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D-Boat SXM
D-Boat SXM

D-Boat SXM

This brightly colored and beautifully restored 1974 old tanker offers travelers uninterrupted 360-degree views of breathtaking turquoise waters. Anchored off the shores of Maiden Island, D-Boat Antigua is a truly tropical escape that’s accessible via a five-minute ferry ride.

The ship’s massive water slide, high flying rope swing, water trampoline and relaxing pool deck make D-Boat a perfect spot for families. And D-Restaurant serves up casual Caribbean and international fare that’s perfect for everyone all afternoon long.

When the sun starts to set, this unique West Indian stop turns up the heat by offering romantic dinners with incredible views and strong cocktails made by expert mixologists at the boat’s very own D-Bar. Travelers agree D-Boat is a must-see stop on any trip to Antigua.

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Simpson Bay, St. Maarten

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