rising nearly 2,000 feet above sea level, the Bandama Calera is a crater left behind after a major volcanic eruption on Gran Canaria over 5,000 years ago. You can hike at its base, around its rim, or down into the caldera itself to enjoy the impressive natural scenery. Viewpoints, caves, and ponds are all points of interest on its various trails. The lands are part of the Bandama Natural Monument and Tafira Protected Landscape.

Because of the rich volcanic soil here, there is rich wildlife and plant life the call the caldera home. Walking around the area feels almost otherworldly. From its lowest point, you are surrounded by the crater walls extending up from its floor. Its highest point Pico de Bandama reaches 569 feet up in the air. The Pico de Bandama peak and its observation center are also worth a visit.

Practical Info

Get to the Bandama Caldera from Las Palmas on either the GC-4 or GC-110 in about twenty minutes by car. You’ll want suitable footwear to hike in the crater’s terrain. There is also a local winery nearby that produces grapes from the volcanic soil and welcomes visitors for tastings.
Adresse : Santa Brigida, Gran Canaria, Espagne
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