Cairns, Australie
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Vous recherchez une aventure au paradis ? Montez haut dans le ciel pour un saut en parachute en tandem au-dessus de Cairns, avec une vue panoramique spectaculaire sur la Grande barrière de corail et la forêt tropicale inscrite au patrimoine mondial. Aucune expérience n'est nécessaire !


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, janv. 2018

This trip was amazing! Super friendly and made the jump so easy and fun! Would definitely do it again!

, déc. 2017

The tandem jump was alright. What I did not like so much, is that it was too touristy. It lacked the personal instruction from the jump partner. This was replaced by a ca. 10 minute video, which I personally did not like. I have jumped tandem this year, here was a super personal briefing. I think that's a lot better, just for safety reasons. With me, 7 other girls and boys jumped, so we were to 17 8 tourists one jump guide pilot in a small plane and sat like the chickens on the pole. It went straight out without any mental preparation. It felt like a show. After the free fall, I should do the exercise of how to contract the legs to land. Which I personally did not like well, because these are exercises that you should do before the jump. There was no real time to enjoy the surroundings. In addition, my jump pilot either hit me hard on the shoulder and my head was always pushed rather hard, because I should see down instead of in the area. I found that in the middle of a tandem jump very unpleasant. In the end I could not really enjoy the bounce. In contrast to my first jump I was pretty disappointed, even though we jumped off in Cairns near the sea. That's why my rating is not that high.

, oct. 2017

This was one amazing experience for a life time. The staff was friendly and informative. Made us feel very safe and sure. The jump itself was wonderful and the free fall absolutely wonderful. When the parachute does open the harness does pull up a little tightly but the views below and the experience overall is worth the lack of comfort.
The only thing they need to change is the obnoxious amount of money charged for pictures and videos. Ideally one souvenir picture should be included complementary in the dive or a couple of pictures should be available at a nominal price. With photo packages starting at 80 per person we had to opt not taking any pictures at all.

, août 2017

Great time and organised well

, août 2017

Adrenaline pumping skydive! Amazing experience and views from the skydive. Instructor G was exceptional captured the whole experience on camera photo and video footage.
Thanks AJ

, juin 2017

Excellent Service!

, déc. 2016

Best thing i have ever done amazing

, août 2016

Great experience

, juin 2016

My tandem/instructor was Victor. He was very friendly he gave clear and precise instructions making me feel safe. The whole experience was incredible and not as scary I thought it was going to be. It was a beautiful day but we fell thought a cloud which was amazing!!!
One this to remember is that the cost of the photos and videos are not included in the price and are almost as expensive as the jump itself so keep that in mind but its worth every penny.

, mars 2016

This was a well organised event. All the staff were professional and I felt that safety was paramount. The jump itself was amazing: you are securely attached to your guide who keeps on checking and tightening the buckles. Then you swing your legs out of the door. Next you know you are dropping downwards. No time to panic - it just seems natural. The freefall makes your ears pop but it all happens so fast that it is hard to take it all in first time round. Once the parachute is deployed things go quiet and peaceful and the view is amazing from so high up almost the height of turboprops.
The guide was clearly competent and in control so I had no worries at all - I could just enjoy the experience.
Landing: You hold your legs up and the guide lands on his feet and you walk forward. Easy. Some jumpers slipped along the grass a bit but that was no worry - the whole thing is sureprisingly gentle
Wear: they offer protective gear but most people didn't use it. They provide face visors for the first bit, then you can take these off once the parachute opens. Trainers are good I wore shorts and a t-shirt.
You need to be flexible: the idea is to bend neck back at the start and flex body and knees.
I am 54 years old and have dodgy knee and I managed it perfectly ok.
Note: for obvious safety reasons you empty pockets and take off necklaces. You can't tkae your own camera as it would fly off somewhere!
The cost doesn't include the Tax nor the photo/video stuff so this adds quite a bit so allow for this. You do need at least the pictures. Each guide has a GoPro atttached to his wrist. Excellent quality and well worth the cost about 80 pictures are taken, plus a very professionally edited video of 4-5 mins with soundtrack.
Before you jump you are sent an email to register yourself with the Aus Parachute club, a legal requirement and for 30 more you can have personal insurance too.

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