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Comana Monastery (Manastirea Comana)
Comana Monastery (Manastirea Comana)

Comana Monastery (Manastirea Comana)

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Founded in 1471 by Vlad the Impaler (the real-life ‘Count Dracula’ who inspired Bram Stoker’s fictional character of the same name), theComana Monastery (Manastirea Comana) has long been an intriguing site for fans. Legend has it that the headless body of Vlad the Impaler was even found during excavations of the site.

The monastery was originally located on an island in the middle of a swamp and accessible only by a wooden bridge. Rebuilt in the 16th century by Romanian ruler Radu Serban and restored by Serban Cantacuzino at the turn of the 18th century, it remains a striking sight and makes a popular diversion for those visiting the nearby Comana Nature Park.

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