Bogd Khan Palace Museum Excursions

This iconic palace is the only remaining residence of the eighth emperor of Mongolia. Built in the late 1800s, this popular attraction is home to six temples, as well as living quarters, a shop and a well-kept garden.

Visitors can explore the temples, which are dedicated to gods and deitys and covered in colorful Buddhist artwork. The displays are some of the nation’s most impressive and certainly worth of checking out. Travelers who wander through the halls of the residence will also find a vast collection of the Bogd Khan’s personal effects and prized possessions, including a large collection of taxidermied animals that offer evidence of his unique hobbies and interests.

Because Bogd Khan Palace Museum is located en route to the Zaisan Memorial, it’s easy to check out both destinations on a city tour or quick half-day trip to the south side of Ulaanbaatar.

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The Bogd Khan Palace Museum is located on the southern side of Ulaanbaatar on the road to Zaisan.
Adresse : Ulaanbaatar, Mongolie
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