Montego Bay, Jamaïque
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clock-o3 heures 30 minutes (environ)
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Dansez toute la nuit dans l'une des boîtes les plus branchées de Montego Bay lors de cette excursion nocturne à Margaritaville After Dark. Évitez les longues files d'attente et entrez directement à l'intérieur pour un open bar à volonté toute la nuit. Si vous le souhaitez, choisissez le surclassement pour profiter d’un accès exclusif à la section VIP, au service à table, et à des boissons haut de gamme. De plus, le service de transfert aller-retour depuis les hôtels de Montego Bay est inclus.
  • Évitez les files d'attente à Margaritaville à la nuit tombée à Montego Bay
  • Open bar à volonté pour les liqueurs, bières, boissons non alcoolisées et pour l’eau
  • Demandez un surclassement pour l'accès à la section VIP, le service à table, et les meilleurs alcools
  • Service de transfert aller-retour pratique au départ de certains hôtels de Montego Bay


Avis des voyageurs Viator

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, avr. 2018

This tour was amazing!

, sept. 2017

Free hotel pickup is offered in the package, however I was told they couldn't pick me up. I had to enter my hotel name when making the reservation, so if it was a problem they should have let me know. At least a few days after the reservation not HOURS BEFORE I WAS TO BE PICKED UP!!!!

, août 2017

This tour is extremely uncoordinated and unorganized. They did not provide us the deal we paid for and it was a complete waste of a night. A driver Andrew, picked us at the hotel and explained that he was late because he was not scheduled to be the original driver who picked us up. After wards, we had to drive to pick up a group of 8 people from Iberostar hotel. When we got to Margaritaville, it was 10:30PM. Then, Andrew gave all 10 of us wrist bands to skip the line to enter margaritaville. He told us to follow this man in to the bar and he would take us to the VIP section so we can order unlimited drinks. However, when we were getting inside, the bouncer checked my bag and my boyfriend and I got separated from the other 8 people and the man who was supposed to bring us in. They did not wait for us. As Andrew the driver did not provide us the name of this man, we did not know where to go.

Right when we walked in, it was so disgustingly crowded that there was no space to walk, let alone ask any one for help. It turns out entrance would have been free that night anyways, which is why the whole placed was packed. When we finally made it to the 2nd floor around 11:15PM, we went up to a security guard and told his we had a viator tour for all-inclusive experience at margaritaville, but got separated from the staff member who was supposed to take care of us. The security guard pointed us to the bartender and said to speak to him. When we went to the bartender and said we had a viator tour and drinks included, he said No, you have to pay for drinks. So why did I pay 55 a person for the viator tour that includes drinks? We went back to the security guard and he became visibly frustrated. He spoke to a waitress and she then took us to a table and said she would be back when she found out where to seat us for the viator tour. She came back at 12AM, and then finally asked us for drink orders. When we placed the order for 2 drinks now that we FINALLY made it to our table, it took 27 minutes for her to bring out the drinks. The drink was all sugar and I asked the waitress if there was an option for less sugary drinks and she became rude, as if she was doing me a favor by simply talking to me.

When the waitress went to exchange my drink, a man named Andre came by at 12:30AM to introduce himself to us as the viator coordinator/manager. He said to let him know if we needed any help and to find him when it was time to go back to the hotel at 1AM. Before I got to explain to him the ordeal we went through and that we just got our first drink at 12:30AM, he walked away and we did not see him the rest of the night. Needless to say, we were not in a drinking mood at all at this point and did not even drink the 2 beverages the waitress bought us.

As we were instructed to find Andre at 1AM, we then began looking for him and he was nowhere to be found. We looked around for 15 minutes and then asked our waitress for help. She was actually nice this time because she realized we had a miserable experience and did not receive the tour we paid for. She kindly took us through the kitchen to the outside entrance, where we walked around the block to find Andrew the driver.

We explained what happened to Andrew. He saw how furious I was and I told him that we wasted our whole night. Andrew was apologetic and said that the man who originally was supposed to take us to our table lost us, and he did not tell Andrew about it. Apparently, that staff member did not even realize he lost us at the door. Andrew also stated that Andre the coordinator did not know what we looked like, which is why it took him until 12:30AM to introduce himself to us. Furthermore, Andre was a horrible coordinator who clearly should not be in charge of coordinating viator tours considering we did not receive the experience AT ALL. Since we did not even see Andre, Andrew arranged for his friend to drive us home. I told Andrew we would be contacting viator and he said he would vouch on our behalf, as he knew the experience we had was a waste of time.

Ultimately, I'd like to say that we got to our hotel lobby to wait for the tour at 9PM. After a whole night of being shuffled from person to person, we had about 15 minutes to get ONE drink before we had to leave. Andre, the coordinator, did not apologize and we did not see him again after that first time. This should not be the experience that we got after paying 55 a person. Instead of wasting our night, we could have gone to another bar instead if we knew this was how Margaritaville would be. Lastly, we ended up paying an additional 20 for tip to the drivers and the waitress, because we knew that we could not hold them at fault for anything that happened. So really, I blame viator and the coordinators in Jamaica for not knowing how to organize a tour and making us pay for much money, only to not provide us the service we paid for. This whole thing is an unorganized scam.

, juil. 2017

Driver was late picking us up, but once we made it to Ocho Rios! It was awesome! Montego Bay was too far, but we were accommodated for Ocho Rios instead! Great staff at Margarittaville. VIP was great!

, juil. 2017

Super fun! Super great first night out. Met some fun, chill people here. And a great gentleman who showed us around the real deal authentic sides of Jamaica so we got blessed to meet someone we were able to trust w that! But DJ is awesome and lines are long, so worth it to get. Drinks still cost!

, janv. 2017

This tour was amazing!

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