Fès, Maroc
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Explorez deux trésors de l'UNESCO en une journée. Choisissez entre l'autoroute ou une expérience plus pittoresque à travers les oliveraies et vignobles vallonnés. Découvrez la basilique et les mosaïques des ruines romaines de Volubilis, puis dégustez un déjeuner dans les collines voisines de Moulay Idriss Zerhoun. Votre prochaine étape est la ville fortifiée de Meknès, où vous pourrez voir les écuries royales, une prison souterraine, et le mausolée du premier roi arabe du Maroc.

  • Visitez deux sites classés au patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO en une seule journée : Volubilis et Meknès
  • Visitez les ruines romaines et partez à la découverte d'une ville fortifiée historique
  • Voyagez avec un chauffeur professionnel anglophone
  • Transport depuis le lieu de votre choix à Fès


Avis des voyageurs Viator

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, déc. 2017

Should a Full day Private Tour do the following???? Here's what happened with Omega Tour and my Driver

1 Driver never asked if which route we wanted to take under what you can expect section
1 Driver was stopped by Police and took 15 minutes
2 Driver brings you to Volubilis and tells you that I need to purchase the ticket off to the left when the ticket was included - They later purchased it
3 Then driver says - off to the left is town of Moulay - Irdiss Zerhoun. We drive to the top of the city and he says, would you like to see anything here? I thought to myself, WHAT'S HERE? ARENT YOU THE DRIVER?????
4 We arrive to Meknes and he points out the gate and says he can't park here, so remember this gate. 5 minutes later we park and he says, OK, how much time do you want? I DONT KNOW?? What is here? Where are the things to see?????? How can I possibly know how much time I need in Meknes if I haven't seen the city or you hhaven't pointed out where I need to go to see them??? Oh, by the way, THE TOUR says you can enjoy the Masoleum, and the Mosque.... THEY ARE CLOSED AND HAVE BEEN FOR FOUR YEARS. So I finish seeing the prison which i had to pay for, and find my way back to the doors on my own.
5 By now, the day is a COMPLETE waste. I FIND ANOTHER tour company to CALL MY driver to tell him to pick me up in the parking lot. He can tell I am NOT enjoying this. He schedules a meeting for me to meet the owner of OMEGA TOURS. Omega tour owner tells me that the tour is only responsible for entry fees to Meknes and Volubilis and transport.

i FLEW in a PLANE from Fez to Marrakesh for less money. WASTE. OMEGA tour and my driver were VERY DISAPPOINTING. Go elsewhere.

Then why call it a full day private tour??? Instead of a taxi ride???

, sept. 2017

I truly enjoyed this trip with omega tours through viator.it wad a private tour so the pace was my choosing.salim was great.

, sept. 2017

My guide could tell I was feeling down that day so he bought me a chocolate bar to cheer me up. Then when we arrived back to Fez he even took the time to show me a few things I missed whilst there, so I wouldn't go home with a bad impression of the city. I am highly impressed. Great company to take a tour with. Definitely recommend!

, juin 2017

My wife and I booked a day trip from Fez to see Volubilis and Meknes. Mostafa, our driver, arrived on time and emphasized that we could be flexible with time and itinerary. I mentioned that we take lots of pictures, and we would want time to do that at our planned stops also, sometimes I would want him to stop the car between our destinations so that I could take pictures in the countryside. He was fine with this and he never expressed irritation or impatience. Overall he was very courteous and had good suggestions for what we should see.

Regarding the destinations: Volubilis was well worth the visit if you have any interest in Roman ruins, and we enjoyed Meknes. We also had the option to stop and walk in Moulay Idriss, but we declined, instead stopping at a nearby overlook for pictures of the town from a distance. Our driver apologized several times for the weather, as it reached 104F that afternoon 20 degrees warmer than usual, but I can't count this against the tour.

The one odd thing about the trip was that our driver's instruction sheet said that we requested a day trip to Casablanca. It's possible that he was kidding my wife and I disagree on this. We discussed destination just as we left our riad, and he was fine going to Volubilis and Meknes instead, where he also knew the places that we should visit.

, mai 2017

The trip overall was very interesting. Our driver, Isham, was very informative and respectful and happy to make as many stops as we required. He had a good knowledge of all the places we visited and passed this on in very good English. He did not take us to any stalls or shops and dropped us off at a square in Meknes for us to buy our lunch and look around for an hour.

, mai 2017

Best Viator tour I've done. The guide was excellent and a breathe of fresh air compared to many of the guides in Morocco who can be pushy or take you to places where they expect you to buy souvenirs. This tour was incredibly comfortable and the guide was extremely easy going letting you take your time wherever, stop anywhere, or even add any stops in the cities/areas that you're visiting. I had lots of fun and found the guide knowledgable and friendly. This is really the best way to take trips through Morocco. The locations were all beautiful and culturally unique in their own way and I felt like I saw a lot of Morocco that many people wouldn't. Landscapes were absolutely spectacular. Its such a different side of Morocco than I had imagined.

, janv. 2017

This is one of the best Viator tours I have ever taken. It was a four tour of Fez, Volubilis and Meknes. I enjoy photography and informed the guide. He, in turn, made sure that he took me to all the best locations during the drive and within the city to capture the best photos possible. It was simply amazing. Although this was very reasonable in price, I would have paid twice as much if I had known it would be this fantastic. If you take this tour, do NOT sign up for any other tour in Fez. You will not need it. Finally, always make sure you ask for a culture tour with no shopping. Also, pick your own restaurant rather the more expensive one they select if you want to save money.

, janv. 2017

If you want to take your time and fully explore the sites, this is the tour for you. It was me and the driver, who picked me up at my Riad in the medina right on time. There were no time restrictions at locations or when we returned to Fes. It was a great day!

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