Le Scenic Roadtrip - Oslo à Bergen via les fjords en van privé

Vallées orientales, Norvège

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Aucune autre excursion d’Oslo ne s’apparente à distance de cette excursion d’une journée plébiscitée par les clients, qui vous conduira de la capitale à la montagne en passant par les Fjords jusqu’à la pittoresque ville côtière de Bergen.

En outre, pendant ce circuit, vous pourrez visiter le célèbre chemin de fer de Flåmand ou bien faire une croisière sur le Nærøyfjord qui passe par le site de l’UNESCO avec des vues époustouflantes le long du parcours (coût du billet supplémentaire).
Contrairement au train Oslo / Bergen bondé, il n'y a pas une horde de voyageurs devant votre objectif et vous pouvez faire des escales sur demande dans de superbes scénarios, par vous-même. Cette visite se fait sans tracas de porte en porte, avec les scénarios les plus spectaculaires en cours de route.

Par conséquent, ce fournisseur local reçoit les meilleures critiques de ses clients pour leur flexibilité et pour fournir des guides locaux faciles à suivre, combinés à des connaissances de pointe et des commentaires humoristiques. Besoin de flexibilité pour un remboursement de 24 heures? Voir la même tournée avec cette option disponible.

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Krystal S
, févr. 2019

Great trip, would highly recommend! Bjorn is an amazing and entertaining tour guide, very relaxed trip. Lots of highlights seen from Oslo to Bergen and you can stop anywhere you like with this tour to take photos (where safe!) and very informative. Would highly suggest the fjord cruise ship ride in winter, simply beautiful. Just a natural winter wonderland Norway, and this personal tour guide with a private van definitely is the best way to go solo or with a small group!!

Theresia S
, nov. 2018

We took this trip, because we wanted to be flexible and have the luxury of a private guide, explaining and showing us the beauty of Norway, trailing from Oslo to Bergen. Not really knowing what to expect, and a bit hesitant at first about the price, we decided to get the best out of the short time we had in Norway. It was worth every penny! Our excellent guide Biorn gave us a lot of information on Norway, the Fjords, the history, the culture etc. He was very knowledgeable and a pleasure to listen to. We were able to have frequent stops to stretch our legs and enjoy a cup of coffee etc. during the drive. Biorn also let us taste the native cured meat (I forgot the name, sorry), but it tasted really good. The mountains were gorgeous. Biorn gave us a lot of tips on what else to see. Thank you Bjorn, you made our trip very enjoyable.

, oct. 2018

It was a fantastic tour. We were able to stop often and see the waterfalls and countryside, taking as many pictures as we wanted. Biorn was the perfect guide. He talked about the history of Norway and answered the wide variety of questions with humor and dignity. The van was comfortable and it was a great alternative to taking the train. Thank you for a wonderful time!!!

, oct. 2018

Bjion was an exceptional guide. He was extremely knowledgeable of the country, the people and the history of Norway. It was a very comfortable ride that allowed us to stop when ever we needed and gave us the option to add additional stops on our way. I would highly recommend taking this private tour with Bjion and relaxing as you see the beautiful country side between Oslo and Bergen. Great Adventure!

, sept. 2018

My wife and I have been fortunate enough to travel quite often and we feel that our trip in Scandinavia particularly Norway, the road trip from Oslo to Bergen, was one of the best and memorable we have ever had so far in our life. The whole experience from the first time we sped off from the hotel in Oslo to checking in to our hotel in Bergen was almost faultless.

At first, I was a little disappointed when Bjorn informed me that he was injured and not available to be our guide/driver, fearing that the tour will be different without him. However, he made sure that we are in good hands. Hanne, Bjorns replacement, was fantastic and went way beyond all expectations to show us everything she possibly could. She was our photographer and never complained, she was not strict as to the time and had never shown impatience. She was truly focused on the customer ensuring we were satisfied. She assisted us willingly to our comfort. Good for us who took advantage of the time clicking shots here and there. She even said that this is our trip, make the most of it to our satisfaction. The guide's itinerary as suggested by the company owner, Bjorn, were very informative and friendly.

Norway is such a wonderful, colorful, and diverse country and this tour certainly knows how to show it off to full advantage. This is one trip that we never regret taking, we were truly amaze with the beautiful sights that we never thought existed. We highly recommend this tour with Bjorn and Hanne. We truly enjoyed our time throughout the trip.

Please note that this is the first that I am submitting a review and would be selfish if I will not share our glorious experience with this particular trip.

, juil. 2018

We loved our time with Bjorn. He was an amazing tour guide. As I was traveling with my three boys ages 7, 9 and 15, I opted for a private transfer between these two cities so as not to have to drag luggage on and off the train and because we'd get a better feel for Norway driving through it rather than flying. Bjorn was flexible with our pick-up time and happy to start at 9am rather than 8am which was just too early for us to rally. He planned a kid-friendly day which included quick stops at a llama farm and horses, a more extended stop at a beautiful lake to build rock sculptures which the kids loved, a snowball fight as we passed over the mountain, roadside stop at a small Sami indigenous native people of this area market where we purchased elk and reindeer sausage, a sheepskin seat warmer and a few handmade hats, and finally a lunch stop at Voringfossen - 600 foot waterfall which was gorgeous! - and had deer stew and salmon sandwiches. Bjorn is also a photographer and experienced flying drones. He gave my oldest son who is a drone hobbyist great pointers for some wonderful shots of the waterfall. He also followed us with a drone for our speed boat ride on the fjord and kayaking which we are looking forward to seeing when he has time to send in the next few days. Bjorn is a Norwegian native and knows the country well. Appreciated his recommendations on what to do in Oslo as well as Bergen if you have kids VilVite science museum in Bergen is worth a visit when we toured on our own. Would definitely use Bjorn again. Kids are still talking about the wonderful time we had with him!

Stephen Tadashi M
, juin 2018

Review for the Oslo Tour: The Scenic Roadtrip Oslo to Bergen via the fjords by private van

My wife and I were approaching the last day of a month long trip to Europe which started with a couple weeks in Paris, followed by a 10 day Baltic Sea Cruise, finishing with a few days in Oslo. The trip was a very rewarding experience so I decided to cap it for my wife with a more in-depth tour of Norways fjords than the popular, Norway in a Nutshell, tours. I made her a hasty booking for, The Scenic Roadtrip Oslo to Bergen via the fjords by private van, tour since it fulfilled my objective of an extensive tour of the fjord region that met her desire for a spectacular up close and personal view of nature.

Unfortunately, because of my hasty, last minute booking I made for her for the last day of our trip, my examination of all the details of the trip was not as thorough as needed. At first glance, we simply could not execute the trip as booked and still catch our flight home the next day. And I finally realized the tour was not a small group. My wife would be with the tour guide alone, a situation she was not too comfortable with.

At that point, through the efforts of the expert, patient, and creative Mr. Bjorn Rossland, who personally guided and drove us, his very generous accommodations made a potential disaster into an especially rewarding trip for my wife. In particular, he allowed me to accompany them for no charge, completely relieving my wife of her anxiety. In addition, since our restructuring the trip required an overnight stay in Bergen, he provided a superb hotel recommendation that also included a great restaurant reference for dinner.

The trip was both comfortable and enlightening. Mr. Rossland is a knowledgeable and engaging conversationalist. He took exceptional pains to make our trip efficient as well as enjoyable, making the many interesting stops that illustrated the fjords at their best. And he provided great refreshments along the way in his spacious vehicle. The strawberries were fantastic!

Finally, although not within the scope of his advertised tour, he added a very interesting visit to the Ekeberg Park in Oslo to complete our tour as we had developed a great relationship together through the day. I whole-heartedly recommend Mr. Bjorn Rosslands services to any of Viators clients.

, juin 2018

If youre traveling from Oslo to Bergen along the Norway in a Nuthshell trail, I highly recommend this private tour. Its pricey but worth it, as the ability to set your own schedule, stop when you want, and have direct access to a driver/guide created a very nice experience. Our guide, Hanne, was simply delightful. She made the trip great. At every turn, she went out of her way to accommodate us. When my wife asked about where to purchase good Lefse, Hanne said she didnt know. A few minutes later and a call to a friend, Hanne had a suggestion for us in Bergen. Moreover, when we stopped for lunch, Hanne ran into a grocery store and bought a pack of Lefse for us. She is a local with vast knowledge on the history and peculiarities of Norway and the local culture, and was a wealth of information on recommendations for our next few days in Bergen. After spending a day in the car together, I wanted to invite her to dinner with us and have her join us for a hike the next day.

In a nutshell, the scenery was spectacular and our guide Hanne was delightful.

Karen W
, mars 2018

We had the MOST amazing day! We got stuck in the Dublin snow storm and Bjorn could have cancelled but instead he did the tour on Sunday. He made sure we saw amazing sites and packed wonderful food since all the restaurants were closed. We could not have asked for a better guide or day! 10 stars!

, févr. 2018

We booked this trip as a means of seeing the more memorable scenery country sights en route to Bergen and did not know what to see in particular. The guide Bjorn was very knowledgeable on the sights, the history, the buildings, the Vikings, the people, the fishing and hunting, and the economy the latter being of interest as the UK exit from the EU might be based on the Norway model. The renewable energy and the oil and gas illustrated the prospects of a good future and environmental pollution was low. How low was exemplified by drinking tap water which was better than any water we have ever anywhere else. This dialogue comfortably and interestingly passed the 2 hours it took to leave Oslo at 0600h and gain access to the wilder scenic parts.
So what did we see -well many mountains and deep fjords although many waterfalls were frozen. One narrow single track road in particular took us from the fjord to a viewing platform with a glass end where houses in the village we left earlier appeared like children's toy houses and people like miniature Lowry stick men. A boat on the fjord could easily have been missed if not for its wake. Tranquillity and quiet ruled but we understand some people jump from here in some sort of suit with wings to the flat ground about 650m below. Apparently Norwegians' have a penchant for adventure and thrills so this, hunting, skiing and sledging with ,and without, dogs provided some gratification for this urge. You will feel insignificant facing the scale and depth of beauty before you and it's nice to know you can be away from the crowds and life's pressures. However we were told at peak times this is not necessarily so although the weather is better and the snow less deep. We were amazed at the ease with which we travelled in deep snow along the passes yet comforted by the fact that snowploughs patrolled regularly and new snow tyres where in use by a competent driver. There were parks where cars could wait for a snow plough and follow it in a convoy if necessary-it wasn't. Compared to say the Peak district in the UK only the foolhardy would venture out in such conditions but this pass was not a frightening trip in any way merely fun and exhilarating.
We made the well known Flam for a short lunch enjoying some wonderful fresh sourdough bread sandwiches although we had had the necessary stop for coffee mid morning. We also had had some snacks and drinks we brought with us from the hotel as recommended by our guide Bjorn. Apparently there are four times as many goats as people near Flam and we got to a goat farm but they were all locked up. Goats cheese was available there too.
Those not used to the cold should not worry we found it only a little colder than the UK midlands but we invested in insulated snow and waterproof boots as well as thermal attire, scarves, insulated gloves , woolly hats and hoods. Do not forget this and remember its even colder if you do a fjord boat trip and go on deck too at some time.
I was recommended by the trip providers to highlight the unexpected -and some I have already done- but consider that young farmers can legally drive a farm vehicle on main roads in snow at 14 I think typifies the responsible attitude to risk here. Trained people seriously respecting danger have minimal risk issues. The other issue is the superb friendliness of everyone something that can evaporate with excess numbers in a lot of Europe . So back to trying to remember routes which because they were so beautiful with frequent changes meant either soaking up the full experience or becoming a slave to notes. Taking more photos is a solution by my camera was only intermittently working. Tip carry a spare one. The trip is too varied and changing to miss anything. However for the reader I believe we went through the following places but the order an even content may well be totally correct. This was as Bjorn would back track off roads to side roads for some special views.
Surprising too you can stop for a while with hardly any traffic allowing you to capture photos. So the places were I think Aurland, Flam, Undreal , Voss, Sognafjord Naeroyfjord ,Gudvanger, Vossenvanger, Dale and finally Bergen. We were dropped off at our Hotel at after 6pm exhausted, very happy and grateful for the best day of our 8 days in Norway.
What did we not like ? Firstly the cost of the trip. You have to consider thought how long it would take you to find out where to go, how to get there ,what it would cost and about a month getting acquainted with Norwegian history . On this basis it's a fair price and similar in cost to two days boarding in a to quality hotel . The reward is the memories you make on this special journey.
Getting up at 5.30 am, is never my favourite thing either, but necessary.

What did we like? All of the trip for all the reasons given above. You should holiday in Norway with Bjorn as a guide
Its highly recommended and intriguingly different!

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