Randonnée à cheval Chukka N Swim

Montego Bay, Les Caraïbes

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Montez à cheval dans les chaudes vagues des Caraïbes lors d'un circuit à cheval qui couvre le meilleur de la côte nord de la Jamaïque, par terre et par mer. Commencez par une promenade à cheval le long des sentiers de l'arrière-pays, en traversant des terres agricoles et une plantation de canne à sucre historique. Attendez-vous alors que votre compagnon de natation spécialement entraîné avance dans les vagues pour une expérience insulaire sauvage.
  • Explorez la campagne et la côte jamaïcaines à cheval
  • Traversez une plantation du XVIIIe siècle et des fermes de la côte nord
  • Wade dans les vagues au sommet d'un cheval bien entraîné
  • Aucune expérience nécessaire les guides fournissent beaucoup d'instructions

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Malinda P
, avr. 2019

Let me start by saying, this was a very fun experience. My husband had never ridden a horse before so this was quite exciting for us. We loved riding through the property, the horses were so gentle and sweet. VERY easy to ride. Going through the water was difficult, the current made by the horses movement wants to pull you off, so it's difficult to stay on. But hey, I managed! It was great!

I would like to mention to the company that someone in our group was picked up from their resort very sick. Their head was in their hands, they were coughing and moaning, and yet they were allowed into the very tiny tour van that was stuffed beyond belief with people. This was highly unfair to the rest of your patrons. The sick man didn't even do the tour and his wife gave up before going in the water, she choked her horse the entire time because she was so scared. They were incredibly entitled and rude, turned off the air conditioning in the van and expected us to sit in his stagnant sick breath. Upon leaving the van they coughed in mine and my husbands faces on purpose because they were angry at us for, 1st being annoyed that they would risk everyone's health, and 2nd because we wanted some air! You have in your tour conditions that you will not allow intoxicated people and I think that is fantastic. I would STRONGLY suggest you include denying obviously virally sick people as well. To immunocompromised people (LIKE MYSELF) who live with diseases and cancers a small virus could end our lives. This rude couple made me incredibly sick, requiring doctor visits, blood tests, xrays, and more. This occurred weeks ago and I am still trying to recover. Luckily for me my body was able to improve, there are people FAR worse off than myself who could have lost their lives due to the inconsiderate behaviour of these people and the lack of action from your tour company. I hope no one has to experience this again. Otherwise we really enjoyed ourselves. Thank you.

Melissa M
, oct. 2018

The trail ride was nice along the countryside and the horse were calm . Must have closed toe shoes . I wore long tights because most reviews said to just in case you or scratched by foliage, but I think you are fine to wear shorts and a bathing suit top or tank. The water portion of the ride was disappointing .. it was literally three minutes long and you take the horse in the water submerge to waste have them go out and back . If you want pictures have someone go in a different group than you for water otherwise it’s like 60 for a cd

Juan G
, sept. 2018

This was one of the best excursion that I have completed. They made sure to take care of my daughter with private guides. This was her highlight of our vacation. The drive (Wingy) was very helpful and caring and even made sure we had a great time . He was so informative. Thank you for great experience.

Michael W
, août 2018

My daughter and I went on the Chukka Horseback ride and swim in Jamaica (near Sandy Bay). First item to call out was the ease of using Viator to make the reservation. The cost using Viator was much lower than that charged by the hotel tour agencies. The tour company (Chukka) communicated with me via viator-email to let me know the pick up time in our hotel lobby. Make sure you have a print-out of your reservation, Pick up was on-time, driver was polite and courteous and pointed out items of interest during the ride. Upon arrival we needed to wait another 30 minutes for another bus to arrive before we started instruction. You will need some cash for tips and to rent a locker ($5 US).The horses were in good condition and the guides were very friendly and knowledgeable. There were about 40 people on the morning ride. It took around 15 minutes to get everyone on their mounts. The horses follow each other in a line and there is a guide for every 4 people. The tour was in two parts - the trail/jungle and then the swim. The trail ride was a little over an hour. I did not know there would be the opportunity to change clothes after the trail ride and before the swim. I would recommend long pants (and you must have closed toe shoes) for the trail ride and have your swim suite underneath. The saddle can be a bit rough on bare skin during the trail ride.The swim was only 10 minutes. Some parents opted to skip the swim and instead shoot photos of their children from shore. The swim was fun and it was nice to cool off.Before we could go back to our hotel, we needed to wait one hour for our transport. There was a bar and gift shop to burn some time and it was a nice day. They also sold jerk chicken. A hoard of Jamaican cats watched vigilantly for any dropped or thrown morsel. All and all I would recommend this tour/excursion for the entire family. It was my daughter's favorite activity in Jamaica. As far as time commitment - we got picked up at 10:15 am (morning ride) and got dropped back at the hotel at 2:00 pm.The main area for improvement for Chukka would be to have more timely transport.

, juil. 2018

The highlight for us was the ride in the ocean. This is actually a very small part, but it was why we did this ride. First of all, you will need a locker for all belongings, which is 5. I was not allowed to take a back pack. I was able to take my phone since it fit in my pocket, and I took some photos and video with it. You also are required to wear closed toe shoes, and if you do not have them, you can rent a pair for 6. The trail ride is about 45 min. We had a large group of riders, about 35. You start by riding around the arena until everyone is on a horse and joined in. Very easy riding with good horses, good for beginners. We have horses and would have liked the opportunity to trot/canter, but it was not that type of ride. After the trail ride you return to the stable and prepare for the water part of the ride change into swimsuit or remove clothing over your swimsuit, which is very short. We were able to do this barefoot, but you may want to wear water shoes. The water rides were done in groups of 10-12. We were the last ones, so we had a group of 3. You wear a float around your middle and the horse has a pad on for you to sit, not a saddle. We did not ride the same horse that we did for the trail ride. There is an outside bar where you can buy food and drinks afterwards. The stable has approx. 120 horses and they look well cared for. You can purchase pictures for 45 for 10-15 images, or 75 for all of them. We had other riders video for us when we rode in the water. I purchased the photos but also wanted a video of the ride. The employees are not permitted to do that for you, even if you are purchasing the photos. They do not do any video. Our guide was Ricardo, and he was very nice. They do encourage tipping, so you'll want to plan for that as well. There is not a park entrance fee that some of the other riding places had. The stables are on the beach where you enter the water, so no extra fee.

, juil. 2018

This was one of the best excursions ever. From land horseback riding to the water, I felt really safe with Ricardo (he's amazing) and I had tons of fun. I would highly suggest.

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